Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of The Influencer
By Tom&Co.

When mobile computing started to really become popular a few years ago, digital marketing companies started scrambling to find ways to present ads on those very small screens. It was obvious from the beginning that traditional banner and pop-up ads were not going to work, so other forms of marketing were developed. It is the mobile platform that accelerated the idea of native marketing, where ads read like real articles but still pushed a product or brand.

Smartphone screens are getting a little bigger and tablets are becoming more popular, but consumer attitudes towards mobile advertising are still not changed. It is extremely difficult to advertise on mobile platforms because of ad-blocking apps and the ability for mobile users to ignore ads. But in 2018, digital marketing experts may have found a way to change all of that.

Enter The Influencers

Influencers are social media personalities who have large followings and sell their ability to influence buying decisions to marketing companies and manufacturers. While the idea of social media influencers has been around for a long time, it was usually considered a fringe marketing idea that only worked in certain situations. With digital marketing experts essentially running out of options, the idea of using influencers to market products on mobile platforms is gaining steam.

A Desperation Hail Mary?

For years, digital marketing agencies in general avoided utilizing influencers because it was hard to justify the costs. So is this new trend of turning to influencers just a desperation Hail Mary pass to try and pull revenue from a platform that has been hard to monetize? Actually, it is not. The use of influencers can be looked at as the next step in the evolution of mobile marketing. The use of influences meets all of the criteria for a perfect mobile ad, such as not taking up any screen space and having a captive audience.

How Will It Work?

Another reason influencers will be popular in 2018 is because the process is so simple that anyone with a large audience on social media can do it. All that has to happen is that influencers insert product names or company brands into their social media posts and their audience will do the rest. The biggest obstacle is making sure that the posts do not look like commercials or they will be ignored and the influencer’s valuable reputation will be irreparably damaged.

How Will It Change?

In 2018, we can look for social media influencer marketing to change in two ways. The first change will be in the presentation of the content. Influencers can expect professional writers to supply them with what to post to avoid any reputation damage. The second change will be an expansion in the ranks of the influencers. Instead of looking for celebrities with a lot of followers, it is possible that anyone with a large online following can sign up to be an influencer.

Digital marketing experts are constantly looking for effective ways to find success with mobile marketing. In 2018, look for a new twist to be put on an old tactic to give it more traction and better results. Look for influencers to become more prominent in all types of digital marketing campaigns for all types of clients.

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