Double Down With Your Online Marketing Efforts Using This Google Service

If you are a website owner and you have never heard of remarketing, then now is the ideal time to get acquainted with this extremely powerful piece of marketing strategy. The term remarketing actually refers to a collection of strategies designed to turn traffic that left your website without making a purchase into buying customers. Google has always had good remarketing tools, but now Google has released a tool that will make remarketing easier and more effective.

The Unlikely Chance of a Sale

According to, the vast majority of the traffic that visits your website is only there to read your content. While this is a great motivator for creating effective content, it underscores how important good online marketing is to a successful business.

It is estimated that only two percent of your traffic ever decide to make a purchase on your website. That makes the traffic that does buy products from your website that much more valuable, but it also indicates just how important it is to gear some of your marketing efforts towards bring back the traffic that showed some interest in buying your products.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing uses a variety of methods to give focused information to that traffic that showed some interest in buying products, but never completed a sale. For example, if someone created a shopping cart for widgets on your website but never checked out, then that person would start seeing more ads for the specific type of widgets they were interested in on your website as they browsed the Internet.

Remarketing is done through advertising networks such as Google, and it is most effective when teamed up with a variety of other marketing tactics. Remarketing can reach out to people who have created and abandoned shopping carts or it can reach out to people who visited your ecommerce page and never selected an item. When used properly, remarketing is extremely effective.

Google Display Network Remarketing

Google Display Network Remarketing is a new service from Google that combines the marketing powers of AdWords, Analytics, and the Google Merchant Center into a much more focused remarketing approach. With the Google Display Network Remarketing program, your traffic will get product display ads or links to product pages that will give more detailed information on the products they showed an interest in on your page.

What makes this Google remarketing tool so powerful is that it includes ads, images, and text that are specifically geared towards people who have an interest in your product but did not make a sale. This allows marketing professionals to create much more effective messages that can turn prospects into buying customers.

The right tools in the hands of a marketing professional can help your website to get more response from the two percent of web traffic that visits ecommerce pages. With the Google Display Network Remarketing program, your website will be able to actively pursue potential customers with information that is specifically designed to turn their interest in your products into profit in your pockets.