Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fast and effective way to reach your target audience, but it needs to be done right for you to get the proper return. We can work with you to put together an effective email marketing campaign that will bring results and drive sales.
Qualified List Of Recipients
One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is not getting labeled as a spammer. One way to overcome this barrier is to send your emails to people who have willingly signed up for information from your business. Another crucial element is timing your emails so that consumers do not feel overwhelmed. The last thing you want is for your recipient to get fed up with your business and press unsubscribe. Not only does this shrink your list of recipients, it can also mean negative word-of-mouth about your company that can dissuade others from subscribing.

How does one get a willing subscriber list together? We know. At Tom & Co. we have spent years studying email marketing and we have developed ways to create a list of recipients who are happy to get your marketing email. When you have a qualified list of recipients, you are able to get your message out to people who are interested in it and want to read it. When it comes to subscriber lists, quality is better than quantity. The same rule applies for the content of the email as well.
The Subject Line Counts
The first thing your recipient sees is the subject line of your email. If you cannot grab their attention, then your email gets ignored. But how do you generate a subject line that’s relevant, interesting, and clickable? The key is in understanding your audience and their wants. You must directly target what they are interested in and pique their curiosity. At Tom & Co. we pride ourselves in our ability to create concise and effective subject lines that will get you email read and your message out to your audience.
The Rules Of Sending Emails
Did you know that many companies have filters on their email servers that block emails with attachments? Even some consumer email providers also block certain kinds of attachments and that reduces the effectiveness of your email. In order to bypass these blockers, you must create an email campaign with specific content that will not set off any triggers.

If you are going to create an email marketing campaign, then you must know all of the rules that apply to sending emails. Our professionals have spent years developing a comprehensive understanding of email marketing and how to maximize the returns.
The Look
Once a subscriber opens your email, what will they see? Will it keep their attention and push them further to the action you want them to take? We’ll make sure your emails are attention grabbing and interesting, even when opened. Today’s technology allows marketers like us to personalize emails to the point of fine segmentation and marketing. We can use this data and data like it to identify your recipient and determine how best to reach him or her with offers, information, or news that is most relevant.
Be Careful With The Interactive Nature Of The Internet
The biggest myth about email marketing is that it is a great way to send out links and online forms that will get instant responses from clients. This is a little too optimistic and often reads too much into a customer’s interest in your business. Consumers want something visual, easy to understand, and not time-consuming. All of which an online form or survey is not.

The truth is that sending out interactive elements in emails can be a tricky situation. In order to do it right, you need to be a professional marketing firm, like Tom & Co. We know exactly how to get a subscriber list to engage with a brand via email marketing and we can make it happen for your business.

Our marketing experts are ready to put together an email plan that will get you results. We will help you to drive revenue and we will help you to get the kind of feedback you need from your clients.
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