Respond to Leads FAST or You Could be Losing Business

Your company invests a lot of time and money into a digital agency to make your website and all of your associated online marketing effective. Over time, you start to see the positive effects of what your digital agency has been doing and you start getting emails, client form responses, and phone calls on a regular basis. You think you have just died and gone to business heaven, but then you realize that none of these leads are turning into customers.

You could blame your digital agency for the lack of new clients, but the truth is that your response time is the real culprit. This is the Internet era where everyone expects everything immediately, and that includes responses to sales inquiries.

How Fast Should You Respond?

The truth is that you should work out a way where your prospects get responses to their sales inquiries in five minutes or less. Whether it is an actual phone call, email, or text from you, or an automated response that leads to a real phone call quickly, you need to give your customer some sort of response in five minutes or less if you want to grab their business.

Why Do I Have To Respond So Fast?

In the Internet age, life moves very fast. Not only is the daily pace of life quicker than it used to be, but the attention span of people is much shorter. People have never had so much information to absorb before, and that means that they spend a lot of time on the Internet trying to take it all in. When someone sends you a sales inquiry, your window of response is short and you have to respond quickly if you want that business.

Immediately after your potential customer makes their inquiry on your website, they may linger on your site for a little while before they head off to a meeting, spend time on Facebook looking at cat videos, or have to go take care of the kids. People in this day and age do not stay in one place very long, and if you wait longer than five minutes to respond to a sales inquiry then something else will have distracted your potential customer to the point where they may not even want to discuss their inquiry anymore. To combat the fast pace at which people work and live, you must respond to sales inquiries within five minutes.

Make Your Business The Only Right Choice

When you respond to a sales inquiry in five minutes or less, you are going to impress your customer with your efficiency. You have broken down several barriers that often take weeks to tackle, and all because you responded to a sales inquiry in five minutes or less.

Your entire business should be centered around quick response times to your customers if you want to maintain a grow your customer base. If you always respond to customers within a few minutes of their messages, then you will significantly decrease the chances that your customers will do business with anyone else.

Everything in the Internet age is faster, and that includes response times to sales inquiries. If you want to dazzle a new customer right from the start, then respond to their sales inquiry within five minutes and establish a profitable client relationship.



Influencing Customers To Get Positive Reviews For Your Business

If your business does not currently encourage customers to leave reviews on the major review sites or even post reviews on your own company website, then you are missing out on a lot of business. It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of all consumers consider online reviews to be a reliable source of information for making a buying decision. For many people, online reviews act like word of mouth and are considered inside information from someone they trust.

Considering how much online reviews have on consumer buying decisions, it makes sense that you want to gain as many positive reviews as possible to help bring in more business. Getting customers to give you positive reviews is not difficult, but it does require your organization to have a focus on customer service it may have never had before.

Study All Of The Review Sites In Your Industry

Many of the bigger review sites offer reviews on a variety of industries, but there are those niche review sites that could make or break your company's reputation. You need to become familiar with all of the bigger sites where your company could be reviewed and understand how consumers review on those sites. What are consumers asked to grade your business on and what is the scale that is used? The more you know about the review sites where your business will be reviewed, the easier it is to get your customers the information they need to give you good reviews.

Open Up The Channels Of Contact

If your customers cannot contact your business, then they will not give your business a good review. You need to not only present several channels of communication for your customers, but you also need to respond to those channels quickly.

Own Your Mistakes

Some of the most compelling positive reviews start with "We were so mad at this company, but then they stepped in and fixed the problem." You should never let mistakes get in the way of delivering excellent customer service. If your company makes a mistake, then immediately own that mistake and gain a lifelong customer because of your attention to the service you deliver.

Stay In Touch With Your Customers

When you experience a customer service issue, you need to embrace it and make sure that the problem has been solved. This means maintaining contact with the customer during the event, and then after the event has ended. You should reach out to all of your customers who had customer service events and make sure they are satisifed. You should give all of your customers a phone number they can call that is answered by a real person, and you should deliver golden customer service to every customer no matter how many times they call that number.

Always Look To Improve

Your company wants customer service professionals who are constantly looking for ways to deliver premium service and make your customers happy. Your company should always be looking for ways to make your customer service not only better than the competition, but the best your customers have ever experienced.

Online business reviews are important to your company's business success. Consumers treat online reviews like word of mouth advertising, and that is a powerful form of marketing that your company needs to learn how to harness to grow revenue.