E-Commerce Websites

Open your market up to the entire world with an E-Commerce Website
A custom homepage, integrated product pages, innovative layout, image rotators, and template customization. Pair that with our SEO management and PPC marketing and it means that Tom & Co. does it all. We do it with both flash and class (and plenty of know-how). Your ultimate goal, and therefore our ultimate goal, is to earn repeat customers who frequent your site for merchandise.
Why us?
Building an e-commerce website takes a lot of design, programming and search engine optimization skills. When you trust in us for your e-commerce website project, you’ll get the most of every one of those skills. Our experienced team will create a site designed to make your products look their best as well as a site that will function with absolute ease. With Tom & Co. you will get a customized shopping cart system tailored especially for your business. Our experience with integrating payment processing systems means we will walk you through the process of selecting and opening an account. Once your site is all set up, you can sit back and watch all the new orders pour in
The first question you should ask yourself when considering your e-commerce site is, ‘Is it organized?’ Whether we are working from scratch or re-building your current e-commerce site, organization is our top priority. An e-commerce website should follow some strict guidelines and is not the place to get super creative, at least, with the basics. We’ll save that for our graphic design services.

If you’re selling a wide range of products, your e-commerce site needs a search bar. How to refine searches will vary depending on your business. Of course, every e-commerce site also needs a shopping cart and pictures displaying product. We will make sure your e-commerce site has all the basics and then some, while at the same time retaining an organized and professional feel that will garner visitor’s trust and compel them to purchase.
Content Management Systems
An extra bonus of our e-commerce systems is the easy to use Content Management Systems. Content Management systems allow you to easily add, edit, sort, and delete products, brands, and categories. An e-commerce site should be organized just like a store. This means that users should be able to search for different products easily and then be able to refine their search by category or size. Without this feature, a prospect will get easily frustrated and will leave your site for a competitor’s.

Content Management Systems also assist with cropping and resizing of images and gives you all kinds of tools to work with. This, in turn, makes your system easy to keep updated. It also keeps track of all your orders in an easy to work database system.
Search Engine Optimization
Like any other website, a successful e-commerce site requires SEO. In fact, an e-commerce site that isn’t at the top of search results will soon collect dust, that is, virtual dust, -both mean no profits. We will ensure that your e-commerce site receives clicks by making sure that it is seen during online searches. And from there, our clean professional and easy design will lock in customers and profits.

Understanding your business is the first step to strong SEO. We will develop keywords that are relevant to your business and have high exact match search volume. We will conduct an analysis of your competitors in order to gain a better understanding of the industry and how to make you stand out.

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