Text Message Service Website Review - New York

Happy Snowy Monday from Tom&Co! Hope you are all staying warm and safe with this crazy weather. And if you live in another part of the country or the world where its warm and sunny, good for you!

Today we have a text messaging service website Pure Texting. They provide SMS services to businesses who would like to market with text messaging. Let's see how they measure up to our Keys to a Great Business Website!

Design: The website is designed well. The design is really clean and consistent with the branding. The content could use some work. It is kind of hard to get what they are selling here. I get "text messaging" but not much more than that.They should showcase the explainer videos they have a little more. I would place the video on the home page like we did here.


The use of sliders is good however some of the sliders are hard to read because there is text overlaying on an image.


The copy on the website is a little confusing and could stand to be re-written.

Pure Texting

Marketing: There are phone numbers and emails in the header and footer which is good. I would add some more calls to action with email forms around the site (request a quote, hire us, sign up now etc.).


The use of testimonials is good but the pictures look a little fake. If you can't get good pics I would leave them off all together. Also they don't need their own page, you can pepper them throughout the site, like the services page.

Pure Texting (1)

Search Engine Optimization: This is where the site needs the most help. The site is done in WordPress which is very SEO friendly but it needs to be optimized. They should spend some time thinking about and doing research into what keywords clients would be searching for and then optimize the site for those.


The company news section which I would imagine would be a blog is giving back a 404 error. This should be fixed ASAP! The blog is a good place to create articles that your target market would find interesting. Once they are browsing the blog you can setup some calls to action on the sidebar and get them to take the next step.

New York Construction Web Design Review

The Company

Redline Construction is the brainchild of Thomas Nicolosi, a contractor in the New York Metro area. The company specializes in luxury condos, estates and from time to time has been known to do work on high-end commercial properties as well. Their work is well known – as they were given the Award of Excellence by the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce in 2011. Does their website live up to their outstanding reputation? Let’s find out!


The site seems to be going for plain, but bold. Using the color red for the design makes some sense – as the company’s name is Redline, after all – but I can’t help but think they might have been able to do more here. The whole idea is that they’re selling luxury condo construction and frankly, the site feels like a workshop more than it feels luxurious.

Marketing 101 is that you always want to make things about the customer, not the other way around, so taking more of a luxury-driven approach probably would have been the better way to go.

That being said, the site is very easy to navigate and seamlessly shuttles you from page to page. No complaints there.


The first thing that hits you on the site is the very powerful, professional photos of Redline’s work. They do an awesome job of not only showcasing what they can do – but the way they’re presented and staggered really makes them jump off the page.

That being said there are a few things that could be improved here, too; first of which is more of a call to action. On one hand, the call doesn’t need to create a sense of urgency because, well – you’re dealing with luxury construction here, not wristwatches. It’s not exactly the kind of decision someone’s going to make on a whim.

That being said – simply having a ‘contact us’ bit just doesn’t cut it in 2014. When you think luxury, you also think ‘convenience’ and the fact that there’s no contact form on every page hurts the site as a whole. The wording could also use some help – as ‘request a quote’ or ‘request a consultation’ pages usually lap ‘contact us’ pages; so the content and some of the site’s verbiage could use a boost as well.

The second major flaw is the lack of content on all the pages. If it was just put up, then at least there’s a small reason for the lack of completeness; but this page seems like it’s been up for a while. Tisk, tisk.

The third and the fourth problems aren’t ‘problems’ as much as they’re simple corrections. The first is that the site could use some testimonials. Especially in the world of contracting, where your reputation is everything – it’s important to have others vouch for your work. That holds doubly true in the world of luxury construction where the name value of some of their customers could certainly lend credence to their brand.

The only other piece is featuring the award that they won a little bit more. Awards mean a lot to people! Don’t be afraid to showcase them!

Social Media

From a social standpoint, there isn’t much to talk about here. The buttons on the front page simply don’t work or go anywhere.


The problem here is that the page is only optimized to the company’s name. Unfortunately, that’s kind of redundant. If people already know your business and are actively searching it out, the chances are you already have that business. It’s more important – insofar as SEO is concerned – that people find you that don’t know who you are.  That happens through local search optimization, service specialty optimization, etc. This site certainly needs more of that.


Overall verdict: Overall, we’re looking at an overall average site with some fantastic strengths and some glaring weaknesses. A lack of social hurts, but not taking advantage of some of the smaller things it could do quickly – like testimonials and bringing some pieces forward, hurt it more. On the other hand, the site is simple to navigate and the photos are really captivating – which for a construction site, is incredibly important. All things considered, this site isn’t far off from being really good – so long as they take care of some of those issues.









NY Website Design Review - Deli

See the live website here http://montalbanosporkstore.comStaten Island NY Web Design Review


This website uses the Italian colors as its theme which is great since it is an Italian Food Specialties store. There are some nice pictures of the different products they sell as well as exterior and interior shots of the store which will make the customers more apt to come in and visit. The website overall could benefit from a clean more professional looking design while still  keeping the Italian theme intact.


1) Content: This website has a ton of pages and copy which is great. You always want to have as much content (pictures, pages, text etc.) on your website so that if someone is interested in your business they can learn as much as they like.

2) Contact Info: The phone number only appears on the contact page, ideally your contact info should be on every page so that if someone is interested in calling they don't have to go far to look for a phone number or email address.

Deli Web Design

3) Social Media: They are using instagram but we can't see how active because there is no direct link to the instagram account. This would be much more effective if there was a live feed from instagram embedded in the footer. Even if you don't always add content to your website, which you should, an instagram feed is a way to cheat a little bit and look like you are always updating your site. Customers and google like fresh new content.

SEO Search Engine Optimization:

If you search for "montalbano's pork store" the website comes up but there are no keywords setup so if you type in "italian deli in staten island" they don't come up. You have to think about what your customer is searching for, if they are searching for the name of the business, chances are you are already going to get that customer. If they are searching for "italian deli in staten island" that is a new customer you can get if you come up on the first page of the search results. IF you can come up more than one time that's even better!