Regional Medical Resources

Regional Medical Resources The RMR team spent years working in healthcare with and for medical billing companies that never provided a complete revenue cycle solution.¬†Creating a Revenue Cycle Management solution like no other¬†in the market. The simple solution was to provide an operational design that ensures a personal and professional connection to the customer. Responsive…

Park Gardens

Park Gardens Rehab & Nursing Park Gardens Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a 200-bed skilled nursing facility located in the beautiful Riverdale section of the Bronx. Offering around the clock nursing care, an array of medical services, and a comprehensive variety of restorative therapies. Responsive Website Design SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Social Media Integration

Website Redesign

4 Signs Your Website Needs A Re-Design

Things move fast on the Internet, and new technology means new functionality for websites. You want your business website to remain relevant, but you do not want to spend money jumping at the latest Internet innovations. That sort of stance is understandable and practical, but there are moments you will come across when it becomes…

Improving ROI

4 Ways Remarketing Helps Improve ROI

Remarketing is the process of taking traffic that has already expressed an interest in your company but has not made a purchase, and turns that traffic into buying customers. This includes traffice that bounced from your site, traffic that requested information but went no further, and traffic that expressed an interest in products but failed…