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When it comes to getting your prospects to grab your offer, reviews have been a major decision-maker. People don’t like to be sold to, so they’d rather prefer feedbacks from other real customers before making a decision.

According to research by ReviewTrackers, about 49% of consumers said they often check the review section before making a decision. With growing review sites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor, it’s hard to overlook.

To a large extent, reviews are changing the algorithms, impacting where you rank on Google’s SERP. With more positive reviews, it seems as if nothing can stop you. That is what comes from delivering what you promise to your prospect.

When you try to plat smart just for a quick buck, they’d kick you out of the marketplace with their poor reviews. 

Playing the ball of marketing…

If you play the ball well – delivering impeccable services or products. Or perhaps, investing a little extra in content marketing since Google loves feeding on valuable content, you will be soaring high in sales and conversions. If you can maintain a rating of 4.9, the algorithm will be all over you. But what if you maintain your rating to 5.0?

It shows you’re an expert – that you know what you’re doing. Who doesn’t want to deal with a 5 star? Your potential clients want value for their money, and good reviews will convince them that you’re the deal, while winking at Google that you need a higher rank.

The bottom line is merely more sales, traffic, newsletter subscribers, whatever your goal might be. Online reviews are a powerful tool when it comes to persuasive marketing. Once they hear from other customers that your services or products are good, they have no reason to back down.

Using reviews to amplify your good sides

Since reviews are a powerful tool, don’t you think it’s time to get some? All it takes is a simple chat on LinkedIn, asking your past clients to drop your a short review. Or, you can work for free just to acquire 4 or 5 reviews.

When you display these five-star reviews on your homepage, you instantly improve the likelihood of your prospect pushing the buy button. As long as you targeted the right prospect, reviews are enough to convince them that you’re the hottest thing next to Jamie Dornan.

Work with an expert

You can only do so much; that is why it is best to work with an expert whose years of experience will help scale your business. We understand what SEO is, and we’ll help you build a tailored system that never fails to convert. Feel free to give us a call (718) 273-3070 or fill out our contact form . Now is the right time to talk.