Creating a Buyer Persona for your Business
By Tom&Co.
Creating a Buyer Persona for your Business

The era of big data has opened up marketing possibilities that had never been available before. Digital marketing experts have been creating buying personas for a long time, but the new data that is being collected these days can help create more accurate buying personas with more predictable reactions to changes in product specifications and marketing programs.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a fictionalized representation of a segment of your target audience. For example, your research may indicate that people who wear red hats and eat at fast food restaurants love your product. You would create a buyer persona based on this information, and then develop specific marketing programs to appeal to this particular type of person.

Why do I need Buyer Personas?

At its core, a buyer persona is used to help chart buyer trends and keep associated data filed in an accessible and organized manner. You might also find that your red hatted customers also prefer to drive blue vehicles. As you gather more data about a buyer persona, you can enhance that persona and analyze it to determine the best ways to create effective marketing messages. Buyer personas tell you what your audience wants to hear, how they will hear that message, and how they will react to it.

Is There Such a Thing as a Completed Buyer Persona?

Digital marketing experts are constantly trying to hone their data to make it more applicable to marketing programs. A good buyer persona is constantly changing and always being updated with new information. Sometimes that information comes from market research, and other times personas are updated based on how they react to new types of product features or marketing information.

How is Big Data Helping with Buyer Personas?

With big data, digital marketing experts can not only get more detailed information on what types of buying decisions personas are making, but they can also determine why those decisions are being made. Big data companies collect social media information about various types of personas, and that data can be used to give a very human angle to what used to be just a set of numbers. When you combine comprehensive data with emotional influences, you can start to create very useful buying personas.

What About People Who Don’t Want My Products?

The direct opposite of a buying persona is an exclusionary persona. Where a buyer persona is very interested in becoming a paying customer, an exclusionary persona has no interest at all in your company or products. Sometimes the motivations for these exclusionary personas are obvious. For example, a veterinarian is not going to be interested in buying surgical equipment to work on humans. But in some cases, exclusionary personas create marketing riddles that digital marketing experts need to solve to be able to help a client expand their audience.

The best way to create and utilize accurate buyer personas is to hire an experience digital marketing agency that understands how to track consumer trends. In most cases, companies are surprised to see how many different kinds of buyer personas apply to their products. That information, especially in the age of big data, can become extremely helpful in growing revenue and expanding a customer base.


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