Four Features Your E-Commerce Website Must Have

A good e-commerce website has features that benefit your company, and features that benefit your customers. When all of those features come together, you get a website that generates profit while bringing back repeat business. It is important for a website owner to understand what customers expect from an e-commerce website, and it is critical that the website owner know what features are going to help them to maximize the return on their e-commerce website.

If you plan to sell products on your website, then you need to hire a professional developer to create an e-commerce website that will benefit your business. Only an expert will be able to properly mix the features your customers are looking for with the elements you need to run a successful business.

A Good Shopping Cart

A good shopping cart is one of those features that benefits you and your customers. It benefits you because you can use a variety of remarketing tactics to keep customers updated on products that would be of interest to them, and it allows you to pursue customers who fill up a cart and then never go through the checkout process.

The shopping cart can be beneficial to your customers if it allows your customers to make changes to their orders before they check out, and if it shows your customers the accessories available for the products they have purchased. The key to a strong e-commerce website is a good shopping cart.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

There was a time when e-commerce websites found it difficult to maintain a real-time inventory for their customers, and that usually resulted in angry customers who did not bring repeat business. But these days, a professional web developer can put together a back end program that will allow you to maintain an updated inventory for your website, and generate the reports you will need to make good purchasing decisions.


When a customer buys a product on a good e-commerce website, that customer is immediately given a list of other products customers have purchased after buying that particular product. Over the years, upsells on e-commerce websites have become as valuable to the customers as they have to the companies.

Customers appreciate being reminded about accessories and companion products they will need for the purchases they are making, which is why a robust upsell feature on your e-commerce website is critical for bringing customers back for repeat business.

Clearance Offers

Some e-commerce websites try to hide their clearance offers as an inconspicuous link at the bottom of the front page. If you want to create a dedicate base of repeat customers, then you need to make those clearance offers prominent and put them in a significant place on the front page of your website.

You have products that are coming to their end-of-life that you either need to sell, or be prepared to take a loss on them. When you have a dynamic and prominent clearance section on your e-commerce website, you will develop a market for your clearance products that will help you generate revenue on products that have otherwise come to the end of their retail lives.

An e-commerce website requires plenty of ways to interact with customers if it wants to be successful. When you hire a professional marketing company to develop your e-commerce website, you will get the basic elements you need to see a strong return on your company’s investment.