Social Media Cheat Sheets 2016

Ah, social media. To the business owner, social media looks like a great place to talk directly to millions of potential customers for free. But for the digital marketing expert, social media is a long-term commitment that only works when it is fed the right information on a regular basis.

To be able to utilize social media properly, you have to be on it every day and you have to stay up to date on all of the changes each platform experiences. That can be a tall order, which is why you need cheat sheets that you can update regularly with the basic information you need to properly maximize social media.

Image Sizes

Social media platforms are constantly updating the size of their display fields, and even the way that images are presented. An image size that worked a couple of months ago could now create an image that would be too large or small for the screen. It is important to make notes of any image size changes to each platform, and then adjust your image posting habits accordingly.

Promotional Rules

There was a period of time when Facebook was constantly updating its rules regarding what companies could and could not do when it came to posting promotions. Many companies had their Facebook profiles suspended because they did not keep up with the rule changes. As you receive information from social media platforms regarding changes to the rules regarding promotions, you need to make notes of those changes on your cheat sheets to avoid any problems with your social media accounts.

Advertising Guidelines

Digital marketing experts are forever updating their social media cheat sheets to indicate any changes in the advertising guidelines for each platform. The changes in advertising guidelines could be one of the more dynamic parts of any social media platform, and it is critically important that you stay updated on every change that occurs with the platforms you use.


Some platforms call them followers, other platforms call them friends. A few years ago, Facebook significantly altered the way in which businesses are allowed to interact with their audience. If you want to reach your audience, now you have to pay.

The social media platforms are always changing guidelines when it comes to followers. In some cases, the platforms limit the number of followers a company can have, while other platforms open up their business pages to an unlimited number of followers. It is very important to understand all of the rules and the changes to the rules that apply to followers on your social media page.

Social media management is more than a full-time job, and it requires the focus of an experienced professional to maximize social media exposure. Many digital marketing firms use social media cheat sheets to keep up with the changes that occur on every platform, and they refer to those cheat sheets regularly to make sure that they are getting the best possible exposure for their clients.

A social media cheat sheet is a very dynamic document that, in some cases, changes every week. When you work with a professional digital marketing agency, you can rest assured that they have updated social media cheat sheets and know how to use them to your advantage.