How To Claim Your Niche

In the world of business, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to avoid being involved in a saturated market. These days, generalists tend to find it difficult to get their companies off the ground and find any success. That is why the idea of creating a niche company has become so popular throughout the country.

A niche business serves a very specific audience, but it is not easy to get a niche business started. You have to take several very calculated steps before you can create a niche business that will build a client base and find success.

Identify Your Niche

A niche is simply a more focused part of a broader market. For example, a Mexican restaurant is considered a niche business because it is a focused part of the food service industry. Some niches, such as Mexican restaurants, are starting to get saturated. But there are still plenty of niches you can get involved with that offer an opportunity for success.

You start by understanding the broader industry you are in and knowing how to break that business down into parts. For example, in the sporting goods industry you may find that there is a need for stores that supply medical equipment and supplies specifically for sports-related injuries. Once you identify your niche, then you can start to develop your business.

Qualify Your Niche

After you have decided what niche you want to satisfy, you need to qualify that niche and determine if it offers you the kind of opportunity you are looking for. Is there a need for your niche business? Can you honestly offer the kind of detailed product offerings your customers will want? Does your niche really need experts? Is there enough potential customers out there to make your business successful?

This step is going to require a tremendous amount of market research, and much of the data you need may not be easy to find. You need to get creative in developing ways to capture data and make sure you get the accurate data you need to make the right decision.

Become An Expert In Your Niche

In order to gain customers in your niche, you have to show that you are an expert in what you do. You need to start a blog where you present information and answer questions that will help to educate your potential customer base. You need to get out in the community and start talking about your idea, and even offer yourself as a free speaker for organizations that like to host business experts. Part of owning your niche is being generally recognized as an expert.

Reach As Many People As Possible

Establishing a niche business is hard work, but it can be very profitable if you are successful. You need to get your company's name out in front of as many people as possible. You need to be active in promoting your company and in helping people to understand exactly what you do.

More and more small businesses are working in niches these days to avoid getting overwhelmed by broad industries. If you want to establish your business as a niche organization, then you need to find a niche that has a need and become an expert in supplying that niche with everything it could ever want.



5 Places You Need To Put Your Logo

A company logo becomes the thing that enhances your marketing and becomes a way for people to instantly recognize your organization. If you do enough good marketing, then your logo will become a graphic representation of your company that increases revenue and opens up more opportunities.

In order for your logo to be effective, you have to use it whenever you can to expand its marketing power. Some companies prefer to leave their logo out of some aspects of their business, but there are five places your company logo must appear if you want to get the maximum exposure for your organization.

All Correspondence Templates

You are missing out on a huge opportunity if your company logo is not part of your letterhead, invoice templates, purchase order templates, email signatures and any other form of company correspondence you use to stay in touch with your clients. When you include your company logo on all of your company correspondence, then its marketing power almost becomes subconscious as your customers cannot help but notice your logo in your marketing efforts.

All Internet Pages

Without exception, your company logo needs to be included on all of your organization's Internet pages from the company website to every social media page your company utilizes. The manner in which constantly seeing your logo online enhances all of your other marketing efforts makes this an easy and inexpensive way to get more value from your marketing programs.

Company Business Cards

Some companies prefer to leave their logo off of employee business cards to make more room for contact information and a quick marketing blurb. Customers expect to see your official company logo on your business cards, and there can be a disconnect between you and your customers if you do not put your logo on your cards. You may even have customers ask why you have no logo on your business cards, and that should be an indication that putting your logo on company business cards is extremely important.

Marketing Giveaways

Including your company logo on marketing giveaways is so important that we would recommend not using giveaways that do not give you the option of including the company logo. When you giveaway t-shirts and hats, the point is to put out mobile billboards that advertise your company to new people every day. If you neglect to include your company logo, then you are severely handicapping any of your other marketing efforts.

Product Packaging

The packaging for any of your products is not complete until it contains your company logo. If you sell to retail customers, then having your logo appear on retail store shelves can be an extremely powerful way to reinforce your marketing efforts.

It can seem like Marketing 101 to some people, but it is interesting to note how many companies refuse to make the most of their logos. After spending so much time and money developing and promoting your logo, it only makes sense to use that logo to enhance your other marketing efforts. You can start by showing support for your logo by distributing it to the public as much as possible.

It is truly impossible to measure the real marketing impact of any program, but creating a strong visual identity with your logo is going to enhance any marketing value you create. Spend some time making the most of your company logo and watch as your revenues start to rise.


Why And How To Change Your Company Logo

Changing your company logo is never something you do on a whim. The decision to change your company logo should only be done when it is absolutely necessary, and it should be a well-planned event. Your logo is something you invest a lot of time and money into as part of your branding efforts. When you are going to change that logo, you are going to change everything your customers already know about your company. That is why it has to be done right, or else your company will suffer.

Why Change Your Logo?

The best reason for changing your logo is if your company changes its name. Whether you merged with another company or changed your name for legal reasons, changing your logo to coincide with a name change can actually be a very effective marketing tactic.

Another reason people use to update their logo is to modernize it to fit contemporary styles. If you feel that you need to change your logo to keep up with a certain style or look, then you did not do a very good job of establishing your brand. There are companies with logos that are hundreds of years old that have never changed because there was no need to change. Instead of changing your logo to meet contemporary styles, you may want to have a professional marketing company look over your branding process and fix it for you.

How To Change Your Logo - Step 1: Design A New Logo

Unless you are a graphic design or marketing company, you should not be designing your logo yourself. A professional design company will create a memorable logo that will make your new name announcement more effective. Work closely with a professional marketing company to design a logo that best exemplifies your new company.

How To Change Your Logo - Step 2: Gradual Shift

The biggest mistake companies make when they change their logos is they choose a random date and then just change everything over. Suddenly, customers are getting invoices with new logos on them and the website has been completely changed. This is not going to give your customers time to adjust, which is why you need to use a gradual shift.

A gradual shift consists of transitional stationary that has both logos at the top and says that the old one is becoming the new one. You should develop the front page of your new website and then let customers preview the new page before you actually launch it. Let your customers ease into the new logo and it will be easier to say goodbye to the old one.

How To Change Your Logo - Step 3: Make The Change

In all of your marketing materials that talk about your transition to a new logo, give customers a date when the change will take place. It is easier to make it a significant date like the first day or last day of a month. When that date arrives, make the change by launching the new website and switching over to the new correspondence and invoicing materials.

By creating a gradual transition to a new logo, your customers will be at ease with the change and it will not disrupt your business. If you must change your logo, then hiring a professional marketing company to help you make the change properly is critically important.


5 Essentials of Brand Marketing

Each morning you put on your best business suit and head out into the world to try and drum up more business for your company. If your brand marketing is strong, then that significantly enhances your ability to present your sales presentation to potential clients.

Brand marketing is a very complicated process that consists of several moving pieces. But there are five things you should always have with you or be doing every day that will enhance your brand marketing efforts. With brand marketing, you are trying to get your company's name and logo instantly recognizable to your target audience. If you want to be successful with brand marketing, then it starts with these five things that you must always have or do every day of the week.

Your Elevator Speech

Your elevator speech is a two-sentence description of your business that you can give to a prospective customer in a very short period of time. Good business professionals are constantly developing their elevator speech and incorporating elements of other elevator speeches to make theirs the very best.

Your Business Card

Visual marketing tools are vital to developing good brand marketing and your business card is a critical piece of the brand marketing puzzle. Your business card is a visual association of your company name with your company logo and it provides information prospects need to get in touch with you or your company. A good business card is an incredibly important part of brand marketing.

Your Email Signature

Whether you send emails from your smartphone or your laptop, you need to create a signature that reminds every person you converse with about your company. A good signature has the company logo, phone number, website address, and the company motto (if you have one.) Every email you send, even responses to emails that were sent to you, needs a good brand marketing signature.

Your Company Letterhead

Your company letterhead is used to send correspondence, develop invoices, and otherwise stay in touch with all of your customers, vendors, and business partners. If you want to advance your brand image in your own industry, then it is critically important to have your name, logo, and company information on the letterhead that you use every day.

Your Voicemail Greeting

It is a shame how many business professionals do not spend the few minutes it takes to record personalized voicemail greetings on all of their phone accounts. From your cellphone to your office phone, you should record a greeting that includes your name, your company name, and your title. Use a professional tone of voice and you will develop a positive reputation with prospective clients who haven't even spoken to you yet.

Brand marketing is important because it strengthens all of the other marketing that you will do. People buy Nike sneakers because of all of the money Nike has put into marketing its brand as well as its products. You need to do the same thing to build up your own brand recognition in your industry and among your target audience.

Each day you are given hundreds of opportunities to advance your brand marketing agenda and you need to take advantage of each one of them. When you have your own brand marketing tools in place, then you will be able to strengthen your company name and logo in the minds of your target audience.


Four Marketing Elements That Must Be Instantly Recognizable

When you spend years wearing the same type of clothes and having the same haircut, people recognize you even when they do not see your face. If you are smart, then you use that high level of recognition to generate revenue in some way. But when you change your clothes and cut your hair, no one recognizes you anymore and the magic is gone.

Consumers like to be able to recognize the companies they use instantly and there are several things you can do that make your company instantly recognizable. Once you have achieved a high level of recognition, all of your marketing efforts become more productive and your revenue starts to go up.

Your Logo

The very best logos can be recognized almost instantly and immediately associated with their respective companies. Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonald's all have logos that consumers can recognize immediately and that does wonders for increasing sales.

For example, when you and your family are on a long driving trip and you want to stop for lunch, if you see those Golden Arches, then you know you are stopping. A recognizable logo becomes something everyone can agree upon and something that brings in business all on its own.

Your Corporate Color Scheme

If you work in the computer industry and you see something in the colors of blue and white, then you instantly think of IBM. If you like drinking soft drinks and you see a cup with red and white on it, you automatically think of Coca-Cola. It does not matter if IBM or Coca-Cola have their logos in plain view. What matters is that these companies have worked hard to associate their organizations with those common color schemes in the minds of consumers.

Your Company Name

Kentucky Fried Chicken became so popular that two could be having a conversation and refer to Kentucky Fried Chicken as KFC and they would both know what restaurant each other was talking about. When your company becomes so popular that consumers start abbreviating your company name and making it part of conversational dialog, then you know that your marketing work is effective.

Your Product

You may have never heard of a company called Kimberly-Clark, but you probably use a product called Kleenex every day. The facial tissue known as Kleenex is so popular that most people do not realize that the product is actually called facial tissue. Most people call all facial tissue Kleenex and that makes Kimberly-Clark a very wealthy company.

A company has to make a lot of decisions when it comes to marketing. The right decisions could lead to a product becoming a household name, while a wrong decision could put a company out of business. The worst thing any company can do is cut its marketing budget, even when the economy takes a turn for the worse.

Good marketing creates images that are burned into consumers' minds and result in ongoing sales. When your marketplace starts referring to generic products by your company's brand name or when consumers shorten your company name into a nickname because they refer to your company so often, then you know that your marketing is effective. Take the time to develop the four most important parts of your company's marketing image and you will see returns several times over for years to come.

WTF is Brand Recognition?

As we read through these blog posts we do our best to address as many important issues as possible because it is our job to keep you guys informed. One thing we noticed is that we spend a lot of time talking about improving your company's brand name recognition, but we have spent almost no time explaining what brand name recognition is. Let's change that right now.

What Is Brand Name Recognition?

Have you ever noticed that almost none of GEICO's advertising mentions insurance? While other companies put together elaborate commercials that explain various risk situations and how they cover your losses for you, GEICO has a little talking lizard telling jokes on a boat outside of Seattle. Who's insurance are you more likely to buy? You are more likely to buy GEICO's because of the strong brand name recognition.

Brand name recognition is the instant notoriety of your logo or company name by people who see it. The more you spend to market your company name and logo, the stronger your brand name recognition. We are experts in creating brand name recognition through our online and offline marketing programs and we know how to get your company the attention it deserves.

Does Brand Name Recognition Replace Quality?

We have to assume that GEICO offers quality insurance services because the company has been around for decade. People buy their athletic footwear based solely on which sneakers have the Nike swoosh on them, but those Nike sneakers also happen to be very high quality products as well.

We can build up your brand name recognition in your marketplace to the point where people are buying your products because they are familiar with your company name, but you need to provide quality products and services if you want to keep those sales coming in. Brand name recognition and quality product and service offerings work hand in hand to make your company an industry leader.

Why Should I Care About Brand Name Recognition?

What is your favorite soda pop? When you go to the store to buy soda pop, you are given choices but you always choose your favorite brand. Over the course of many years, you become fiercely loyal to that brand and would never even think of changing brands.

Brand name recognition helps to start the process of brand loyalty by giving consumers a good reason to buy products without actually knowing the quality of those products. A consumer may see your product and see your competition side by side, but your strong brand name recognition means that the customer buys your product. When the customer is satisfied with the quality of your product, then that establishes the loyalty which creates another repeat customer.

When you have such strong brand name recognition that you sell products to new customers based solely on your name, then you enhance the value of your marketing and give professional marketing experts like us a lot to work with. It significantly increases the return on your marketing investment and makes breaking into new markets much easier.

Our marketing professionals are ready to talk to you about a brand name recognition program that we can put together using our services. We will get your name into your target audience and make you a household name in your industry. Then we will show you how we build on that brand name recognition to turn your company into an industry leader.