How To Improve Your PPC Results
By Tom&Co.
How To Improve Your PPC Results

When we talk about any Internet marketing campaign, we always mention updating each campaign as an important part of the work that has to be done. But what does that mean? In the case of a pay per click (PPC) campaign, there are several things that you and your Internet marketing partner can do to improve each campaign and tweak it as you go along.

Stay Focused

Each PPC campaign should focus on a specific message or product to be successful. But your focused approach does not have to stop with a single product or marketing message. If you are noticing that customers are more interested in certain features on that product, then narrow your message down to those features to increase your PPC results.

Don’t Oversell It

Unless you have documented proof that your product is the best of its kind every manufactured, then avoid putting words to that effect in your PPC ad. As you analyze your PPC ad, try to remove any phrases like “top seller,” “best ever,” or “most innovative” in your copy. Let your message and your product stand on its own merits and do not try to oversell your product in your PPC campaign.

Become An Expert At Writing Titles

You will hear marketing experts expound on the benefits of good titles on a regular basis. But in a PPC campaign, your title could mean the difference between success or failure. A PPC ad has very little text in it, so your title becomes an extremely important element to your entire PPC campaign.

Try To Include Special Characters In Your Content

When we say that you should include special characters in your content, we do not mean astericks or brackets. We mean characters such as the copyright symbol and the trademark indicator. These types of symbols tend to draw people to your PPC ad and will increase your click-through rate. The caveat to using these symbols is that you should only use them if they actually apply to your company. If you are not the registered owner of a particular trademark, then do not put the trademark symbol in your ad.

Forget About Pricing

The price discussion is one that happens later in the sales conversation, which means that it should not be part of your PPC advertising. When you are creating a PPC ad, you want to grab the attention of the reader because your product solves a need that reader has. If the ad is successful at getting the reader’s attention, then the reader will click on the ad and you can then offer discussions about pricing.

Always Keep The Customer In Mind

You and your marketing team may be in love with one of the features on your product, but it is another feature that is getting consumers’ attention. Always use the information from your ongoing analysis of your PPC campaigns and develop content that appeals to the consumer and not your own preferences.

A PPC campaign can be extremely effective if it is done properly. By monitoring the results of your campaigns and paying attention to what consumers are telling you, it is possible to develop PPC campaigns that increase revenue and deliver a significant return on your investment.

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