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Why does your electrical contractor company need SEO?
We know you’d probably be wondering: Hey, I’m an electrical contractor. Why do I need SEO?

Let’s resolve the mystery.

You do know that your customers are businesses and homeowners, right? And they do regularly need services from a skilled electrician. Every time, they need an electrician’s help, they are likely to look up the service online.

Yes, this means that if your business page is up and visible online for keywords such as electrician near me, or skilled electrician in my area (name of area, you can reach lots of new customers, and assist them with all their electrical issues. What’s the best way to make it happen? We knew you’d figure it out! You need to get proper SEO for electrical contractor business so your website can start showing up to potential customers. Get your business website to rank higher with the help of electrician SEO experts by Tom&C.o, and get tons of customers!
How to Get started with SEO for Electricians
Tired of barely getting new leads for your electrical contractor business from Google? Want to improve your business leads and sales? Heard a lot about how electrician SEO services can help you? But thinking of how to get started with getting SEO for an electrician? Well, these are a lot of questions for sure, but with a very simple answer.

Here’s how you can get started with electrician SEO for your website:
Design Your Website for Local SEO: First, you need to design your business website with electrician SEO in mind. This means that your website should be SEO optimized so it shows up when someone searches for an electrician locally. You can do this on your own, but it is always best to get the help of an electrical contractor digital marketing agency that takes away your burden while you focus solely on your craft. Tom&Co. is here to assist you with that!
Research on Electrician Keywords: Next, you need to research some electrician keywords. These are basically the words potential customers put in the search query when looking for a skilled electrician. Once again, it is best to avail SEO services by an electrician SEO agency. Hint: Tom&Co.! ;)
Content Creation: An empty site without any content is just meaningless, right! Once you have your website, you need to add some powerful content on it.

If it's a new website then write content: If you have just launched your website, you need to write fresh content for it. Marketing agencies that provide electrician SEO mostly offer this service too. At Tom&Co., we have experts who can create great content for you, so your electrical contractor website ranks higher in the search engine results.

If it's an old website then content optimization: If you have an already existing website with some content on it, it is time to optimize it with electrician keywords with good volume. The more optimized your website’s content is, the higher are its chances to appear in the search engine results. As your website’s visibility improves, the electrician ranks in terms of search results improve too.
Launching Google My Business (GMB) Listing: To further improve your website’s electrician local SEO ranking, launch its GMB listing. A complete Google My Business listing has the power to improve your site’s local electrician SEO ranking. It sets quite a powerful first impression for all the searchers looking at your business’s important information listed on the interface’s right hand side.
Link Building: Moving on, you need to work on some backlink building to scale up your website’s electrician keyword ranks. Link building is an effective tactic for SEO because backlinks to a website signal Google that the respective website is worthy of citation. The more backlinks your website has, the better will be its chances to get higher rankings. Tom&Co. has electrical contractor seo services that can help you out.
This is pretty much all about how you can setup SEO for electricians. Like we mentioned before, you can carry out this process on your own, but to save your time and energy, it is best to let the electrician SEO experts at Tom&Co help you with top-notch electrician SEO services.
Electrician SEO: How Does SEO Work for Electricians?
Still a little confused on how SEO for electrician can do wonders for your website? Let us detail out the wonderful effects of electrician local SEO marketing:
Improves Your Website’s Ranking: When you work on your website’s electrician SEO, you work on both on-page and off-page SEO optimization. As your website becomes more SEO optimized, its chances of getting ranked higher for the relevant electrician keywords increase. Yes, this means that every time someone searches for an electrician in the area, your website is likely to show up in the search results. To ensure it ranks on the first page, trust the electrician SEO experts at Tom&Co.
Brings You More Relevant Customers: Quite often it so happens that customers are looking for a professional electrician, but cannot find you. That’s because either your website does not exist, or it does exist, but is lost somewhere amongst the scores of other electrician websites that fail to rank higher on the search engine results. By having an SEO optimized electrical contractor website, and then working on its local electrician SEO, you can actually help your potential customers find you easily. Naturally, when your website’s visibility improves, you get more warm leads that you can turn into real-time customers.
Create an Email List: Make sure that your website has an email popup that offers some sort of freebie to your site’s visitors in exchange for their email. How can that be great at getting more customers you may be thinking. Well, when your website ranks higher due to electrician SEO, more people will show up on your site. On seeing a freebie such as electrical hacks, or DIY electrical tips, they are likely to subscribe to your emails. Once you have their emails, you can send them regular emails to inform them of new offers, discounts, services and a lot more. Consequently, you can increase your recurrent customers, and make lots of new ones.
Builds Goodwill and Trust: Sites that rank on the first page of search engines are believed to be trustworthy as compared to those that rank low. When your website’s electrician ranks improve with assistance from electrician SEO experts by Tom&Co., you will come off as a dependable and skilled electrician. As a result, more potential customers will gravitate towards you.
So many benefits of getting electrician SEO services, right! Makes all the more sense to work on electrician SEO for your website right away.
How Much Does SEO Cost for Electricians?
Swayed by the benefits of getting electrician SEO for your website, but wondering whether or not you can afford to pay for local SEO? Let us guide you better.

The cost of electrician SEO campaigns varies from the electrician digital marketing agency you choose to work with. SEO agencies charge differently based on the experience of their electrician SEO experts, tools, expertise, knowledge and the tactics they employ.

Having said that, you should expect to pay around $1,000/ month to about $1,500/ month for a standard electrician SEO campaign for your website. We understand how the price seems hefty at first, but think of the amount of traffic you’ll get as a result. With more potential customers showing up, you can easily cover that amount in a week. In fact, make way more than that!
What’s Included in Tom & Co’s SEO Services for Electricians?
Tom&Co. is a state-of-the-art SEO agency packed with electrician SEO experts. If you are looking to do SEO for your electrical contractor business, Tom&Co. can save your day. Here’s what we offer in our ‘Electrician Local SEO Marketing’ package:
Website audit: This encompasses a detailed audit of your website with the help of our electrician SEO experts. It helps us identify any errors in the site, find out areas of opportunity, comprehend your weaknesses and strengths, carry out a thorough research for electrician keywords, and then formulate a plan on the basis of priority.
Landing page optimization: Our SEO professionals work on optimizing your landing page. This process improves various elements on your website that increase its conversion rate. With the help of different methods including A/B testing, your landing page’s conversion goals are optimized.
Content creation and optimization: Our SEO services for electricians also comprise content creation. If your website is brand new, we create fresh and powerful content for it from scratch. If its old, we optimize the content with relevant electrician keywords to improve your site’s visibility. Further the site is optimized keeping in mind the requirements of local seo for electrician.
Local SEO: Keeping your service area in mind, we optimize your website so that your business becomes more visible in the search engine’s local results so more potential customers from your area can reach you out, and you get more business.
On page SEO: Our SEO experts for electricians use creative On-page SEO techniques encompassing content creation, keyword research, header tag optimization, and several other tactics that consequently better your site’s ranking, and drive more traffic towards it.
Off page SEO: We also offer Off-page SEO services comprising of detailed SEO audits, strategic backlinking, constant monitoring and testing, optimizing the site’s local SEO, and branded mentions on many high authority websites. All these tactics together boost your website’s visibility, ranking and leads.
Technical SEO: Tom & Co takes care of your website’s technical SEO including website and server optimizations. These measures help search engine spiders crawl your website and index it, resulting in a massive improvement in your site’s organic rankings.
GMB creation and optimization: Understanding the importance of creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing for your site, our experts also work on that. Moreover, we optimize your GMB to enable your site’s users find relevant information easily.
All these ‘electrician SEO’ services by Tom&Co. do wonders for your site’s SEO so it starts to rank better while you enjoy higher ranking, leads and new customers.
Get More Customers with Electrician SEO Services
Tired of not getting lots of customers for your business? We understand your pain. It is quite a disappointment when you know you are a skilled electrician, but still struggle to find new and more clients. The issue lie sometimes lies in the poor visibility of your website.

Let Tom&Co. fix your problem with our top-notch electrician SEO services. We take care of your local SEO needs completely, and optimize your website. Soon, your website starts showing higher in the search engine results which means more relevant people in search of an excellent electrician can find you easily.

Yes, this means you’ll get lots of traffic on your site, and find many customers to grow your business better.
Should I hire an SEO agency for electricians or do it myself?
You can do your site’s local SEO on your own, but for excellent results, it is best to hire an expert SEO agency. They have electrician SEO experts who can optimize your website well to improve its rankings and your business’s growth.
How long does it take to rank my website using SEO for electrician?
It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to improve your website’s ranking using SEO for electricians.
How do I promote my electrician business?
To promote your electrical contractor business, you need a website, to build social media presence, have branded mentions on high authority websites, build backlinks, and have a lot of reviews on your Google My Business listing.
Local SEO: Keeping your service area in mind, we optimize your website so that your business becomes more visible in the search engine’s local results so more potential customers from your area can reach you out, and you get more business.
Does SEO ensure new clients for electrical contractor business?
Yes, if you employ comprehensive and powerful SEO tactics for your website, its ranking significantly improves. With higher rankings, your website becomes more visible to potential customers. As a result, your site’s traffic improves which means more and new clients for you.
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