Website Communicate

As Governor Andrew Cuomo plans for a slow, phased reopening of New York, many retail outlets and restaurants in downstate New York might not be ready to open for several weeks.

But you can take advantage of your website as an alternate revenue stream. Your website can also help you execute a strong re-opening by keeping your customers informed about your hours, safety measures, and sales.

Is it time to revamp your website to be even more user friendly and help increase sales?

Add E-Commerce Elements

If you haven’t already added curbside pickup, delivery services, or shipping, it might be time. At-risk members of the population may opt to continue ordering online rather than risk visiting stores even after the state reopens. Creating an easy way to place orders online can help you attract new customers and bring back loyal customers who miss your offerings.

Update Your Look

Web design trends change so rapidly, a site design from just a few years ago could already look outdated. If the quarantine and shutdown has created some downtime for your company, consider a website update.

Look for a site design that is:

  • Responsive on mobile platforms as well as desktop
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accessible for those who use screen readers or may have other special needs

Incorporating video on your home page, along with an interactive chat box that makes it easy for visitors to reach out will also help keep visitors on your page and may help increase sales.

Update Your Site to Reflect the Latest News About Your Company

Do you have a reopening plan in place? Will you offer deals to new customers who visit once your region reopens? What measures are in place to keep your employees and customers safe? What are your new hours?

Communicate these answers on your website so visitors know what to expect once you open for business.

Your website is your virtual storefront and, during the pandemic, was the number one way you represented your company. Keeping it up to date as the coronavirus situation changes can help your customers know you are eagerly awaiting their safe return to your business.

Let TomCo help you revamp your website to communicate the latest updates about your business and increase sales.