Digital Marketing Trends
By Tom&Co.
Digital Marketing Trends

It can be said that no industry evolves faster than the digital marketing industry, and that has a lot to do with the way that technology changes. Over time, digital marketing has allowed companies to reach not just specific parts of their target audience, but it has also allowed companies to give each customer a marketing experience that feels customized. You can bet that the development of technology is not slowing down for anyone, and that means there are plenty of trends to watch in the coming months and years.

Big Data

The idea of “big data” has evolved into an industry all of its own as digital marketing experts find new ways to use data to bring in revenue. The marketing industry is just one of many that is constantly finding new ways to collect and utilize all types of data. The more comprehensive information a marketing expert has on a target audience, the more detailed and precise the message can be. In many ways, big data is starting to show that there is a lot left to be learned about how to sell products to the average client.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been evolving rapidly, and it is combining with big data to completely change the marketing world. With AI, a digital marketing expert can anticipate a consumer’s response to various stimuli, and alter that stimuli to get better results. With AI, all of those numbers generated by big data are given a personality and marketing experts can take emotional responses into account when they are developing their campaign ideas.

Mobile Website Marketing

If there had to be one element of digital marketing that was singled out for evolving the fastest, it would have to be mobile website marketing. The core issue of mobile marketing, the small screens that do not allow for banner or pop-up advertising, is being addressed in a variety of ways. As digital marketing experts continue to experiment with the best ways to reach a growing mobile audience, the technology that drives mobile marketing continues to change.

Marketing To Wearables

Wearable technology such as wristwatch smartphones or Google glasses is growing at a rate that most people did not expect. In order for wearables to stay relevant in the consumer market, they have to be monetized in some way. When it comes to future trends in digital marketing, determining ways to market to wearables is something that is receiving a lot of attention.

Content Marketing

While video continues to gain in popularity, the need for good written content is still growing. Content marketing has been shifting from informational text to telling stories that engage readers and inspire consumers to buy products. The transition is going to be a slow one and it will be spurred on by the need for niche content across many industries, but content marketing will be evolving and changing in the coming months and years.

If you want to get your message out to the right audience and make that message effective, then you are going to need to hire a digital marketing agency that understands future trends. Technology is changing the world, and your company can be at the forefront of the changes if you make sure to get involved with marketing experts who can see those changes coming before they happen.


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