Why Focusing On One Platform Is Not Enough

For a very long time, Internet marketing dealt solely with desktop and laptop computers. When a marketing firm such as ours would develop new marketing ideas, those ideas would be centered around reaching people as they sat at their desks and utilized the Internet.

The laptop and the availability of free WiFi helped to weaken the tether that tied people to their desks. But it was the advancement of the smartphone and the proliferation of the tablet that helped to finally make computing truly mobile. Now, when we put together a marketing campaign, we have to focus on all of the various computing platforms for a variety of very important reasons.

Broad Exposure Is Critical

It used to be that an Internet marketing company could reach the majority of Internet users by focusing on reaching desktop and laptop computers. But more and more people are accessing the Internet through their smartphones and tablets, which means that a large part of your target audience may never see your message if it is only designed for a desktop.

In the world of marketing, the primary concern is reaching the largest audience for a sustained amount of time. That is why we must utilize plans for all computing and mobile computing platforms if we are going to get you the exposure you need.

Each Platform Is Different

Marketing pieces that look great on a desktop computer may not work well at all on a smartphone. On the other hand, tablet advertisements may not be substantial enough to work on laptops. Each computing and mobile computing platform is different and requires different marketing approached in order to be effective. When we put together your marketing plan, we have to take each platform into account and develop a different plan for each platform.

Balance Is Becoming More Effective

The biggest mistake an Internet marketing company can make is to ignore one platform in lieu of another. These days, text message marketing tends to be more effective than email marketing. But that does not mean that we do not use email marketing at all.

As mobile marketing methods continue to reach more and more consumers, it is extremely important that we focus some of our efforts on reaching your mobile audience. But we also have the experience to realize that ignoring desktops and laptops would be a huge mistake. You need balance in your marketing approach and our Internet marketing experts can deliver that balance and get you the results you want.

Internet Marketing Is Extremely Dynamic

In the world of Internet marketing, what works today may not work tomorrow. People may suddenly find good reason to go back to their desktops and the effectiveness of mobile marketing would drop. That is why it is critically important that your Internet marketing firm understands and utilizes all Internet marketing platforms.

Our marketing experts are constantly keeping an eye on the dynamic world of Internet marketing and we work hard to stay ahead of any trends. We want to make sure that the message we create for you today is just as effective tomorrow.

Internet marketing is no longer a single platform world. With mobile computing becoming more prominent, you need our multi-platform expertise to make sure that your marketing messages always get through loud and clear.