The Best B2B Marketing Strategy For 2021

The previous year came with an unprecedented change that businesses all around the world never prepared for. Marketing approaches known to yield massive results were almost upended, overnight, forcing businesses to seek a better alternative when it comes to marketing their goods and services.

What Is B2B Marketing?

It is a type of relationship involving two businesses, known as business-to-business marketing. In a case where a company delivers goods or services to another company or organization, they are considered B2B businesses. In other words, B2B marketing refers to the practices or strategies used to sell to other businesses.

B2B Marketing Strategies

There are tons of marketing strategies that you can implore to scale your business. Thanks to the internet, reaching your target persona has become easier than ever before. Here are a few of the B2B Marketing strategies for 2021.

  1. Social Media

Whether you believe it or not, the fact remains that social media is the core of the internet, unifying the world like never before. When it comes to the ideal social platform for B2B marketing, LinkedIn happens to be the best bet.

Through Linkedin, you can run campaigns that target specific businesses that might be interested in your product or services. Platforms like Linkedin offers you tools that make targeting your target seamless.

  1. B2B influencer marketing

Businesses are more likely to buy from a familiar face, compared to traditional ads littered around cyberspace. Influencer marketing involves using influencers to grow your brand's awareness.

It is best to work with an influencer in your niche, whom your target businesses resonate with. These influencers can be industry leaders, thought leaders, popular employee advocates, recognized analytics, and renowned figures in your industry.

  1. Email Marketing

Many businesses are dorsal when it comes to utilizing email marketing to increase conversion. Email marketing is not dead, especially when you implore the right tactics. According to Adobe, people spend a whopping four hours every day checking their emails. How many times have you checked your email today? Exactly the point.

  1. Referral Program

What if you give your current customers an incentive to refer others to your website or landing page? Referral marketing is an ancient marketing strategy that has proven potent even to this day. People are likely to take action on a recommendation from a friend, family, or a colleague at work.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

If you must scale your business into an enviable height, you need to uncover how to stay on top of Google. In case you aren’t aware, Google is the giant of the internet, and free organic traffic is something you should not overlook.

This entails adhering to some practices that improve your ranking on Google SERP, such as on-page optimization, and off-page practices such as backlinks, and social signals.

If you run a B2B business and you’re uncertain how to pursue marketing, take a breath, and call us on (718) 273-3070, or perhaps fill our contact form.

How Online Reviews Impact Local SEO and Why They Matter to Your Bottom Line

When it comes to getting your prospects to grab your offer, reviews have been a major decision-maker. People don't like to be sold to, so they'd rather prefer feedbacks from other real customers before making a decision.

According to research by ReviewTrackers, about 49% of consumers said they often check the review section before making a decision. With growing review sites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor, it's hard to overlook.

To a large extent, reviews are changing the algorithms, impacting where you rank on Google's SERP. With more positive reviews, it seems as if nothing can stop you. That is what comes from delivering what you promise to your prospect.

When you try to plat smart just for a quick buck, they'd kick you out of the marketplace with their poor reviews. 

Playing the ball of marketing...

If you play the ball well - delivering impeccable services or products. Or perhaps, investing a little extra in content marketing since Google loves feeding on valuable content, you will be soaring high in sales and conversions. If you can maintain a rating of 4.9, the algorithm will be all over you. But what if you maintain your rating to 5.0?

It shows you're an expert - that you know what you're doing. Who doesn't want to deal with a 5 star? Your potential clients want value for their money, and good reviews will convince them that you're the deal, while winking at Google that you need a higher rank.

The bottom line is merely more sales, traffic, newsletter subscribers, whatever your goal might be. Online reviews are a powerful tool when it comes to persuasive marketing. Once they hear from other customers that your services or products are good, they have no reason to back down.

Using reviews to amplify your good sides

Since reviews are a powerful tool, don't you think it's time to get some? All it takes is a simple chat on LinkedIn, asking your past clients to drop your a short review. Or, you can work for free just to acquire 4 or 5 reviews.

When you display these five-star reviews on your homepage, you instantly improve the likelihood of your prospect pushing the buy button. As long as you targeted the right prospect, reviews are enough to convince them that you’re the hottest thing next to Jamie Dornan.

Work with an expert

You can only do so much; that is why it is best to work with an expert whose years of experience will help scale your business. We understand what SEO is, and we’ll help you build a tailored system that never fails to convert. Feel free to give us a call (718) 273-3070 or fill out our contact form . Now is the right time to talk.

How to Identify and Optimize high-impact webpages

Low-impact pages certainly aren't good for businesses. And the reason is evident - they are deadwood on your website. You probably noticed because there weren’t enough conversions, and worse when your bounce rate keeps rising.

You probably have a few or hundreds of web pages on your website and trying to figure out which page performs better and how to boost that performance further can be tricky. However, some tools can help, like Google Analytics!

Although there are a few other great tools out there for identifying high-impact web pages, for this article's sake, google analytics is the focus.

  1. Identify your top-performing web pages.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could maximize the potential of your top-performing web pages to convert more?

Google Analytics can help you achieve that. Pull up relevant metrics on your web pages, from high performing webpages to the least. Also, get essential info like the number of page views, bounce rate, time spent, and more!

  1. Leverage off your high-impact webpages; Optimize!

Integrating and constantly pimping your SEO practices is a great way to keep your website business flowing with rich, ready-to-convert traffic.

Thinking of it this way - if your high-impact web pages already rack up tons of page views and potential customers, then optimizing these web pages should further push those numbers up the sky.

Here are a few ways to optimize high-impact webpages

  1. Use relevant Keywords

Keywords help your webpage content hit the right note people search for on the internet, and it's more like bread crumbs on your web page.

  1. Meta descriptions

How many times have you been drawn to a specific site because it looked appealing and more so, showed you exactly what you needed?

A meta description is more like a peek into what your webpage offers, and optimizing meta descriptions should attract even more website views.

  1. Proofread web content

Error-ridden content, too long sentences, and paragraphs are probably the reason why your web page visitors get tired and left. High bounce rates are a turnoff. Make sure you proofread website content to keep errors in check.

  1. Include a CTA on your landing page

Lead your visitors to the next step with a call to action. A unique call to action can ultimately gain more leads on webpage offers.

  1. Images

Images! They help set a good sight of what your viewers want to see. However, larger images can cause your web pages to lag, thereby discouraging potential leads from coming to fruition. Compress your images, and never forget the ALT tags, and the captions too.

  1. Internal links to other relevant pages

Internal links can help boost the quality of your page. This way, a single high-impact page could serve as clickbait to other low-performing or less viewed pages.

Hire An SEO expert

SEO practices can be a little advanced for non-tech savvies. But.. you don’t have to do it alone when there is an expert ready to help you increase your potential leads. If you feel you are ready, feel free to call us (718) 273-3070 or fill out our contact form.

What Is A Bad Link

As Google continues to refine how people search for websites, it is also changing the way that websites develop content. One of the more recent changes Google has made is that it basically outlawed the use of purchased links on a website to try and enhance traffic. Google wants you to grow your website organically through strong relationships with websites that are complimentary to yours. But even if you gather your links through hard work and online networking, there are still link characteristics that can cause the links you use to damage your website's Google results status.

You Link To Questionable Websites

Before you accept a link swapping arrangement with a website, it is extremely important to do research to make sure that the website you are swapping with is considered reputable. Websites that have a history of creating spam content or breaking Google's SEO rules are considered to be questionable, and using links to those sites will damage your Internet presence as well.

The Linked Website Has Content Irrelevant To Yours

Google is getting very picky about what kinds of links it will accept, and that means that you have to stay up to date on all of the new guidelines for link swapping as they are released. It used to be that a website that featured content on gardening could team up with a personal finance website to help drive traffic. But with the new rules Google has in place, the personal finance content would be considered irrelevant to the gardening content, and using that link would cause problems for the gardening site.

The Link Is Overused

After months of communicating with a relevant and reputable website, you are extremely happy to finally get the chance to swap links. You are so happy that you decide to put that new link in several spots on your website to maximize exposure. This is something Google now frowns on, which means that using a good link too often can have the same effects as if you used a disreputable link just once.

Too Many Links To The Same Sites

You and your brother develop websites that offer similar content, so you decide to swap links to generate traffic for each other. This sounds like a great idea, but it is something Google frowns upon. If you are putting links to the same website or set of websites throughout your content, then you could incur a Google penalty for excessive linking.

You Use Keywords As Anchor Text

For years, the best way to get the most out of a link was to use industry keywords as anchor text. But Google now considers this practice to be taboo, and will hit your website with stiff penalties if you do this. Google wants to see your links used naturally in the flow of an article, and not crammed into the middle of content using keywords.

The definition of a good SEO link seems to change frequently, and using bad links can bring about serious penalties. If you want to make sure that your website is using the right kinds of links, then you need to invest in the services of an Internet marketing professional. When it comes to links, hiring a professional could mean the difference between great web traffic, or devastating Google penalties.

5 Ways To Improve Your Website

We tend to get involved in the details about SEO and changes in technology, but there are plenty of basic pieces of advice that need to be given if you are going to have a successful website. When it comes to your desktop or mobile website, there are things you can do that will help you to improve your site and get a bigger return on your investment. The best part is that not all of the ways to improve your website require a degree in computer science.

Listen To Your Customers

It is important to invite and encourage feedback from your customers on how you can improve your website, because those are the people most immediately affected by your website changes. There are plenty of ways to get feedback from customers, but being interactive on the company blog tends to be the best way. When you instigate conversation with your clients, you will get valuable information about your website.

The most important pieces of information you will get often involve features your competition's website does not have that your customers insist they need. If you really want to bring in the web traffic, then start offering your customers the ability to do things they cannot do with the competition and you will be way ahead of the game.

Watch The Competition

If the competition is rolling out new features on its website, then you should consider doing the same thing. Monitoring the competition allows you to not fall behind in the race to win the hearts and minds of web traffic. When you combine monitoring the competition with enacting changes recommended by clients, then you will see your retention rate soar.

Watch Television And Movies

Have you ever noticed how much cellular flip phones look like communicators from the television show "Star Trek?" Some of the most significant advances in the world of technology have come from copying the things that engineers have seen on television shows and movies. If you see something on television or in a movie that you feel would improve your website, then talk to your Internet marketing partner about making it a reality.

Go Outside Your Industry

Companies that sell sporting goods tend to monitor other sporting goods websites to find the inspiration for new ideas. But there may be some very cool things going on with online greeting card websites that could make your sporting goods website better for your customers. When you are looking for ideas, always branch out and take in inspiration wherever you can get it.

Listen To Children

There is nothing more interesting than listening to the unfiltered imagination of a child. Get your kids to look at your company website and ask them what types of features they would like to see. Once you get past the need for more puppy pictures, you may be surprised at the real ideas you find.

Developing and maintaining a website is a creative process. Inspiration for creativity comes from all around you. While your Internet marketing partner is working diligently to keep your website competitive within your industry, you can provide some good ideas for new features by looking for inspiration in your everyday life.

Five Web Design Trends For 2016

While there is a huge migration of users from desktop to mobile websites, there are still hundreds of millions of people every day who look over and utilize standard websites. The existence of a large audience for your standard website means that investing in the latest web design technology and trends will go a long way towards generating more revenue for your company. The new design trends for 2016 are actually fun to consider, and they will have a tremendous impact on the experience every user has with your website.

Semi-Flat Designs

Flat website designs started with apps that used simple boxes as navigational tools. It then spread to operating systems such as Windows 8, where the idea proceeded to fail miserably. People still like the idea of a website made up of basic shapes and designs, but they just want more from those sites. Look for design changes such as raised buttons and other interactive features that will help flat website design to evolve into semi-flat design, which should be more popular.

Hand Drawn Graphics

Just like music listeners started going back to vinyl records and newspaper readers started going back to the printed newspapers, website users are falling in love with interactive website graphics that are drawn by hand. This was a cute trend until hand drawn graphics started showing up on websites for organizations such as Kutztown University, and being the featured graphics on official PDF files for state and federal government resource guides. Now hand draw graphics are becoming a trend that is hard to ignore.

Moving Images

When you go to Paypal's website, you may get startled a little bit when the big front page image starts moving. The trend of putting looping movies or GIFs on the front page of a website has been around for a while, but the presentation was never very subtle. Now that these files can be relatively small and the presentation is not quite as dramatic, this will be a trend to watch for in 2016.

Impressive Native Ads

Native ads are designed to be non-intrusive and part of the regular content. Originally, these were quick little movies that would pop up or advertisements written as stories that users could easily dismiss, or choose to interact with. But The Atlantic just released native advertising that is getting tens of thousands of social media shares because of how impressive and comprehensive it is. This trend will not only continue in 2016, but it will grow and it should be something website owners consider to generate more income.

Long Scrolling Front Pages

The idea that all of your front page content has to be on one screen has been disappearing for years, but it may see its complete demise in 2016. Website design has become so advanced that the idea of scrolling endlessly to see a front page has become something that users expect, and it has also become a way to create longer engagement times for web traffic.

It is time to get your website up to date with the latest trends if you want to continue to attract revenue-generating web traffic. As 2016 makes its way towards us, you will want to work with a professional Internet marketing company to create a website that modern users will want to interact with and bookmark for valuable repeat visits.


Five Tips For Changing Your Website

Most website owners have no problem overhauling their website once in a while to try and update its functionality and make things interesting for their web traffic. While updating the website once in a while is essential to its operation, actually changing the site is something that should be planned and done properly.

It is true that making a wholesale change of your website could positively impact your web traffic, but it could also temporarily derail your traffic if you are not careful. There are some tips you should consider before you make significant changes to your website to make sure that you maintain your flow of web traffic and sustain revenue.

Group Changes Together

If you have a list of changes you want to make to your website, then your best bet is to group them all together and launch the changes all at once. If you have a wish list of things you want to do with the website that would lead to a complete overhaul, then you may want to consider doing all of those changes at once and launching a whole new website. It is easier for users to handle a large group of changes, instead of trying to adjust to changes happening in rapid succession over the course of several weeks or months.

Make A Big Deal Out Of It

For the most part, people love changes to websites and you can use that to your advantage. Once you have decided to make your website changes, you should create a little marketing campaign to create some excitement over the launch date. You can create pricing promotions and use other marketing tactics to turn your website change into more traffic.

Do A Test Run Of Your Changes First

Few things are more annoying to website users than a website that took out a perfectly fine website function and replaced it with something that does not work as well. New does not mean better and you need to make sure that you do a test run of your changes to make sure they enhance the functionality of your website before you allow them to go live.

Get Customer Input

Before you start doing any detailed planning for your website changes and long before you start doing any programming, you should utilize social media to see what your customers think of your website. If there are certain features or aspects of your site that are getting a lot of attention from people on social media, then you may want to consider making changes to those aspects during your website overhaul.

Consider Whether Or Not Change Is Necessary

If your website is generating good web traffic, then any changes you make are going to disrupt that. In business, you definitely do not want to fix something that is not broken. Write out the changes you want to make to your site and determine if they are really necessary, or if they can wait until you get more ideas.

Making any change to a website, positive or negative, is going to initially cause your status in the search engines to suffer. If you made good changes, then you will see your search engine results exceed what your previous web traffic numbers. But if your changes upset your traffic, then your website may not recover. Plan your website changes carefully and be sure that they are necessary before you make them.


3 Facts About Your Website Content For 2015

It seems like there is some new content rule coming out every week that caused marketing companies and content creators to have to alter the way they do business. The marketing experts who understand the changes being made to search engines and online marketing in general know that the core values of good content still remain and, in many ways, those core values have been reinforced by any changes made by search engines or other online exposure vehicles.

Companies always want to get the very best value for the content they put on their website and that can be difficult if those companies do not understand the basic values of good content. In 2015, the changes made by Google and other search engines only help to solidify the idea that content is king and the people who know how to utilize content will always grab the most traffic.

Quality Content Is Critical

For years, content written by people who did not speak English as a first language was ruling the Internet because it was stuffed with keywords. When Google cracked down on keyword stuffing, the content was still manipulated by the use of well-placed keyword phrases that sometimes did not match the rest of the content. Recently, Google has demanded that all websites utilize quality content, but the use of quality content has been something reputable marketing professionals have insisted on since the Internet was very young.

Good content needs to offer value to clients for it to be effective. Back in the early days, content that was stuffed with keywords brought traffic, but that traffic often bounced from those sites when it was realized that the websites offered no value. From the very first days of website marketing, good content has been the key to a successful website. Now that Google is insisting on good content, that only strengthens this notion that professionals have known for a long time.

Website Users Hate Intrusive Ads

Effective advertising is strategically placed around good content, but not within that content. The websites that generate a lot of traffic but then bury that traffic in pop-up ads and intrusive marketing tactics are starting to see less and less revenue, which only bolsters the notion that customers have intrusive ads.

The new organic ad and link placement techniques being used in 2015 help to get marketing content into the text of articles without causing readers to leave the website. Marketing experts are creating more non-intrusive ways to advertise to Internet users and it is those methods that are becoming the most effective.

Customized Content Works

In 2015, marketing experts were able to devise ways to use a consumer's web browsing habits to customize content and create focused marketing programs that appeal directly to those consumers. In the early days of the Internet, the desire to customize the user's experience led to the creation of a wide variety of Internet technologies and applications. Today, the ability to deliver customized content to a consumer has become important in the overall success of a company's marketing programs.

Your website content is still one of the most important marketing elements for your company on the Internet and through mobile computing platforms. Throughout 2015, marketing experts have been developing plans and programs that stick to the core values of good content and enhance a website's ability to bring in revenue-generating traffic. As long as your site sticks to the basics, you will find it easier to meet all of your marketing goals.

How To Choose Images For Your Website

One of the more powerful ways to increase traffic to your website is to use images that people find interesting. Good images can increase your website exposure and get you better search engine results on Google. If you do it right, then some of your images will go viral and bring you more exposure than you have ever dreamed. But before any of that can happen, you need to choose the right images for your website and present them in the proper manner.

Picture Content Must Be Pertinent

Everyone loves cat pictures on the Internet, but you are not going to do much for your business credibility and your web traffic if you post cat pictures when your website does not deal with cats. The pictures you post on your site need to pertain, in some way, to your business theme.

Your sporting goods business could create a picture of a cat wearing a basketball uniform, but is that the image of your business you want to portray? The images you post must be in line with your business model and the kind of public image you want to create.

The Pictures Must Be Properly Cited

The easiest way to put pictures on your website is to either take them yourself, or hire a photographer who gives you permission to use their work. If you take a picture from someone else's website and post it on your own site, then you are stealing that picture and the photographer has every right to come after you for compensation.

There are websites that allow you to buy pictures and give you the full permission to use them on your site. If hiring a photographer is out of the question, then check out the picture hosting sites online and make sure you read the rules on how to legally use the pictures you buy.

Remember SEO Tags

While SEO tags may not be nearly as powerful for creating search results as they used to be, they still offer value within your website. If you have a search function for your site, then the tags you put on your pictures will make it easier for people to search and find those pictures.

Always Put A Caption

The SEO tags on your pictures may not hold as much search value as they used to, but the picture captions can definitely help you to get more traffic to your site. Your picture captions should be brief, a little funny, and include the picture citation. Even if you took the picture, you should still put that citation in your caption to protect yourself in case the picture goes viral.

Keep It Clean

Controversial pictures do generate a lot of traffic, but it is usually for the wrong reasons. You are not going to create a sustained rate of traffic by posting controversial pictures on your website that have nothing to do with your website content. Keep the pictures clean and keep your business in mind when you post them.

Pictures can be very helpful in bringing more traffic to your website on a regular basis. When you have that occasional picture that goes viral, then you have a chunk of marketing gold that will bring you new traffic and new customers.


What Is Hosting And Why Do I Need It?

There are several working parts that go into bringing any website to life and they include site development, the web address, and hosting. The website itself can also be broken down into dozens and dozens of component parts, but none of those component parts mean anything if the site is not properly hosted. Before any business can benefit from their corporate web presence, they need to understand the importance of good web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting?

Your web host is the service that actually stores and publishes your website files to the Internet. In order for a hosting service to be able to publish files to the Internet, that service must have a direct connection to the proper Internet hubs that direct traffic throughout the entire World Wide Web. There is no central hosting place for all Internet services, but web hosting servers must follow a specific protocol if they want the Internet to see their content.

Can I Start My Own Web Hosting Service?

The costs involved in having a website hosted on a secured hosting server through a third-party are insignificant compared to the costs involved in creating your own web hosting service. While it is simple enough to buy a computer and connect it as a web host to the Internet, there are ongoing costs in security and administration that would require you to hire a staff just to monitor your web host.

A reliable web hosting service offers your website all of the storage space it needs, ongoing Internet security monitoring, and all of the administrative tasks necessary to keep a website active on the Internet 24-hours a day. You could start your own hosting service, but it is a tremendous investment that is better left to outsourcing professionals.

Do I Need A Hosting Service?

As we mentioned, you cannot publish a website to the Internet without a web host. That means that every website requires a hosting service in order to be seen by Internet users. But too many website owners look for cheap hosting, or even free hosting, that can often lead to many different problems.

In web hosting, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. A free hosting service is going to put advertisements (possibly advertisements from your competition) on your website and you will not have the flexibility you need from your site. A cheap hosting service is going to offer a lower level of service that could leave your website and your corporate information exposed to criminals.

Invest In Good Hosting

All of the money you will invest in marketing your website could be wasted if you do not first invest in a reliable host. A good marketing company will work hard to bring in traffic for your site, but that traffic is not going to come back to your site if your hosting service is constantly down, or if your site is constantly attacked by viruses and hackers.

In the business world, the corporate website is an important investment that needs to be given top priority. When it comes to buying hosting services, your company should do plenty of research and only use a web host with the very best reputation and features. When it comes to a reliable corporate website, everything starts with a good hosting service and that is why you need to take your search for a web host very seriously.