4 Ways to Get People to Open Your Emails

You put all of that work into your marketing emails, but your research gives you a disappointing percentage of emails that actually get opened. You may not be able to find out exactly how many people are reading your emails, but you can at least increase the number of people who open them and give them a chance. Believe it or not, you have a lot of control over whether or not people open your marketing emails. All it takes is a few tactical changes to the way you present and send your emails, and you will see the number of emails opened skyrocket.

Do Not Come On Too Strong

Too many email marketing companies think that the best way to get a potential customer to open a marketing email is to include a strong subject line that includes lots of exclamation points. Your message is designed to inform your potential customers about the benefits of doing business with your company, so that is how your email should come across. Avoid the barrage of exclamation points and strong language that so many others use and create an informative subject line that will pique your audience’s interest and get your message read.

Give People A Reason To Open Your Emails

In most cases, new information about your company is not going to entice too many people to click on your marketing email. However, an exclusive email offer that gives your customers a special discount is going to get plenty of attention. Instead of sending out what amount to boring emails, you should put something into your marketing emails that your customers will enjoy. If you give your audience a reason to open your emails, then they are more likely to want to look inside.

Limit Your Emails

Contrary to popular belief, good email marketing is not a numbers game. You do not want to send out countless messages to countless recipients and then hope for the best. Your target audience should be made up of customers you have already qualified, and your email schedule should be limited to avoid overwhelming your audience. If you send out too many emails, then your audience will simply start to ignore you. But if you send out targeted emails at reasonable intervals, then you will be better equipped to gain the interest of your audience.

Speak The Truth

If your subject line promises the secret of eternal youth in your marketing email, then that email better deliver. There is no faster way to lose an email marketing audience than to make claims in the subject lines of your emails that your emails cannot back up. Never over-promise in a subject line, and never use outrageous subject lines just to get the attention of the people you are marketing to.

Your email marketing campaign is only effective when you create messages that your audience will read. All of the work you put into creating effective messages is lost if you do not take the necessary steps to get people to actually open your emails. By attending to a few details, you can get people to open your emails and make your marketing campaign a success.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing On Existing Customers

You spend a lot of time and money on capturing and developing your customers. Once you have a repeat customer, your goal is to keep that customer for a very long time and grow their business with you. But as any Internet marketing expert knows, contacting existing customers can be tricky. If you do not contact customers enough, they feel like you do not care and they start looking for other vendors. If you contact customers too much, then they consider you a pest and move on to someone else.

When Internet experts talk about email marketing, they are always careful to include existing customers in their email efforts. While the approach towards marketing to existing customers is different, the end result of generating more revenue is the same as if you were talking about a new customer. Your email marketing efforts to your existing customers can often be the difference between retaining clients, and constantly replacing lost revenue.

Know Your Customers

Email marketing with existing customers is more effective when it is customized to the needs of each customer. Your sales and marketing groups spend a lot of time collecting information about each client and trying to develop effective ways for maintaining contact. The best way to stay in touch with a client is to keep them updated on the things that interest them, and that means using your marketing information to create effective emails.

This tactic includes emails dealing with updates to products your customers have already purchased, and information about products your customers have expressed an interest in. The constant contact your sales group has with your clients supplies the ongoing information your marketing group needs to create emails that matter to your existing clients.

Make Them Personal

A good Internet marketing company knows how to draw information from your clients that can be used to maintain contact with your clients on a regular basis. Your website should be filled with fun pages and effective ways to inspire your clients to give you information such as their birthdays, the kinds of vacations they want to go on, and anything else that pertains to their lives. You can use this information to send out personalized emails that let your customers know that you care about their business, and that you pay attention to what they have to say.

Company Updates

Customers have a certain level of concern for the companies they do business with. When you have a customer that invests in buying your products, that customer wants to be sure that your company is strong and will be around to support those products for a long time. That is why company updates make excellent emails to send out to existing customers.

You can keep your customers updated on recent successes your company has experienced, and you can strengthen the loyalty of your customer base by pointing out the ways in which your company is an industry leader.

Email marketing is a tool that your company can use constantly to engage existing customers, and grow your revenue. An email is easy for customers to read, and it can be extremely effective when it contains the kind of information clients want to see. As you grow your customer base, be sure that your Internet marketing partner is doing everything possible to maximize the power of email marketing.