How to Boost Customer Engagement in Digital Marketing

It’s always heart-wrenching when you’re watching your engagement rate, and it’s all red and down arrows. Of course, as a business owner, you would want to know what you’re doing wrong and how to improve engagement.

Customer engagement is vital to every business as it shows that your customers love your brand and values and are ready to support you. When they like, comment, and buy your products and services, they are engaging with you and, at the same time, compelling potential customers.

There’s no better way to sell except through your current customers, and that’s why boosting customer engagement is the way to go. Here are some approaches that will help you boost customer engagement:

1. Create an email newsletter

Sometimes most business owners shy away from an email newsletter because they think it’s complicated to set up or because they can’t be committed to consistently creating an email. While these are valid reasons, there’s a fix.

That is why most brands work with a professional digital marketer, agencies, or perhaps a copywriter who knows the art of engagement.

Through emails, you get responses from your customers and even get them to check out your newest products and services.

2. Personalize your communication

When you’re talking to someone you know, you’re going to call them by name while using ‘you’ throughout your conversation to keep them engaged. It’s the same way with an email newsletter. Converse like you would with a friend to keep them engaged and discuss how you can help solve their pain points.

If you could tell a personal story they can all relate to; it even goes further to ensure they engage and air their views. Personalizing your email newsletter has become easy with some email tools available today.

3. Be Responsive

If you want customer engagement, you need to be ready to engage. While it may be tiring to respond to every comment, especially when they are overwhelming, at least ensure you respond. That way, your customers are convinced you care about their opinion.

4. Become Social Media Active

Social media is where the buzz is, and chances are your target market is there. Your ideal platform could be LinkedIn, Instagram, or even TikTok. First, you must determine which social media platform your potential customers are hanging out and become active on the platform.

As a business owner, you don’t have to do this alone, especially when there are other tasks. That is why brands work with us to ensure that their blogs, newsletters, and social media updates are constantly updated for instant engagement. So go ahead and give us a call or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

Persuading Customers To Take Action: 5 Useful Tips

When most people hear persuasion, they automatically think of manipulation and deception. In the world of business, this type of thinking is stronger. They reasoned that persuasion takes the form of forcing someone to buy something even if the product isn’t beneficial to them.

Unfortunately, this is very far from the truth. If you have ever stopped to think about every purchasing decision you’ve made, you will notice that some information persuaded you to buy that product.

This quick guide lets you understand how to persuade your customers to take action. Read on!

1. Don’t tell, Show

If there’s a benefit the action will bring to the customer, the best persuasive technique is to show, not tell. When you show, you’re allowing your customer to visualize and feel the reward, compared to reading text.

Paint a familiar scenario that illustrates the pain points of your potential customers and how they will feel when their problems are solved. For example, don’t tell them your product will make them lose weight. Instead, show them a study of people who used your product and the results.

2. Personalized your communication

Study email newsletters from Netflix, and you will notice how personalized the emails are. Not only do they mention your name, but they also talk about the shows you love and even compel you to watch new episodes.

And because every piece of mail is personalized, even if a bot wrote them, customers feel recognized just for being called by name. And if you were to inject a CTA, they are more likely to act.

3. Use Anticipation

When Apple is about to launch a new product, it often starts with hype and an option to pre-order. That is anticipation, and luckily you can use this strategy to persuade your customers to buy your new products.

If you’re dealing with digital products, you can create a formula on your sales page where your potential customers can opt to receive anticipated information about new products. That way, you fuel their interest and get them ready to take the big action.

4. Create scarcity and urgency

There are some mental triggers you can use to persuade your customers to take action, and scarcity is one of them. Think about it - diamonds are expensive not because they are pretty but rather the perceived scarcity.

Giant companies use the strategy a lot, like Amazon and Booking. Usually, they put down a countdown to when the product will go out of stock or perhaps show you how many people are currently viewing and buying the product.

With scarcity and urgency, you trigger the fear of missing out (FOMO), which is the feeling needed to get them to take action now, not later. Fact is, we can help you persuade your customers to take action through content marketing. We ensure your content engages and compels your target audience to take action. So feel free to get in touch or book an appointment by filling out our contact form.

Learn digital marketing for free - Top 5 resources

Digital marketing is the skill of the ages, and you can make a killing profession as a digital marketer once you understand its mechanics. But like all things, you must be committed and consistent if you must make it through.

In 2022, many digital marketing resources can hone you into being a skillful digital marketer. You can grow any business quickly by investing in yourself with these marketing resources.

Now that we got that pep-talk out of the way, here are the top 5 resources where you can learn digital marketing for free.

  1. Google Digital Garage

You shouldn't be surprised to see Google on the top list. After all, the giant platform has been at the forefront of the digital world since its inception in 1998. That is why Google garage is an excellent place for beginners and enthusiasts to learn extensive courses in digital marketing.

It offers over 30 classes, two of which come with a certificate upon completion. Which are:

You can also explore the Google Skill Shop for product-specific courses and certificates.

  1. MOZ Academy

When we talk about a leader in digital marketing, the list will be incomplete without MOZ. The company has recently made its paid courses free to support those impacted by COVID-19.

There are lots of digital marketing courses that you could learn from MOZ, such as Keyword Research, SEO fundamentals, and Site Audit Classes. These courses often range from $49 to $595 per class. However, they are now free for you to use.

  1. Hubspot Courses and Certification

Hubspot is the master of inbound marketing, and they develop courses that focus primarily on inbound marketing tactics. In addition, they offer 15 certification tracks, including Inbound Marketing, Growth-Design, Frictionless Sales, Email Marketing, and more.

If you're looking for a digital course that aligns with the buyer journey, a critical component for inbound campaigns, then you should consider taking one of Hubspot's courses.

  1. SEMRush's Keyword Research Course

To become a guru in keyword research, you might need to consider SEMRush. Surprisingly, this free digital marketing course takes an hour to complete, and industry expert Greg Gifford teaches it.

Since Keyword research is an essential aspect of SEO, you simply can't overlook it in your journey in digital marketing.

  1. Facebook Blueprint

The social media giant offers a training program that allows you to go through different topics on marketing on Facebook and Instagram. This course includes creating ads and handling your Facebook and Instagram business accounts.

The fact is, there are lots of digital marketing resources that you can leverage for free. But sometimes, you might not have the luxury due to time constraints. That is why business owners use digital marketing experts instead. 

Feel free to give us a call or perhaps fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Your Business

A few hours ago, according to an eye-opening tale in the Washington Post on Saturday, a Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, after hundreds of interactions with a cutting-edge unreleased AI system called LaMDA, believed the program had achieved a level of consciousness.

LaMDA, which stands for ‘Language Model for Dialog Applications,’ is one of several large AI systems trained on massive swaths of text and can answer questions and write in convincingly human ways.

In a statement, Google said that his team, including ethicists and technologists, reviewed Blake’s claims per AI principles and informed him that the evidence does not support his claim. However, while we may not have a sentient AI yet, it boggles our minds about the potential possibilities, especially as it concerns business.

Importance of AI in business

Who would have thought that decades later, we could communicate with someone at the other end of the globe? We could fly to where we want, even to the moon and now eyeing mars. With AI, the game gets tighters.

It might sound sci-fi, but imagine a world where your business is run by AI, with zero human input.

They tell you what to do, how to do it, who to hire, and who to fire. It eliminates the need to hire staff when you have AI systems that can do a better job without errors or fatigue. AI now helps find solutions to complex business problems, solving them in seconds, something that would have taken a week to complete.

AI is the most trending technological term in business today, with Google and Amazon at the forefront. By looking at how AI can serve your business, you can grow and scale your business efficiently.

AI Capabilities in Business

Many companies have resought to chatbots for virtual assistance, and it’s the first case proving how AI will revolutionize the business world. While many are not convinced about a customer talking to a machine, talking to one that is sophisticated and doesn’t break down can be a game changer.

Imagine waking up in the morning, and you’re like, “Siri, go ahead and publish the pending content on my blog.” And it gets done. It could help you book a flight, book a dental appointment, and even place a call on your behalf.

If you’re good with codes, you could delve into automation, where you get more by doing so little. You don’t need to know how to do this to use this in your business. All you need is an expert to help you automate aspects of your business using AI. Feel free to give us a call or use the contact form to book an appointment.

Reasons Why You Need to Create More Content

Perhaps you’ve rationalized why you don’t need more content. Maybe you feel you have enough content already. After all, let the ones already written do their work. While it’s tempting to stop dishing out new content, it’s essential to know why you shouldn’t.

It’s been long said that ‘content is king.’ Who knows? Perhaps it’s something that must come like the sunset, or once in a while like an eclipse. Whichever route, it’s crucial you understand how it affects your business.

Your audience wants fresh content

If you run a business and wish to get your target audience engaged and anticipating, you need to create consistent content. You keep your audience engaged and focused on your brand through your content. 

It’s a love story where you continually remind your audience that you care and cherish them. When you stop updating your website, blog, or social handles, it’s equivalent to when a lover stops texting.

To many, that’s a breakup!

More content, more traffic, and more sales

The more you dish out content, the more traffic you drive to your website. You build awareness of your brand and products, including getting your audience to take specific actions. Maybe you want them to buy your products right away; you can engage them with your content and get them to take that action.

If they engage and enjoy your content, they wouldn’t shy away from clicking the buy button when they see it.

Build an empire using content

When you create content, you’re having the best of both worlds. You’re attracting networks without having to struggle to build them. You would have established your brand as an authority through your content. 

You wouldn’t need to worry about backlinks. Social shares. Or mentions. You will be getting tons of them daily when you stick to consistently dishing out content for your audience. There are downsides to creating content, which is minimal compared to the upsides. You’re cheating yourself by shying away from content creation.

Your content is your ticket

You never know where your content will take you. All it takes is one piece of content to change a life, your life. By consistently creating content, you open yourself to many unexpected opportunities it provides.

Whether you’re creating for your business, career, or perhaps your brand, outsourcing your content could be ideal. You wouldn’t have to worry about what to write next. We save you lots of time and a ton of headaches. Feel free to call us or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

What Are The Most Critical Video Marketing Services?

Any business that wishes to grow and scale fast must never overlook a video marketing campaign. With YouTube amassing over a billion unique visitors per month, it makes sense to add video marketing to your marketing strategy for the best result.

That way, your target audience is more likely to engage with your brand, and even take desired actions like joining your mailing list or buying a product or service. However, this entails making sure that your videos don’t miss their mark, or you end up wasting money, time, and effort.

That is why most businesses work with a video marketing agency to help them create a successful campaign. Here are the most critical video marketing services that mustn’t be missing:


The purpose of your campaign could be to expose your brand, sell a new product or service, or perhaps drive social engagement. Whatever your goals are, it is important that the video marketing agency or expert you’re working with be involved months before filming.

Pre-production often comprises things like scriptwriting, where an experienced scriptwriter helps you keep your story focused and engaging. You also need to consider logistics, such as the best place to film and how to get it down as efficiently as possible.

Filming and editing your video

When it’s D day, your team should be experienced in things like on-site shooting. That includes having the proper lighting, camera angles, and the right equipment like stabilizers or a drone to get the shots you need.

Once you have all the shots you need, an experienced video editor will take a very basic video and turn it into something incredible. To move the story forward, you need to make graphics an important part of your video. Add color, and reiterate what’s been said by your experts.

After your video is finished

The job isn’t done after post-production. Here are a some of the video marketing services you’ll need once your video is ready:

Video SEO optimization - Someone in your team who specializes in demand generation, and can optimize a video for the best performance on search results.

Social Media - Your social media experts know the ins and outs of social media and know the ideal time and place to publish your videos for the best result.

Get in touch with an expert

You can’t do it alone, no matter how robust and self-sufficient you are. That is why most businesses and professionals prefer to work with an expert or agency. At the end of the day, the most critical video marketing services are ones that land you better leads, more sales, and happy customers. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

Five Social Media Platforms that Will Boost your Business

Social media engagement is skyrocketing. Statistics show that the number of people using social media is increasing exponentially every year. What is the implication of this on your business?

It means that you can reach many more people through social media and, consequently, more potential customers. The significant number of people that are easily accessible to you just by operating a social media platform is a gold mine for your business. 

In this article, we'll explore five social media platforms that you can use to grow your business. That is Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you've not been using these platforms for business, you are missing a lot!

  1. Facebook

This giant social media channel is a tested and trusted business booster that helps you increase your brand’s visibility and connect you to potential customers.

Research shows that Facebook now has more than one billion active users worldwide. That is a big market for your business. You have many advantages to gain by using Facebook - you directly get in touch with customers and convince them that your product and services are best for them. You can productively engage potential customers without violating any of Facebook’s community rules.

You can also opt for Facebook’s paid advertisements; they improve your business's visibility and sales optimization

  1. YouTube

Using YouTube for business is easy and efficient. The platform allows you to create and post videos and is an easy way to promote your business.

All you have to do is create an excellent and comprehensive video about your products and services, then post it. You must, however, use a title that, by its use of good keywords, will boost the video visibility and enhance your number of views.

YouTube currently has more than one billion active subscribers, and the chances of your target market lurking around there are high.

  1. Instagram

Instagram was created mainly for posting pictures and funfair. Though it still maintains this locus today, it now allows posting videos in the form of Instagram stories.

You can reach many people by posting pictures and short videos of your products and services.

The little hindrance you can have, however, is getting a large number of followers for your Instagram account.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform for business promotion. Many professionals, social media influencers, and even presidents of nations use Twitter. That shows that you can grow your business using this platform; you only have to tweet several times a day.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social space where you can connect with potential business partners and build social media visibility.

Conclusively, your business will experience a surge in patronage, using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Despite their peculiarities, they all will boost your visibility as well as increase the number of customers you have.

But if that sounds like a lot of work, you’re not alone. That is why businesses and professionals hire experts to handle their social media handles. Get in touch with us by giving us a call, or perhaps fill the contact form to begin.

Virtual reality is called into question

Ever wished you could see the top of the Eiffel Tower or stand on the pyramid of Giza? Achieving this could have been impossible a decade ago. People can now take on seemingly impossible activities by sliding on a pair of virtual reality goggles in today's world. Be anywhere you wish with simulated environments that look too real to be a façade.

With its breakthrough some years ago, virtual reality has since garnered attention as a mainstream technology, and its use is firmly rooted in diverse fields.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a computer-engineered environment simulated to look real. These environments feature virtually everything you can find in a real-world setting. Making use of visual and audio, you can interact with the virtual world.

“The incredible thing about the technology is that you feel like you’re present in another place with other people,” said Mark Zuckerberg after acquiring Oculus virtual reality.

Where virtually reality comes into play, its uses:

  1. Virtual reality in the military

With the constant evolution of virtual simulation, soldiers can achieve more realistic training modules ranging from medic training, flight & vehicle simulations to experiencing different battle situations and locations. 

And there’s more, combining effective visualization and audio, trainee soldiers can even take on activities like communicating with local civilians like in actual battlefield situations.

  1. VR plays a huge role in the health sector.

There’s no better way to overcome fears, phobias, and anxiety-like having to experience them over and over again, only this time in a safe environment! Virtual reality plays a huge role in helping patients overcome their fears, become calmer, focused, and more! This has been helpful with patients suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  1. Experience an immersive education experience

Without a doubt, education isn't left out in the Virtual reality race. VR isn't only utilized to simulate real battle experiences like in the military; VR is also used to simulate real learning experiences.

Speaking at the web summit conference in Dublin, Palmer Luckey, the founder, and designer of oculus said, “there’s a lot of potential for virtual reality in the education industry,” he said. “Classrooms are broken. Kids don’t learn the best by reading books.”

That was the story some years ago; with further advancements in virtual reality today, students can engage in activities like going on field trips around the world, learn about the solar system in a three-dimensional environment, and also aids kids to practice real-life skills like making eye contact, building social skills amongst many others.

  1. Safer exposure to medical training

When it comes to medical procedures and experiments, VR certainly plays a vital role. With highly educative and safe access to virtually simulated surgery operations, medical trainees can take on intense medical operations without causing any harm or inflicting any damage on patients. It also provides an opportunity to approach medical processes without anxiety. Also, it’s a less expensive medical training approach to working with real cadavers.

  1. Fashion

Have you ever visited an online mall and wished you could try on the products sold? Well, that's possible with VR. You can now try out clothes virtually without leaving the comfort of your own house!

Virtual reality is indeed the technology for the future, with a high potential of achieving more impossible feats in the coming years. You're on the right page if you would love to learn more about virtual reality. Go ahead and give us a call (718) 273-3070 or fill out our contact form.

How to turn social followers to customers with promoted posts

Are you running low on engagements? Experiencing a drop-down in conversion can be a lot! Every post you make seems to be deadwood that lags and drags your brand.

Having a long list of social followers with no positive influence on your engagement is a problem most businesses face. Of course, this is narrowed down to a lot of problems.

However, do you wish to know something that works? A Promoted post! And no, you don't have to cut this off yet; wait till you see reasons.

But first,

Why does a promoted post even work?

Targeting a specific type of audience is one of the many wonders of social media marketing- promoted posts specifically.

Without wasting much of your time, here are three very effective ways to turn your social followers into customers;

  1. Build the right ads

You would agree that you’ve scrolled past millions of boring and ineffective ads on your social feeds. So much that if you were interested in every Ad you came across, you'd be fully stacked with tons of products and services.

Creating the right Ad requires you to be creative and strategic. In simple words, your ads should appeal to your followers.

A promoted post goes as far as precisely showing your ads to a specific audience. However, it doesn't do more than that. Your ads conversion rate will be dependent on how ‘appealing' and engaging your ads appear on your follower's feeds.

  1. Reach out to the right audience

Nothing beats showing your posts to the right audience.

While you would want your posts to appeal to as many followers as possible, tailoring your post to the right audience works best. Why? You're serving water to those who are thirsty. That's just a realistic way to put it.

With promoted posts, you can tailor your posts to specific ages, gender, and language, or even location. This way, you reach out to people who have a high probability of being interested in what you have an offer.

  1. Leverage on your best performing posts

Promoting a post comes at a price. The good thing is, there's a budget that fits every pocket. But, even a single penny invested on a post that doesn't convert can be disappointing.

The answer to this? Leverage on your best-performing posts!

Often you find out that a specific post seems to outperform others. A low-performing post is a tell-tale sign of an ineffective social marketing strategy. As such, promoting high-performing posts will no doubt boost your conversion rate by a considerable margin.


While promoting a post can be an effective tool in boosting conversion rate, it is more of an “up to you” scenario to determine how effective you’d want this to be.

You can also reach out to us if you require further guidance on achieving more conversion with your followers by putting a call (718) 273-3070 across to us or, better still, fill out our contact form.

Privacy Protection Becomes A Major Selling Point

Big-tech companies like Facebook and Google have platforms that link end-users to businesses. However, data-protection scandals are everywhere, and some experts often link them to special algorithms in big-tech software that can harvest the personal info of end-users.

It is called data exploitation, and it is big business for a lot of tech companies. How? They simply sell user’s data to advertisers, who then use it to send ads and emails that are tailored to the needs of that particular end-user. That is one of the reasons Google's algorithm on YouTube can send you related videos based on your watch history.

What Is Privacy Protection, Why Is It Important?

Privacy Protection is simply personal information you'd like to keep from the prying eyes of companies, hackers, government organizations, and other online groups. E-marketers (a research firm) estimates that 74 million Americans have smart speakers that are listening devices capable of putting the privacy of users at risk.

That means that roughly 22.56% of America’s population is vulnerable to data exploitation. It also means that most big tech companies wield more influence over a user’s buying decision and if left unchecked can become a severe problem.

What Do Gadget Makers Have To Say About Privacy Protection?

As more things get connected, gadget makers like Apple and Scalys are concerned about data protection scandals, and in some cases, looking to air their views on respect for users' privacy. Snips founder, Randi Hindi, believes that the claim of tech firms needing your data to make the user experience easier is false.

It has become a huge selling point as customers no longer trust big-tech companies for user privacy but are now turning to gadget makers for better security. Some electronic companies like Apple are leading in the race in offering better protection for their customers.

Tech Analyst Bob O' Donnell of Technalysis Researchers says more companies have woken up to the issues surrounding user data protection and privacy. This comes after leaked revelations regarding Facebook, and other tech giants started emerging.

What Are Gadget Makers Doing To Minimize Breaches in User Privacy?

“What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone “. These were the words of Apple at a tech show in Las Vegas in 2019. Since then, Apple and Microsoft now lead as the major tech giants committed to the privacy of their users.

It has prompted smaller tech companies to follow suit. Some companies now offer a better way of protecting the internet routers without being connected to the internet.

Others like Scalys now have a router called Trustbox that protects the user's connection and other devices that might be connected to it. Other companies like Snip(a French startup)now offer digital assistants that can easily be installed without using the internet connection.

Protect Your Privacy; It Is Your Right

Scandals like Cambridge Analytica which accessed Facebook data to manipulate political objectives have not prompted many to change their behavior online.

Although user growth on Facebook may be sluggish, the company’s other products, like the renowned Instagram and WhatsApp have dominated cyberspace. If you care about your data or that of your users, call us or fill out the contact form to speak with an expert.