Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

  Any digital marketing expert will tell you that 2017 has been a year of drastic and persistent change in the industry. For a long time, collecting and using big data were the two topics that dominated the marketing headlines. But as technology continues to advance, there are newer trends emerging late in 2017 that […]

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The Best Brands on Instagram Now

Instagram is a visual social media platform that has features that appeal primarily to younger users. But sometimes all it takes is a good social media management team to make an Instagram account and effective marketing tool. Sometimes a company can go against a social media platform's demographic to get excellent results, and that appears […]

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The Best Time Saving Marketing Tools

  Digital marketing has been expanding at an incredible rate over the past few years, which has caused marketing professionals to look for ways to maximize their time. There are plenty of time-saving tools available for online marketing that will help you to reach a wider audience and bring in more revenue generating traffic. Website […]

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Figuring Out What Your Consumers Are Interested In

  The point of marketing is to give you precise ideas as to who your customers are, where they are located, how you can reach them, and how to get them to spend money. It is a broad way of saying that marketing helps you to learn who your customers are and how you can […]

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5 Things Every Good Website Has

  Your company website is one of your most important marketing tools, which is why it is important to invest in a digital marketing expert to design and maintain your site for you. If you spend enough time comparing the websites of your competition and sites outside of your industry, you will start to notice […]

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How to Effectively Market on Social Media

  To the untrained eye, social media looks like a great big marketing tool that should instantly bring in millions of customers from around the world. But if you have an untrained eye for these sorts of things, then what you are seeing is actually an illusion. Social media is a simple way to start […]

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4 Brands With The Coolest Newsletters

Why do companies use newsletters and what makes a newsletter effective? There are many ways to effectively use newsletters, but the most recent trend is to get more clicks for email marketing by including a newsletter. When a newsletter is effective, it can deliver important product information and help support an existing customer base. The […]

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How To Use A Keywords Planner To Optimize SEO

  A keyword planner is a piece of analytical software that gives you a wide range of information about the keywords you want to use in your next advertising campaign. Google has the most popular keywords planner, which makes sense since a majority of the web searches are done on the Google platform. In order […]

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5 Websites On Digital Marketing You Should Be Following

  It makes sense that the Internet is the primary place to get information on digital marketing, but most people who are not in the digital marketing business have no idea where to go to get good information. When you look for digital marketing information, you want a website that has current and comprehensive information […]

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Why Performing A Competitive Analysis Is Important

  When a football team prepares for a game, the head coach spends hours each week watching films of the competition. The coach is looking for ways to defeat the competition, and he is also looking for things the competition does well that he can use for his team. A football coach never goes into […]

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