What To Do About The Facebook Algorithm Change

Back in 2014, Facebook dropped the not-so-subtle hint that organic news feed posts were going to be phased out in lieu of paid advertising. While Facebook justifies its move by saying that there are a minimum of 1,500 business posts that could appear in a user’s news feed at any one time, the fact is that Facebook’s ongoing money grab is soon going to make writing good posts obsolete as far as news feed exposure goes.

While your Facebook posts are going to get even less attention now without paying for some sort of service, that does not mean that you should give up on your Facebook page. If you have built a large following on your page, then you can still use that ability to attract new followers to your advantage despite the significant change in the way Facebook will be doing business.

Use Facebook To Enhance Your Email Marketing

Your posts can still be seen by your Facebook audience and you can still reach a target audience to a smaller degree. If you want to get more value out of your Facebook interactions without having to pay more in Facebook advertising costs, then use email marketing to enhance your Facebook posts.

You can use your Facebook posts as teasers for more information that will be delivered using email. Not only will this keep your current email list active, but it will also give incentive to new customers to join your marketing email list.

Tell Stories Instead Of Posting Advertising

Facebook’s algorithm change is going to put more emphasis on useful content for its readers. That means that you should consider telling stories in your Facebook posts that use popular current events instead of writing simple advertising posts. When you tie your Facebook posts in with the trending topics you see on the right side of the screen, you will get more natural interaction with the Facebook crowd than you would normally.

Telling stories using trending topics is not just a great way to beat the new algorithm, it is something that Facebook advertisers should be doing anyways. The one thing you have to be sure of is that your trending content ties naturally back into your product offering, and that you invite comments from your audience to gauge their interest in your products.

Convert Facebook Traffic On Your Other Web Pages

The days of doing low-cost and organic marketing on Facebook are coming to an end, but you can still reach an audience of millions on a daily basis. Instead of looking to convert your Facebook traffic into buying customers on your Facebook page, you should send that traffic to landing pages that will convert them instead. This not only increases your conversions, but it also inspires your traffic to check your website instead of Facebook for product information.

When Facebook started limiting the exposure of business posts unless businesses paid a premium to boost their posts, the writing was on the wall for using Facebook as an inexpensive marketing tool. After Facebook altered its algorithm to favor paid advertising over organic business posts, the writing got a lot clearer. You don’t need to abandon your Facebook page in light of these new changes. But you do need to learn how to work a lot smarter on Facebook and get better exposure without paying extra.