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Led by a team of expert e-commerce web designers, we build catchy websites that drive sales!
Who Are We?
We are Tom & Co. and we specialize in building professional and striking websites. With 8 years of experience in crafting websites that generate leads and sales, we are just the perfect e-commerce New York web design agency you are looking for.

Seeing how many e-commerce stores struggle with having websites that barely convert leads into actual paying customers, we decided to make the job easier for you. Our team comprises pro e-commerce web designers who can breathe magic into your e-commerce brand with their craft.

We are not your ordinary nyc web design agency. At Tom & Co, we prioritize our clients the most, so when we take over your website, you will get the best e-commerce web design for sure!
Custom E-commerce Web Design Services
We offer a range of e-commerce web design services, all designed to give you the best web design experience. From building ecommerce stores on Woocommerce to designing customized websites to doing their search engine optimization - we take care of it all.
Woocommerce: Get your customizable ecommerce store on Woocomerce by our pro ecommerce website designers.
Custom built e-commerce solutions: Strategic web design services are available at your disposal & can be tailored to your needs.
E-commerce SEO: Advanced Search Engine Optimization services to better rank your ecommerce store, and boost your traffic.
Features of Our E-commerce Web Design Services for Your Business
Not getting enough sales on your e-commerce store? Tired of getting cold leads? It is likely the problem isn’t your product, but your store’s e-commerce design. This is where our NYC web design agency serves its purpose. It’s time to revamp your e-commerce store, and make it exactly what your customers want.

Here’s how we can do that by offering the finest e-commerce web design in New York:
Responsiveness to serve customers on every platform: All our websites are responsive, and cater to the needs of your customers. Our e-commerce websites are easy to navigate on, load fast, and have zero downtime.
Always on-brand: Our experts ensure your website’s design is in harmony with your branding. The e-commerce web designers in our team take special interest in your brand’s story and brand positioning. After different consultations, we create your website’s e-commerce design to appeal to your customers.
UX that converts your visitors into customers: We create a strategic website design with a user-friendly interface to boost your sales. Tom&Co’s website designs are captivating, powerful and incredibly user-friendly. Made using open source tools, our websites build trust and convert leads into actual sales.
Conversion optimized Product pages: Every product page is effectively optimized to skyrocket your conversions. The website is designed to put sales and conversions as the primary focus, but at the same time, we observe best practices of UI and UX.
Effortless checkout process: Tom&Co e-commerce stores offer seamless checkout process to give your customers a great buying experience. Your customers will be able to check out fast and easily.
Lightning fast website Speed: Not only will your e-commerce website look great, but our websites function at optimal speed too. Our website design company in New York understands how customers are always pressed for time which is why our e-commerce stores optimized for page speed.
SEO friendly: All e-commerce stores by Tom&Co. are search engine friendly. This means the websites are search engine optimized to improve your ranking on search engine results.
With all these features available in your e-commerce website by Tom&Co., you are sure to rock your brand and take its sales to a whole new level.
Your Brand’s Exponential Growth Is Just A Click Away
Boring, slow and complicated websites never generate sales for your ecommerce business. Exponential growth comes your way with interactive, attractive and powerful ecommerce websites. We can help you achieve that.
Traditional Websites Vs. E-Commerce Websites
A traditional website provides users with information, value and any sort of knowledge pertaining to what the website is about. On the contrary, an e-commerce website allows the users to buy or even sell goods, digital products and services over the internet instead of doing the same at a brick-and-mortar facility. With an e-commerce website, your business can easily process orders, manage shipping, accept payments, carry on with logistics, and offer customer service.

If you have a business and wish to boost your sales, an e-commerce website is what you need. In this digital age, everyone looks for convenience. So it is natural that your potential customers seek convenient buying options.

When it comes to designing an e-commerce website, Tom&Co. is the best website design company in New York because we believe in treating you like royalty.

Book your appointment with us today, and get started on you e-commerce site today!

Our E-commerce Website Design Process
Strategic Website Design: Our team of e-commerce web designers meets with you and discusses your needs for your brand’s strategic website design.
Dedicated Project Manager: Moving on, we assign a dedicated project manager and design team to your brand to give you complete exclusivity.
Intensive Research: We perform intensive research of your industry and study your customer in detail to create your site’s e-commerce design accordingly.
Design Iterations: Once we have a draft  ready by our ecommerce web designers for your ecommerce store, we share it with you for your approval and make iterations until you love your new website.
Intensive Quality Assurance: Being a responsible digital agency in New York, we perform intensive quality assurance tests on your site to ascertain everything is in place before the launch.
Prepare For Launch: Once the assurance tests are complete and the e-commerce website is approved by you, we launch to welcome your new visitors.
Classes for easy editing.
List anything with fancy icons.
Our process is seamless and has generated fantastic results every time. We are excited to do the same for you!

Skyrocket Your Sales with Tom & Co’s E-commerce Design Services

If you are looking to increase your business’s online sales, you must pay attention to your e-commerce store’s website design. Your site’s functionality, interface, responsiveness, and overall appeal plays an enormous role in driving your sales. When you choose to trust Tom&Co., we take care of all that for you.

Being an advanced and growth-oriented agency for e-commerce web design in New York, we handle all your e-commerce store’s needs. Our websites are engaging, user-friendly, responsive and come with everything you need to carry out smooth transactions with your customers. When your target market gets everything they need on your store, they are sure to return to it which automatically skyrockets your sales.
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