Double Down Your Online Marketing For Cheap

If you own a business that relies on website traffic for some or all of your revenue, then you need to become familiar with the idea of remarketing. The idea behind remarketing is that when someone visits your website, they get tagged with a cookie. Whenever they visit a website within that remarketing network, they will see ads from your website. If you use Google’s remarketing program, then your ads could be seen by thousands of people, several times a day.

Remarketing could be the least expensive way to gain your website the exposure it needs to generate more revenue. When you invest in a good remarketing program, you are developing sales leads that could turn in to buying customers over and over again.

Creating Warm Leads

A standard marketing program is designed to introduce your company to consumers who may or may not have heard of your business. But the process with remarketing is different and much more cost effective. With remarketing, you are showing ads to consumers who have already visited your website and have expressed some sort of interest in your company. Even if that interest was initially low, remarketing is still creating warm leads for your business that can turn into paying customers.

Exposure To Your Advertising

If you use Google’s remarketing program, then a user who visits your website will start to see your ads throughout the Google network. This means that high traffic websites such as YouTube and any Blogger website will start exposing your warm lead to a series of display ads for your business. The end result is constant exposure to a consumer who has a higher than average interest in buying from your company, and that leads to revenue.

Building A Loyal Customer Base

One of the biggest returns you get on your remarketing investment is that your current customers will also see the ads that your warm leads are seeing. This will help to reinforce your company name in the minds of your customer base, and that will help you to retain repeat business. The ability of remarketing to enhance customer loyalty is an extremely important feature that business owners should not ignore.

Show Off Your Creative Side

You should never take for granted the fact that remarketing creates warm sales leads for your company to work with. One of the best ways to increase your conversion rate with your remarketing program is to make your display advertising as creative as possible. Potential customers will remember your company when they see your ads constantly online, and when you put in some creative effort to make those ads memorable.

It is one thing to get your business involved in cheap online marketing, but it is quite another to get involved in cheap online marketing that works. When you use the services of a professional digital agency, you can use remarketing to do a lot of the qualifying and sales work for you.

Your traffic will get tagged before it leaves your website, and then that traffic will be exposed to repeated ads from your business. Over time, your business will become a fixture in the minds of your target audience and you will see a significant increase in your website traffic and revenue.

Google Feeling The Squeeze In 2016

If there is one thing that can be said about Microsoft, it is that the software giant never goes into any new venture without plenty of preparation. When Microsoft and Yahoo! parted ways, there were rampant rumors about Microsoft possibly buying Yahoo!. The truth is that Microsoft was setting up its own search engine, Bing, to become a player in the search engine industry. With Yahoo! able to focus on its own endeavors now and Bing prepared to open up new advertising territory, it looks like Google is going to start feeling the squeeze in 2016.

The Search Armies Are Massing

The gap between the number of monthly users on Google and the next four search engines combined is still substantial, so Google is not ready to go running for the hills just yet. But the gap is closing, and the other search engines are making moves that will start to put even more pressure on Google.

Major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! are starting to promote their own supply of Internet images to try and become an image resource for online marketing companies. Microsoft announced in November 2015 that it will be launching a new advertising initiative for Bing that is designed to make the search engine a focus for the online search industry. Even such ancient search engines as AOL are starting to re-assert themselves in this new environment.

Niche Search Engines Are Also Becoming Popular

Niche search engines such as Giphy and TinEye are also gaining in popularity, and image search engines such as Creative Commons are also becoming large resources for images on the Internet. These search engines focus on providing results that are custom-made for certain audiences, and people looking for more specific search results are finding these niche engines to be extremely helpful.

What Does This Mean For Website Owners?

It is entirely possible that the same people who use Bing and Giphy are also using Google at the same time. In other words, the growing audiences for these alternative search engines are not really putting much of a dent in Google’s daily traffic. But as the numbers continue to grow for these other search engines, they can no longer be ignored.

Website owners will have to start discussing marketing tactics for these other search engines when they talk to their Internet marketing partners. To ignore these other search engines is ignoring millions of potential customers every day. The search engine methods for all marketing companies are going to have to shift to start offering more focus on these other search engines, and stop focusing only on Google.

How Will Website Marketing Approaches Change?

Each search engine has its own rules for generating more traffic, and Internet marketing companies are going to have to start incorporating some of the rules from these other search engines into their approaches for increasing client web traffic. A good search engine optimization plan is one that mingles the requirements of Bing and Yahoo! in with the needs of Google. The website owners who start focusing on these other search engines now will be that much further ahead of the game a few years down the road.

Microsoft has a history of putting companies out of business to advance its own profits. While it is hard to imagine Bing replacing Google as the default Internet search engine any time soon, it is important that marketing companies start making Bing happy as a proactive approach to preparing for future changes in the search engine world.