3 Ways To Strengthen Your Remarketing Program

Remarketing is the process of taking visitors who have bounced from your website and turning them into buying customers. It can be an immediate result, or remarketing could take weeks to bring in a sale. But by staying touch with everyone who expressed some sort of interest in your company’s Internet presence, you will be able to maximize your revenue and achieve your business goals.

Make Immediate Remarketing Contact

When a consumer is looking for products, they will usually go through several websites before they make their final decision. If your website is one of many that a consumer is using to get pricing and product availability, then you are definitely in the running to get the business. If that consumer does not place an order on your website during their initial search, then you must respond quickly with your remarketing program to bring in that business.

It is common for consumers to go through a list of websites looking for the best price and then settle on the last website they visit to place their order. When you have an aggressive remarketing program on your website, those consumers that left your site without placing an order will start to see ads on the other websites they browse. With this kind of exposure, you significantly increase the chances that the consumer will click on your ad and place the order on your website.

Get Involved In Google’s Remarketing Program

Google’s remarketing program is so comprehensive and effective that it is almost impossible to describe in this article. Not only can you customize what types of customers your Google remarketing program targets, but you can also collect a lot of marketing information that will allow you to update and improve your website.

Google allows you to create marketing programs based on remarketing data from past campaigns, and Google also has several different types of remarketing programs for you to choose from. When it comes to getting the most from a good remarketing campaign, it is important that your Internet marketing firm utilizes Google.

Separate Your Mobile And Standard Website Remarketing Programs

Many website owners either try to combine their mobile and standard websites into one remarketing program, or they choose to not put a remarketing program on their mobile website at all. Since the majority of consumers access your Internet presence through their mobile devices, it would be a very bad idea to ignore the remarketing potential of your mobile website.

Work with your Internet marketing team to develop very unique remarketing plans for your standard website and your mobile site. You will want to collect different types of information for each type of site, and you will want each site to utilize that information in different ways and react differently to remarketing opportunities. The best way to maximize your remarketing revenue is to develop focused plans for standard and mobile websites.

If you are not utilizing good remarketing programs, then you are letting revenue slip away. When consumers use your website, they are doing so for a reason. While that reason may not lead to a sale at that particular moment, you can use remarketing tactics to keep your company’s Internet presence in front of interested customers and grab the revenue that you would have otherwise left behind.

The Panda, The Penguin and The Hummingbird

Each time Google releases a new algorithm change it sounds like the company is unleashing a new Batman villain. First it was the Panda, then it was the Penguin, and then we saw the Hummingbird. But these were not one-time upgrades, nor are these terms used to describe the same algorithm. These terms refer to three different algorithms that Google updates on a regular basis. In order to understand the changes in the world of SEO marketing, you must understand these algorithms.

Why Change The Algorithms?

Before we discuss the three primary Google algorithms, we should quickly discuss why Google introduced them in the first place. These algorithms did not replace the existing Google search algorithms, but rather they enhanced what Google already had in place.

When users complain about the quality of results they get with Google’s search engine, Google responds with algorithm changes. To get the changes Google wanted, it had to start adding new algorithms to the ones it already had. That is where these new ones came from and why we can probably expect new Batman supervillain names in the coming years.

The Panda

The Panda was the first new Google algorithm and it was released in 2011. Panda looks for the overall quality of the site and determines if the site is safe and useful to web traffic. If you are keyword stuffing just to bring in traffic, Panda will find you and punish your website. If you do not offer quality content on your website, then Panda will knock your website down in the search engine results. Panda looks for quality content and rewards websites that go out of their way to bring value to each user.

The Penguin

The Penguin appeared almost exactly one year after the Panda and the Penguin deals almost exclusively with links on websites. Prior to the appearance of the Penguin, website owners would buy links that were unrelated to their website content, but could still drive a lot of traffic. The Penguin can determine if the links on your website are purchased or organic (placed as a result of a relationship with the destination site) and if they are related to your content. If you used paid links or your links are unrelated to your content, then the Penguin punishes your website severely.

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a complete renovation of the Google algorithm and affects the way that Google looks at content and resolves user queries. Hummingbird looks for quality content and long-tail keywords that will help to get the user the exact result they are looking for. If the user wants information about a specific type of business in a specific geographic area, then Hummingbird will search website content to filter out any site that does not match the business or geographic needs of the user. Hummingbird is an intuitive upgrade to the Google search process and it is the algorithm that currently gets the most attention from Google.

The Panda, the Penguin, and the Hummingbird have caused businesses to close, while launching other businesses to great success. They are constantly being altered by Google who wants to tweak these algorithms to bring more value to the users. Are these really Internet supervillains? According to Google, they are only villains if your website is trying to cheat the public. Does that make Google Batman? Holy ironic twist.

5 Things To Think About When Planning Your Business Website

Your business website will be one of the single most powerful marketing tools you will use to promote your business and generate sales. A good website can be a resource for customers to use that will keep them updated on your company and your products. Before you actually launch your website, you should spend some time planning how it will look, what content you will include, and how you will use your site to grow your business.

How Should It Look?

If you sell children’s toys, then your website should be functional for adults, but convey the toy theme. A website that offers services for business professionals should look very formal, while a website that looks to offer valuable content should be dynamic and exciting.

Before you launch your site, you need to know what will appeal to your target audience. You should do plenty of market research to understand what your audience expects from your website and what features your audience will utilize.

Customer Interaction

Not enough companies put time and effort into determining the best ways to allow their customers to interact with their website. You may find that a message board is something your customers will appreciate and use, or your customers may prefer to simply email their thoughts and questions to you. Experiment with different ways to interact with your clients and find the best way to get their input and make them feel like they are part of your decision making process.

Could You Offer Premium Content?

Many companies that have robust technical support features charge a premium for their clients to use those features online. Monetizing your corporate website is not easy, but it can be beneficial to turn your website into a profit center and add revenue to the company bottom line. Analyze the kind of information and services your company offers and determine ways that you can offer premium subscriptions to your clients.

Video Content

Every business website can benefit from video content, but too much video content can slow your site down and make it ineffective. The important thing to remember is that video content is a functional tool to help your clients and not a novelty to try and draw in more traffic. Product tutorials, instructional videos on support issues, and even special messages to customers from the company president are examples of good ways to utilize video content on your business website.

What Not To Include

If you put too much content on your site, then you diminish your site’s value to your clients. Each piece of information, video, picture, and page you put on your website should have value for your audience. Before you start generating written content and taking pictures to put up on your site, you should spend time mapping out exactly how you want your site to look and what content your audience will want to see. If your site does not need a particular type of content, then do not include it on your site.

Professional website development is a good investment for any business because professionals know how to turn the needs of your target audience into a valuable website. It is important to spend plenty of time planning out your business website and getting it right before you put it online for the whole world to see.

Can A Website Help My Business?

One of the aspects of owning a business that many business owners dread is having to deal with change. The best way to handle change is to look at it as an opportunity to utilize new business methods that could help to increase revenue. The other way to look at change is that your competition is doing everything to keep up with change and take more market share from your company. If you fall behind, you could find yourself out of business.

There was a very long period in history where a business had to be listed in the phone book if it wanted to be seen by potential new customers. Over the years, that philosophy has changed and now the Internet is the best way to be seen by millions of potential clients each day. At the center of everything your company does on the Internet, should be a comprehensive and professional website.

Your Business Doesn’t Exist Without A Website

A website can not only help your business, but it has become an essential part of any company’s marketing plans. If you have been in business for a long time, then you may remember the days when the first thing a potential customer asked you for was your business phone number. Today, that has been replaced with a business website address and customers will disregard your business if you do not have a website. Just as your business did not exist without a phone number in the days when the phone book dominated the marketing landscape, your business simply does not exist without a website in the digital age.

A Website Makes Marketing Data So Easy To Obtain

If you wanted to learn about your target audience in the days before the Internet, you had to pay a marketing company a lot of money to do a market research study for you. While market research is still essential, a website can give you a snapshot of your target demographic simply by taking in information from the people who visit your site.

Internet analytical software can tell important information such as:

This data can all be used to develop effective marketing plans and all you need to do to gather this data is set up a website and load some analytical software on it. The web traffic you get will do the rest of the work for you.

Interact With Your Customers

A website allows you to get important data to your customers immediately, get feedback from your customers, and have a central location for customers, media outlets, and anyone else to get accurate information on your company. You can announce new product releases, advertise promotional prices, and release news of a new retail outlet in real-time and use that interaction to build a strong bond with your customer base.

A website is an essential marketing tool that every business needs to grow and be successful. The sooner you get your company website up and going, the sooner you can start to take advantage of the broad range of benefits that Internet technology has to offer.