Email Marketing

The short answer is, yes, but only if you are doing it right. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa, 91% of adults in the U.S. like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. In order to effectively conduct an email marketing campaign, you must be mindful of the consumer’s wants. The last thing you want is for your consumer to consider themselves being spammed by your business and click the unsubscribe button. In that situation, not only have you lost an email subscriber, but you’ve also tainted your image a little in the consumer’s eyes: you became an annoyance rather than a source of great products/services and great deals.

Content & Style of the Email

Are your emails bland and boring or are they over-the-top and obnoxious? Neither is a good look. Your subject line is the first thing subscribers see so it needs to be attention-grabbing and convince the user to open it. A subject line that uses humor or provides something consumers want (like a great deal) is enticing and more likely to be opened than a dull subject line.

Technology has progressed so far today that marketers can personalize emails to the point of fine segmentation and retargeting. Give your emails a personalized tone by using the consumer’s name and suggesting products similar to products they had purchased or informing them of a deal that relates to categories of their previous purchases.

To Who & How Often

Make sure your email campaign at least has the potential for a return on investment by carefully keeping track of who is in the recipient list. Making sure your emails land in the inbox of people who are still viable customers of your company is especially important. Today’s lead generation software is capable of checking your email lists for you for outdated information and can even recommend updates. Dig online and determine which software is best for you and your company.

Who you are emailing is almost as important as how often you are emailing. True, subscribers provide their email for the sole purpose of receiving emails from your business, but that doesn’t mean they want those emails all day every day. The rule of quality is better than quantity reigns supreme in the world of emails. Be sure to send your subscribers relevant information to them as well as something enticing such as info about promotions or exclusive coupons. Do not bombard them with upfront messages tooting your own business’s horn; that is simply not what consumers are interested in and you will be marked as spam sooner rather than later.

Test & Results

Do you know your customers? What are the click rates and unsubscribe rates? What emails aren’t pulling their fair share and why are they less effective than others? These questions can be answered with diligent monitoring. Understanding what types of emails resonate best with consumers will go a long way towards perfecting each and every marketing campaign and generating a healthy ROI.




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