6 Email Marketing Tricks You Won’t Want to Ignore
By Tom&Co.
Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective part of any marketing program, provided you know the tricks you need to know to get good results. The tactics used for email marketing have changed over the years, so it is important to hire a digital marketing firm that has an expert level understanding of the new way email marketing is done. When you hire a firm like that, there are some tricks they will use to make your email marketing more effective.

Personalize It

Big data allows marketing experts to compile comprehensive profiles on every single member of a target audience. This allows the marketing expert to develop email templates that can fill in personal information to make the emails seem less sterile and more personable. This is important when trying to get people to read and respond to marketing emails.

Have A Pre-Screened List

You can significantly improve your response ratio if you only send emails to consumers who have opted in to receiving marketing materials. By using pre-screened lists of recipients, you can also avoid being classified as a spammer and have your company’s email account suspended and avoid having your company face possible fines.

Create Email Structures That Work

A good marketing email looks just like an effective blog posts. The sentences and paragraphs are concise, there is white space to break up sections to make them easier to read, and there are subheadings and bullet points as well. This sort of structure looks clean and it will encourage the recipient to read and react to the content.

Make The Content Useful

Don’t just write content to try and get your reader to buy your product, you should write content that explains why your reader should buy your product. Include interesting product and information links that make the content valuable to your reader to increase the chances that the reader will take action.

Give The Reader An Easy Option To Opt-Out

The last thing you want to do is have your emails become a nuisance to recipients. That is why every email should have an easy way for recipients to opt-out and stop receiving emails. Why is this so important? It is important because a frustrated email recipient can go online and start a conversation on social media about your marketing tactics. Before you know it, hundreds of people are joining in on the conversation and your company reputation starts to take a nosedive. Allowing consumers to easily opt-out of marketing emails is the best way to prevent a bad online reputation.

Make It Easy For Mobile Users To Read Your Emails

It is estimated that three out of every four Internet connections these days are made from mobile devices. That is a huge audience you do not want to alienate or prevent from being able to read your marketing emails. That is why you should make sure that your emails are mobile device friendly.

Marketing emails are strong tools to use in any marketing campaign for a variety of reasons. By using good tricks to create effective email marketing campaigns, you can increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing tactics.

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