How Important Are Retail Posters?
By Tom&Co.
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These days, many business owners find it easy to get caught up in the digital marketing frenzy that seems to have gripped the entire world. As Internet marketing experts, we understand the intricacies of creating an effective digital marketing plan that will enhance your revenue. But as marketing enthusiasts in general, we also know that offline marketing is still extremely important to your business.

Did you know that many of your younger customers are still significantly affected by newspaper and magazine marketing? Print marketing is essential to bringing in customers for your business and, for retail businesses, that means that posters in the display windows are extremely important when it comes to increasing foot traffic.

Good Posters Catch People’s Eye

Whenever we explain the importance of business posters to a client, we always ask that client to think about their own consumer trends and how marketing affects them. Most people who are driving or walking past a store window will take the time to look at a colorful poster in that window. In many instances, the poster will also inspire those people to go into the store to check out the promotion.

Over the years, we have become experts at turning your marketing message into an effective poster for your business window. We will use your promotion as a way to bring in more clients and help you to grow your revenue, all from the use of a simple window poster.

Window Posters Enhance Brand Name Recognition

When consumers see your company logo and company color scheme repeatedly, then that enhances your company’s brand name recognition. Think about how many people each day drive and walk past your company’s windows and imagine how much more you could enhance your brand name with some good window posters. Even if you have nothing specific to promote right now, window posters can still promote your company to everyone who goes by your business.

Window Posters Need To Be A Part Of Your Print Marketing

If you are planning to pay for newspaper advertising that announces a significant promotion at your business, then you also need to have window posters to make that announcement as well. You can build anticipation for your promotion by having us design some teaser posters that hint at a major announcement, but leave the actual announcement for a later date.

A well-designed window poster campaign will not only increase foot traffic to your store, it will also enhance the visibility of your business. Plain storefront windows are difficult to dress up in ways that grab the attention of consumers. But when you get some colorful window posters from Tom and Company, then you have something that people simply cannot ignore.

A good marketing plan is one that utilizes as many mediums as possible. As you work each day in your business, take the time to watch the foot and vehicle traffic as it goes by your windows. Every day that you do not have something in your storefront windows to expand your marketing exposure is another day of lost opportunities.

Give us a call and we will tell you how we can put those storefront windows to good use for your business. When you want to put together a good promotional campaign, then let our experts show you how all of our print mediums, especially our posters, can work together to get you results that go way beyond your expectations.

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