How to turn social followers to customers with promoted posts

Are you running low on engagements? Experiencing a drop-down in conversion can be a lot! Every post you make seems to be deadwood that lags and drags your brand.

Having a long list of social followers with no positive influence on your engagement is a problem most businesses face. Of course, this is narrowed down to a lot of problems.

However, do you wish to know something that works? A Promoted post! And no, you don't have to cut this off yet; wait till you see reasons.

But first,

Why does a promoted post even work?

Targeting a specific type of audience is one of the many wonders of social media marketing- promoted posts specifically.

Without wasting much of your time, here are three very effective ways to turn your social followers into customers;

  1. Build the right ads

You would agree that you’ve scrolled past millions of boring and ineffective ads on your social feeds. So much that if you were interested in every Ad you came across, you'd be fully stacked with tons of products and services.

Creating the right Ad requires you to be creative and strategic. In simple words, your ads should appeal to your followers.

A promoted post goes as far as precisely showing your ads to a specific audience. However, it doesn't do more than that. Your ads conversion rate will be dependent on how ‘appealing' and engaging your ads appear on your follower's feeds.

  1. Reach out to the right audience

Nothing beats showing your posts to the right audience.

While you would want your posts to appeal to as many followers as possible, tailoring your post to the right audience works best. Why? You're serving water to those who are thirsty. That's just a realistic way to put it.

With promoted posts, you can tailor your posts to specific ages, gender, and language, or even location. This way, you reach out to people who have a high probability of being interested in what you have an offer.

  1. Leverage on your best performing posts

Promoting a post comes at a price. The good thing is, there's a budget that fits every pocket. But, even a single penny invested on a post that doesn't convert can be disappointing.

The answer to this? Leverage on your best-performing posts!

Often you find out that a specific post seems to outperform others. A low-performing post is a tell-tale sign of an ineffective social marketing strategy. As such, promoting high-performing posts will no doubt boost your conversion rate by a considerable margin.


While promoting a post can be an effective tool in boosting conversion rate, it is more of an “up to you” scenario to determine how effective you’d want this to be.

You can also reach out to us if you require further guidance on achieving more conversion with your followers by putting a call (718) 273-3070 across to us or, better still, fill out our contact form.

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