5 Reasons Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign Failed Miserably pt1

After investing a significant amount of time and money into a pay-per-click campaign designed to introduce your newest product, you were disappointed at the lackluster results you saw. As with any type of Internet marketing, pay-per-click marketing is not for the faint of heart. It is as much an art as it is a science, and there are some very good reasons why your latest pay-per-click campaign failed miserably.

Your Timing Is Awful

Did you know that the best day of the week to search for new help wanted ads is Tuesday? Did you know that the best time on Tuesday to look for those ads is 11:00 a.m.? Recruiters know this type of information because they need to be able to maximize their efforts when it comes to finding the right candidates.

Is your market ready for a new product from your company? Are you overlapping product releases and flooding the market? Have your customers already spent their budgets and now have no money to buy your new product? With pay-per-click marketing, timing is everything. If your timing is off, then your results will not be what you want them to be.

Your Keywords Are Old

The Internet has created its own vocabulary that marketing experts struggle to stay up to date with each and every day. When was the last time you updated your pay-per-click keywords? Is there Internet slang involved in your marketplace that you are not using? If your keywords are old, then your results will be poor.

Your Campaign Did Not Run Long Enough

If your research shows that you need a pay-per-click campaign to run for six weeks to be effective but you only have the funds to run it for three weeks, then you should wait until you have the rest of the funds before you start your campaign. You can’t buy momentum for a marketing campaign, but you can lose all of your momentum if you do not run your campaign long enough.

Your Network Is Not Reaching Your Target Audience

Internet marketing professionals are constantly updating and changing their pay-per-click networks to make sure that they accurately reflect the trends of each network. If you are not using the right kind of pay-per-click network for your marketing campaign, then you will not reach your target audience.

Successful pay-per-click campaigns are created for customers by experienced and professional marketing organizations. If your campaigns are consistently not working, then it is time to question whether or not your marketing organization is getting the job done for you.

Good pay-per-click programs can significantly expand your company’s marketing influence, and boost your sales. But when things start to go wrong with your campaigns, you need to make changes if you want to get the best possible return on your marketing investment.

How To Increase Web Traffic For Your Sales Promotion Using Pay-Per-Click

As Google and other search engines continue to put content ahead of keywords, the door has opened for Internet marketing companies that can create pay-per-click programs that reach very specific types of audiences. While Google has always been an effective pay-per-click platform, the truly creative Internet marketing companies are also discovering the power of Facebook in driving traffic to a customer’s website.

Facebook Is Becoming The New Google

The big reason why Facebook is becoming the new place to host pay-per-click programs is because more and more people are using Facebook to find information. Instead of going to Google, users are starting to use Facebook to look up companies and get breaking news.

This transition to Facebook means that search terms are starting to become extremely important to Facebook users, and that opens the door for pay-per-click marketing. Internet marketing companies are starting to craft ways to use Facebook searches to drive more traffic to websites, and the success rates for growing web traffic are becoming extremely impressive.

Boost Your Latest Promotion

For businesses that truly want to reach a large target audience, investing in Google and Facebook pay-per-click programs will definitely get results. The idea of boosting a single Facebook post has been replaced with the concept of investing in full Facebook marketing programs. The return on that investment can be significant, and it can really help your latest promotion to succeed.

The reason that Facebook is so effective in boosting web traffic for promotions is the manner in which Facebook categorizes its users. Advertisers can break down a Facebook audience in a variety of ways and create a pay-per-click program that will reach a targeted audience that will be interested in your promotion. You can create specific ads for your promotion, or you can create entire marketing campaigns that will drive steady traffic to your website.

Google Can Still Run Your Web Promotion

While Facebook is picking up momentum in the Internet search area, it still has a long way to go to unseat Google as the Internet’s search engine of choice. The best pay-per-click program is one that is based on Google’s extensive network, and enhanced with Facebook’s many marketing options. By combining the power of these two Internet marketing giants, you can put your pay-per-click ads in front of millions of potential clients.

A significant advantage that Google offers is the ability to put your pay-per-click ad on search result pages ahead of even the top results. When your advertising is pushed to the very top of Google search result pages, you will definitely see an increase in web traffic.

These days, the Internet marketing firms that can combine Facebook and Google into a powerful pay-per-click campaign are going to get you the best possible results. Google’s enormous network of resources and Facebook’s ability to reach a very focused audience can be brought together to get you web traffic results that you have never seen before.

4 Social Media Tips For 2016

Social media is not going away any time soon as it has started to replace a variety of communication and media platforms for people all around the world. More people get their news and communicate with friends and family through social media than many other traditional forms of communication.

As social media evolves, you need to understand the best ways to utilize these platforms as 2015 transitions into 2016. There will be a few changes to the way users interact with social media in 2016, and your company needs to be up to date on those changes if you want to get the most from your Internet presence.

Go Mobile

If you have not already downloaded the mobile apps for your favorite social media platforms, then do so now so you can take advantage of them. Not only are mobile apps convenient, but many social media platforms are starting to offer features to mobile users that cannot be found on standard desktop computers.

For example, Snapchat is a social media platform that can only be accessed through its app. If you want to stay up to date on social media in 2016, then start downloading apps.

Make Way For Twitter

Twitter has been growing in popularity for a couple of years now and it is looking to have a breakout year in 2016. What is a breakout year for a social media platform? It is the year when that platform becomes the social media platform of choice for people all over the world.

Twitter is at the top of a lot of lists for 2016, and that includes lists that talk about the social media platform businesses will want to use. Make way for Twitter in 2016 and start learning the platform if you want to grow your business.

Dial Down On Facebook

Facebook was a great idea when it first came out and that great idea was so popular that it put Myspace on a permanent vacation. But everyone knows that Internet trends come and go, and Facebook is a social media trend that is on the way out.

Over the past couple of years, Facebook has managed to monetize and segment its service so bad that it no longer offers any real value to businesses. If you want to market your business on Facebook, then it will cost you a lot of money. For example, every post a business puts on its Facebook page must be boosted (paid exposure) if that business wants to reach its real target audience. Facebook was a great idea, until it got greedy. Now Facebook is on the way out.

Experiment With Other Platforms

While Twitter is the rise, you can start experimenting with other social media platforms to find the one that will replace Twitter some day. Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine are just some of the emerging social media platforms that you should check out and see if they work for your business. Remember to talk to an Internet marketing expert about matching up the demographic of a social media platform with the demographic of your target audience.

As 2016 approaches, your business needs to get up to date on the latest social media trends. Your target audience is already transitioning to the newest social media site of interest, which means that your company should be on that platform as well.

Four Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

One of the big misconceptions about email mobile marketing is that it has no place in a marketing program because no one reads emails on their smartphones or tablets. The truth is that the smartphone and tablet have not diminished the popularity of emails in any way, and ignoring mobile email marketing is a big mistake.

People read their mobile emails as much as they use their phones to make calls, which makes mobile email marketing and effective advertising tactic. The problem is that website and business owners do not understand how to create a mobile email message that will get read by their target audience. With just a few tweaks of your standard email marketing message, you can get your target audience to start reading your mobile emails and increase your revenue.

Be Selective In How You Use Mobile Email Marketing

It is much easier for a user to go through a series of marketing emails on their laptop or desktop computer than it is to browse emails on a smartphone. While your target audience has opted-in to receive your marketing emails, that does not mean that they want to delete messages from you several times a day just to get to their personal emails.

The best approach is to be selective in how you utilize your mobile emails and avoid filling up the inboxes of your target audience with messages they won’t read. When you have something important to say, then use email marketing to get your point across and make it more effective.

Keep The Subject Short

If your mobile email marketing message has a subject that is more than six or seven words long, then your target audience may not read your message. Remember that the smartphone and tablet offer a smaller readable screen, which will cut off your subject if it is too long. Keep your subject at between six and 10 words and you should have greater success with your mobile emails.

Grab Their Attention

One of the biggest differences between people who do read marketing emails on a smartphone and a standard desktop computer is that the smartphone users tend to scan their emails much faster than desktop users. Your mobile email marketing message needs a strong headline, an attractive and pertinent image and a short but effective message if it is going to have a chance at getting read by your target audience.

Remember The Format You Are Using

As you develop your mobile marketing emails, remember that your target audience will usually only see the subject line and the first line of text. That is why that information needs to be very concise, but it also needs to get your message across and inspire the reader to read the rest of the message. As you develop your mobile emails, remember the limitations of the smartphone format and use those limitations to your advantage.

Text marketing is a very effective way to reach an audience, but you are leaving money on the table if you are not using mobile email marketing as well. By developing a mobile email message that appeals to your target audience and fits the mobile format, you will see a definite improvement in your metric numbers for your mobile email marketing and an increase in overall revenue.

4 Keys to Looking Like A Rockstar At Your Tradeshow

A trade show is a place where you can meet new customers, network with industry experts and find out the latest information on industry innovations. But if you want to really find success at a trade show, then you need a booth that will attract and interest people.

We are experts at developing the ideal trade show displays that will bring you foot traffic and get results. When you are putting together your trade show booth, make sure that we are part of your planning process. We can give you four good reasons why your trade show displays matter and how our professional service can make your booth more successful than it has ever been.

Trade Show Visitors Are Looking For Bling

When consumers go to a trade show, they are expecting booths to pop out at them and make them want to talk to sales people. Business professionals are looking to network with companies that give the image of being proactive and show the promise of being an industry powerhouse.

A plain booth with some standard, vinyl signs is not going to get you the status that you need. But when you allow us to create your trade show displays, we will give you the kind of bling you need to get plenty of positive attention.

Good Displays Let You Compete With The Big Boys

Trade shows are like the Internet in that mostly everyone is on a level playing field. Aside from the major show sponsors who get huge spaces to utilize, you and your competition are all setting up in basically the same size space. What you do with that space will determine what people think of your company.

We can create displays that will make your company look like it is a top industry competitor. Even if your biggest competition is three times your company’s size, we can elevate you to their level with an effective set of trade show displays.

Your Trade Show Displays Answer Questions

Good trade show displays with attractive graphics and text that is easy to read can answer questions for traffic that will bring you more interest. When you use professional trade show displays, people will instantly know what your company has to offer and they will be able to make an informed decision as to whether they want to do business with you or not.

Professional Displays Establish Your Brand Identity

We will use your corporate color scheme and corporate logos to create trade show displays that work to unify your brand identity. A big part of brand identity is instant recognition, and putting your logo and corporate colors on a professional trade show display will make your company hard to forget. The next time that potential customer sees your logo, they will remember it and remember your company.

At Tom and Company, our job is to create the best possible image for your company. We do this by using our years of experience in marketing and trade show success. Let us put all of that experience to work for you and create for you a series of trade show displays that will get your company noticed and help you to maximize the return on every trade show you are a part of.

Why Focusing On One Platform Is Not Enough

For a very long time, Internet marketing dealt solely with desktop and laptop computers. When a marketing firm such as ours would develop new marketing ideas, those ideas would be centered around reaching people as they sat at their desks and utilized the Internet.

The laptop and the availability of free WiFi helped to weaken the tether that tied people to their desks. But it was the advancement of the smartphone and the proliferation of the tablet that helped to finally make computing truly mobile. Now, when we put together a marketing campaign, we have to focus on all of the various computing platforms for a variety of very important reasons.

Broad Exposure Is Critical

It used to be that an Internet marketing company could reach the majority of Internet users by focusing on reaching desktop and laptop computers. But more and more people are accessing the Internet through their smartphones and tablets, which means that a large part of your target audience may never see your message if it is only designed for a desktop.

In the world of marketing, the primary concern is reaching the largest audience for a sustained amount of time. That is why we must utilize plans for all computing and mobile computing platforms if we are going to get you the exposure you need.

Each Platform Is Different

Marketing pieces that look great on a desktop computer may not work well at all on a smartphone. On the other hand, tablet advertisements may not be substantial enough to work on laptops. Each computing and mobile computing platform is different and requires different marketing approached in order to be effective. When we put together your marketing plan, we have to take each platform into account and develop a different plan for each platform.

Balance Is Becoming More Effective

The biggest mistake an Internet marketing company can make is to ignore one platform in lieu of another. These days, text message marketing tends to be more effective than email marketing. But that does not mean that we do not use email marketing at all.

As mobile marketing methods continue to reach more and more consumers, it is extremely important that we focus some of our efforts on reaching your mobile audience. But we also have the experience to realize that ignoring desktops and laptops would be a huge mistake. You need balance in your marketing approach and our Internet marketing experts can deliver that balance and get you the results you want.

Internet Marketing Is Extremely Dynamic

In the world of Internet marketing, what works today may not work tomorrow. People may suddenly find good reason to go back to their desktops and the effectiveness of mobile marketing would drop. That is why it is critically important that your Internet marketing firm understands and utilizes all Internet marketing platforms.

Our marketing experts are constantly keeping an eye on the dynamic world of Internet marketing and we work hard to stay ahead of any trends. We want to make sure that the message we create for you today is just as effective tomorrow.

Internet marketing is no longer a single platform world. With mobile computing becoming more prominent, you need our multi-platform expertise to make sure that your marketing messages always get through loud and clear.

Online Marketing Using Videos

According to Cisco, by the year 2017, 69% of consumer internet traffic will be from online video. If you think about it, that makes a lot of sense – video is a great way to satisfy the people’s information and entertainment needs. Not only do they obtain the information they want, but they also become visually engaged in what you’re presenting to them.

Here are some simple tips to get you started in using videos to drive more traffic to your website:

Use the Basics to your Advantage

Although you don’t need to hire a professional videographer to shoot your videos, you do need to remember the very basics of lighting, audio and camera to make a polished video.

  1. To see what you’re presenting, make sure that sufficient lighting is available on the person or the object that’s on camera. There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to see the expressions on the presenter’s face or the details of the item being shown.
  2. In conjunction to presenting, ensure that a microphone is available to catch the presenter’s voice. You wouldn’t want your customers to miss out on the important information you’re promoting.
  3. While filming, ensure that you’re holding the camera steadily and avoid quick and jerky movements. If you have the funds, invest in a camera stand so you don’t have to hold it up throughout the filming process.
  4. If you’re the one presenting, keep it simple and always look at the camera. This is your way of keeping eye contact with your customers. Emotions are contagious, so remember to be passionate and excited about what you’re presenting.

Incorporate Social Media

Once you have edited your video, use the different social media pages to distribute and post your videos; this may include posting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Remember that the more outlet you have, the more likely people will stumble upon your page and view your video.

Add Links

After people watch your videos, they will likely want more information about the ideas and/or items that were presented. This is your chance to re-direct them to your website. Often people visiting a website can be converted to a customer. But even if visitors don’t end up purchasing anything, the traffic to your site means an increase in ranking in search engines.


Remember, use videos as your voice to the online community. You don’t need a complicated idea or expensive production to make a compelling video. A simple “how-to” of the products you’re selling will be useful to your customers. Customers enjoy watching simple and creative videos of products they have recently bought and its many uses – take advantage of that.

The process of making a video may seem like a daunting task, but research has shown that it is an effective medium in reaching your audience. Use the above tips and get started on filming your online video now!