Four Things You Need At Your Next Trade Show

There is plenty of detailed information on this blog and others about how to create the best trade show materials to show-off your booth. But it would probably be helpful to know which tools, of all the tools that get mentioned, you really need when you start to put your trade show presentation together. Along with your modern booth and all of its attractive accessories, there are four other pieces you need to bring if you want to find success at your next trade show.


You may have the best light show and the loudest sound system a trade show has ever seen, but all of those trappings are only doing half of the job. There will be a lot of people at your next trade show who are looking specifically for your company’s booth. If you took the time to market your appearance at your next trade show, then there will be a flock of potential customers who want to talk to you. Banners let everyone know where your booth is located and act as unwavering reminders as to where people can find you and your sales team.

Custom Pamphlets

Too many companies avoid getting custom pamphlets printed for each trade show, which means they are missing out on an opportunity to capitalize on their trade show investment. When attendees get back to their offices, it may be some time before they review the material they collected. They may even go to other trade shows before they get a chance to look at your pamphlet. When you create a custom pamphlet, your audience will be reminded of exactly where they saw you and exactly why they liked your company in the first place.

Business Cards

Your business card acts as a pocket-size d billboard that advertises your business to anyone who sees it. If you do not take a full box of business cards to every trade show with the intent of giving every one of them away, then you are not going to be able to maximize your trade show investment.

Focused Product Information

Not only do you need to have new and customized product information printed for each trade show, but that information needs to be focused on the details that the attendees are looking for. A convention of engineers will not want to see the same information that purchasing managers will need. Each trade show you attend needs to have information that is focused on that trade show audience if you want people to be able to use your information to buy your products and get interested in your company.

When you decide to present your company at a trade show, you have made a significant financial commitment. Not only does it cost you a lot of money to present at trade shows, but it also requires a considerable investment of your time to plan each detail and make sure that the show goes off as you want.

Prior to putting together your trade show presentation, you will make a long list of the things that you will need. Each company’s list varies for every trade show, but there are four elements that every company needs to bring to every trade show if they want to find success. Without focusing on the basics, it is hard to generate the kind of income you need to justify your trade show investment.

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Remarketing Program

Remarketing is the process of taking visitors who have bounced from your website and turning them into buying customers. It can be an immediate result, or remarketing could take weeks to bring in a sale. But by staying touch with everyone who expressed some sort of interest in your company’s Internet presence, you will be able to maximize your revenue and achieve your business goals.

Make Immediate Remarketing Contact

When a consumer is looking for products, they will usually go through several websites before they make their final decision. If your website is one of many that a consumer is using to get pricing and product availability, then you are definitely in the running to get the business. If that consumer does not place an order on your website during their initial search, then you must respond quickly with your remarketing program to bring in that business.

It is common for consumers to go through a list of websites looking for the best price and then settle on the last website they visit to place their order. When you have an aggressive remarketing program on your website, those consumers that left your site without placing an order will start to see ads on the other websites they browse. With this kind of exposure, you significantly increase the chances that the consumer will click on your ad and place the order on your website.

Get Involved In Google’s Remarketing Program

Google’s remarketing program is so comprehensive and effective that it is almost impossible to describe in this article. Not only can you customize what types of customers your Google remarketing program targets, but you can also collect a lot of marketing information that will allow you to update and improve your website.

Google allows you to create marketing programs based on remarketing data from past campaigns, and Google also has several different types of remarketing programs for you to choose from. When it comes to getting the most from a good remarketing campaign, it is important that your Internet marketing firm utilizes Google.

Separate Your Mobile And Standard Website Remarketing Programs

Many website owners either try to combine their mobile and standard websites into one remarketing program, or they choose to not put a remarketing program on their mobile website at all. Since the majority of consumers access your Internet presence through their mobile devices, it would be a very bad idea to ignore the remarketing potential of your mobile website.

Work with your Internet marketing team to develop very unique remarketing plans for your standard website and your mobile site. You will want to collect different types of information for each type of site, and you will want each site to utilize that information in different ways and react differently to remarketing opportunities. The best way to maximize your remarketing revenue is to develop focused plans for standard and mobile websites.

If you are not utilizing good remarketing programs, then you are letting revenue slip away. When consumers use your website, they are doing so for a reason. While that reason may not lead to a sale at that particular moment, you can use remarketing tactics to keep your company’s Internet presence in front of interested customers and grab the revenue that you would have otherwise left behind.

4 Keys to Looking Like A Rockstar At Your Tradeshow

A trade show is a place where you can meet new customers, network with industry experts and find out the latest information on industry innovations. But if you want to really find success at a trade show, then you need a booth that will attract and interest people.

We are experts at developing the ideal trade show displays that will bring you foot traffic and get results. When you are putting together your trade show booth, make sure that we are part of your planning process. We can give you four good reasons why your trade show displays matter and how our professional service can make your booth more successful than it has ever been.

Trade Show Visitors Are Looking For Bling

When consumers go to a trade show, they are expecting booths to pop out at them and make them want to talk to sales people. Business professionals are looking to network with companies that give the image of being proactive and show the promise of being an industry powerhouse.

A plain booth with some standard, vinyl signs is not going to get you the status that you need. But when you allow us to create your trade show displays, we will give you the kind of bling you need to get plenty of positive attention.

Good Displays Let You Compete With The Big Boys

Trade shows are like the Internet in that mostly everyone is on a level playing field. Aside from the major show sponsors who get huge spaces to utilize, you and your competition are all setting up in basically the same size space. What you do with that space will determine what people think of your company.

We can create displays that will make your company look like it is a top industry competitor. Even if your biggest competition is three times your company’s size, we can elevate you to their level with an effective set of trade show displays.

Your Trade Show Displays Answer Questions

Good trade show displays with attractive graphics and text that is easy to read can answer questions for traffic that will bring you more interest. When you use professional trade show displays, people will instantly know what your company has to offer and they will be able to make an informed decision as to whether they want to do business with you or not.

Professional Displays Establish Your Brand Identity

We will use your corporate color scheme and corporate logos to create trade show displays that work to unify your brand identity. A big part of brand identity is instant recognition, and putting your logo and corporate colors on a professional trade show display will make your company hard to forget. The next time that potential customer sees your logo, they will remember it and remember your company.

At Tom and Company, our job is to create the best possible image for your company. We do this by using our years of experience in marketing and trade show success. Let us put all of that experience to work for you and create for you a series of trade show displays that will get your company noticed and help you to maximize the return on every trade show you are a part of.

Getting Your Money’s Worth From Your Marketing

As a small business owner you will know the importance of getting your money’s worth out of each service you require. And, there are some services that you may not think are as necessary as they are. Marketing and graphic design are two such services that small business owners often underestimate.

Killer Ads to Kill the Competition

A good marketing agent knows how to help you best sell your own products and services in a very competitive economy. Today many people have turned to small businesses and start ups in every field imaginable, including yours. The trick is to find the key words to help your business stand out the best on-line and the phrases to best present your business off line.

Many small business owners get into business because they have a passion for what they are doing. For example, many landscapers start out with a small backyard garden and want to take their love of planting and plant care to the next level. They do not get into their business to develop a brand name plan or run an advertising campaign. Their are in it to do what they love for a living.

A Great Graphical Design

Much as a well designed ad campaign can bring your business to the front of the pack, a great set of graphical design artworks can help to draw the eye to your adverts first. The proper color scheme and cleverly crafted design will create the first impression that is hard to otherwise get. The right colors can convey skill, dependability, creativity and much more. And, it can do it in the quick seconds of a glancing look.

The skills to create such an image are difficult and time consuming to cultivate. In that way they are just like the skills that a small business owner will use to hone and perfect their product and craftsmanship. Much as most people would not wish to tackle their wedding cake creation themselves, a smart business person will enlist the services of a professional to tackle their ad campaign and graphical design needs.

Save Time and Money

While it is true that enlisting the services of a professional graphical designer or marketing agent will cost money, it is also true that avoiding this cost will often cost more in the long run. Trying to run your own ad campaign takes time away from actually running the business. That is lost revenue. There is also the matter of the lost impressions an amateur ad campaign can cause. A new hand at marketing may not know the best places to run ads or pick the best keywords for the website. This means that fewer people will find and see your business’s advertising or website. This costs money.

Your Business is Worth It

By spending the money upfront for a quality product will save your business from wasting time with less optimal advertising and design work. Instead, your business will have the benefits of a good logo, catchy ad campaigns and a well designed and comprehensive public image that will benefit your small business.

Your small business will have many of the same benefits of larger competitors who never use amateur graphical designs or ads. Your company will have a polished and professional face, with no wasted time. It is well worth the up front costs for these benefits.

Picking the Perfect Logo for Your Business

A good logo is both the lynch pin and the first impression of a brand. Designing and perfecting your logo is one of the most important steps you can take to making your brand stand out from the rest. The public sees a logo as an instant reminder of the company or the service that it stands for. Your logo is all of your company’s ideals and goals wrapped into a superbly crafted icon.

You and your designer will work together to help you to realize your vision for your logo. But first, let us go over a few common mistakes that many people make with their first logo designs. Seeing the mistakes of others will help you to avoid them yourself in your logo journey.

Common Mistakes Found In Novice Logos

Now that you have an idea of what to avoid, we can give you a good place to start working on your logo. There are several steps on the road to a great logo.

Number one. Know your audience and your brand.

Who do you what to attract with your logo design? In other words, who is your company’s target audience? Your logo must be crafted in a way to appeal to your audience. Think about your company and its history. Study your old logos and any old advertising that you may have. What was strong about those old designs? What was weak about them? Being able to identify your prior strengths and weaknesses will take you far in deciding which direction to move your company’s next public persona.

Number Two. Avoid Clichés.

Of course you want your new logo to be memorable. And, you naturally want your new logo to be as iconic as any in your field. The problem with stating these as your goals is that they are nearly impossible to design. To get an iconic and memorable logo will require a more nuanced approach. Do you want a logo that uses strong and forceful imagery or something understated and simple? Both approaches can lead to something that is immediately memorable. When it is backed up by your quality service and attention to your customers, it will become iconic for quality.

Number Three. Pick a Great Font.

The perfect font for your logo is the font that is clear, easy to read quickly and that matches the branding of your company. Avoid the lure of the fun ‘gimmicky’ font face or the overly stylized font. Instead, go for the classic fonts with good strong lines. Your logo can be embellished with other garnishes of color or imagery. Keep your font clean. After all, you want your customers to know just who you are!

Four keys to creating killer rack cards for your business

Rack cards are an affordable and easy way to market your business effectively. Between the wide range of finishing options to styling and cuts – the creative scope of what you can do with a rack card is enormous. If you feel nervous about putting one together – or find that you’re new to the game of rack card marketing, then this week’s post is for you! Below, you’ll find four core components that every good rack card should have!

Bold headlines and even bolder graphics

Rack cards are almost always found in groups of other rack cards, so you had better make sure yours sticks out from the pack. Graphics are what specifically draw people in, but it’s great headlines and content that keeps them there. Rack cards in many ways – are like keys to a business. They show the customer how to let themselves in. Make sure you add dynamic maps, directions and describe or show definitively – what it is they can do there.

Incentives and more incentives!

Moving off of what we discussed in the previous point, it’s always important to make sure that your rack card adds value. Whether that manifests itself as a coupon or special promotion for first time viewers; it’s always important to try to think of ways that you can give prospects more bang for their buck. Also – be sure to track – as best you can – the results from various offers and incentives. Seeing which offers don’t work can – in some cases – be just as important as the offers that DO work. Tracking the results simply help you build better rack cards.

Features and benefits, benefits and features

Rack cards don’t afford you with a ton of space to get your point across,  so the words you choose and the message they convey needs to be profound. They also need to be easily scannable and the words – from a graphical standpoint – really need to ‘pop’ off the card. Simply put – remember to be succinct, direct, noticeable and compelling. That’s the formula.

Know your audience

Part of the challenge of putting together a rack card is to know what specific audience you want to speak to despite being placed in a rack full of other products and messages. A good rack card should always have a goal. Whether it’s speaking directly to mothers with young children or inspiring men to come and try a new product, it’s important your rack card speaks to a specific group and does so in a way that sparks them to action!

Four Key Components of a Strong Brand

While there is certainly no, single magic bullet to help take your brand to the next level, there are four foundational ingredients that solid brands have to live on. Mixing these ingredients together is how you succeed in creating a good brand.

The right customer – In a world where everyone wants everything from everybody, the brands that can successfully specialize will be the ones that are going to be here over the long haul. Finding that target customer and relentlessly focusing on them can pay tremendous dividends but also means you’ll have to sacrifice things that aren’t valued by others. Good branding always requires sacrifice. If you try to be all things to all people, you will fail.

Personality, promise, and position – Simply by targeting your brand, you’ve made this part of the branding process that much easier.

Consistent delivery – Good brands always deliver a consistent experience – from conception and sales through to the delivery. In every way a brand is experienced, customers must be able to depend on you regardless of the platform. Strong execution from your team is what tells your brand’s story and proves that your established values are not only authentic, but also widely shared across your organization as well.

Responsiveness – Being able to respond to changes, challenges and opportunities is what will be the true test of your brand’s longevity. The desire to want to evolve, the leadership to effectively execute change and the ability to renew itself is a requirement of any successful brand. Your customers needs will change and so will yours.