Top 3 Reasons Your Competitor’s Website Ranks Higher Than Yours

It is not difficult for you to do some research to see where your website ranks in the top search words and phrases in your industry. But when you do get those search results, you may be disappointed at what you find. If your competition is working with a digital agency for their website and you are not, then the chances are pretty good that their website ranks higher than yours.

The primary reasons why your competition is beating your website has to do with the types of comprehensive services a digital agency offers, versus your attempts at growing your website on your own. There are a lot of reasons why your competitor’s website ranks higher than yours in search results, but there are three primary reasons that you should be aware of.

You Must Have A SEO Strategy

Getting good SEO results can only happen when you have a comprehensive SEO strategy, and a good SEO strategy takes time to unfold. If you are not mapping every step of your SEO progression, then you are flying blind and you will get hit or miss results. If you want consistent SEO results that will get you the best spots on search engine results pages, then you need a comprehensive written SEO strategy.

Your SEO strategy includes planning out blog posts, updating keywords and following trends that dictate how your traffic responds to your content. Without the right type of SEO strategy at work, you will not get the kinds of traffic results you are looking for.

Mixing In Paid Search Processes

Ever since Google started changing its algorithms around in 2012, the idea of organic search results has dominated the digital marketing industry. It takes months of hard work to establish a trend of good organic SEO results, but that foundation can lead to a significant rise in traffic when it is firmly established.

A comprehensive marketing plan that beats the competition includes paid marketing processes in with the organic marketing to get maximum results. Elements such as pay per click and banner marketing are going to work side-by-side with SEO content for your blog to get the best results.

Properly Utilizing Social Media

Most business owners who attempt to use social media for business purposes are going about everything the wrong way. First of all, you have to be sure that your target audience is even part of a social media platform’s demographics before you commit time to that platform. You also need a dedicated staff to constantly update your social media pages, and interact with the people who have asked questions or made comments.

In order to beat your competitors in web rankings, you need to utilize social media in an efficient and professional manner. You need to make sure that every post you publish on all of your social media pages has a purpose, and that it ties into the rest of your marketing efforts in some way. Social media can be an excellent wait to retain customers and grow your customer base, but only when it is used properly.

The bottom line is if you want your website to beat the competition’s in web ranking, then you need the help of a professional digital agency. A professional organization will have the years of experience and necessary understanding of how dynamic Internet systems work to push your website to the top of all of the major search engines.