Facebook Advertising Can Help Your Small Business

Digital marketing experts spend a great deal of time following various marketing mediums as they evolve and change. Perhaps no marketing medium has changed more over the past few years than Facebook. Over the course of time, Facebook has gone from an inefficient way to try and advertise your business to one of the most cost effective marketing platforms available. If you know how to use Facebook advertising, then you can get a lot out of it.

Reach A Focused Audience

One of the truly effective elements of Facebook advertising is that you can reach a very focused audience with every ad. Facebook is one of the few online platforms where users will give a wide variety of details about where they live, what they like, what they do, and the kinds of products they are interested in.

The primary benefit of this kind of detailed information is that you can conduct a series of advertising campaigns to promote different products and know that you are reaching the right audience. Few advertising platforms offer the kind of precise audience information and options that Facebook does.

Don’t Advertise To Sell

If you want to get a high ROI with Facebook advertising, then don’t try to sell products with your marketing. While you can choose the precise audience your marketing reaches, you cannot choose when your advertising is shown. That means that you are usually not going to hit your audience when it is in a buying mood.

When you advertise on Facebook, you should advertise to enhance your company’s public image and build your prospects list. Each advertisement should be designed to capture your audience’s attention and help increase your brand awareness along with gaining more social media exposure. You can also use your ads to collect customer prospect information from the people who click on your ads. Whether they buy a product or not, you will still have their information to add to your list of prospects.

Pay Per Click

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to Facebook advertising is that it is set up as a pay per click marketing system, which means that you only pay when people click on your link. This means that your target audience will see your ads constantly, but you only pay if they actually click on the ad. Pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to get extended exposure without paying a lot of money upfront. With Facebook advertising, your ad is seen all day long by people who fit your precise target audience and can offer you a a great return on your marketing investment.

Collect Valuable Information

With Facebook advertising, you can see how popular your ad is and what types of results your ad is getting. The Facebook analytics let you see how many likes and comments your ad gets, the number of people who saw your ad, the number of times your ad was seen, and the number of times your ad was shared. All of this information is valuable in creating more effective Facebook advertising in the future.

Facebook advertising offers a very effective ROI for small business that have a tight marketing budget. With a captive community of millions of people to draw from, you will get the kind of exposure you need on Facebook at a very reasonable cost.


4 Ways To Drive PPC Conversions

While all marketing is designed to sell products or services, some forms of marketing are expected to get more direct results than others. For example, the investment a company makes in pay per click marketing is considered successful when the conversion rate is high. The conversion rate is the percentage of clicks that turn into sales, and the number needs to be high if a PPC campaign is going to be considered successful.

There is plenty of talk about how to improve PPC campaigns to make them more effective, but what clients really want is information on how to increase their conversion rate and get more sales out of their efforts. Increasing your conversion rate occurs when you improve your campaign, but there are other things you can do to increase conversions when you are using a PPC marketing approach.

Be Mindful Of How Your PPC Affects Other Marketing Programs

There are metrics you can use to see how changes in your PPC program not only affect your return on that investment, but also on how they affect other marketing approaches you are using. Does your PPC changes increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign? It is important to keep an eye on the dynamics between all of your marketing programs if you want to get the most out of them.

Are You Thinking For The Future?

Is your PPC campaign designed to appeal to the customers you have now and the new customer segments you want to attract? While good marketing is only done at an identified target audience, you can expand your marketing influence by including keywords in your PPC campaign that start to draw in audiences that you plan on targeting in the future. This is how you lay the foundation for future marketing success, and how you can use your PPC keywords to grab the attention of people who don’t yet realize that they need or want your products.

Are You Relying Too Heavily On PPC?

The response from PPC marketing is meant to be immediate, but it is not always the best approach to take. When you spend time examining the effects of all of your marketing programs, then you start to see what types of effects your PPC campaign has on audiences and how you can enhance your marketing results by the proper balance of all of your marketing campaigns.

Which PPC Outlet Is The Best For Each Campaign?

A professional marketing organization will utilize all of the available PPC platforms to reach your audience, but you want to identify the best platforms to maximize your campaign. If you notice that Bing reaches a more technical audience, then you can use a PPC program based on the Bing search engine to sell your more technical products. By analyzing each platform and understanding the audiences they reach, you can get great results with each of your PPC campaigns.

The point of a good PPC campaign is to drive conversions and bring in revenue. More than any other form of marketing, a PPC campaign is expected to generate revenue almost immediately or else it is considered a failure. In order to increase your PPC conversions, you need to look at how your PPC campaign works as a part of your marketing efforts, and then maximize those efforts to get the best results.

How To Improve Your PPC Results

When we talk about any Internet marketing campaign, we always mention updating each campaign as an important part of the work that has to be done. But what does that mean? In the case of a pay per click (PPC) campaign, there are several things that you and your Internet marketing partner can do to improve each campaign and tweak it as you go along.

Stay Focused

Each PPC campaign should focus on a specific message or product to be successful. But your focused approach does not have to stop with a single product or marketing message. If you are noticing that customers are more interested in certain features on that product, then narrow your message down to those features to increase your PPC results.

Don’t Oversell It

Unless you have documented proof that your product is the best of its kind every manufactured, then avoid putting words to that effect in your PPC ad. As you analyze your PPC ad, try to remove any phrases like “top seller,” “best ever,” or “most innovative” in your copy. Let your message and your product stand on its own merits and do not try to oversell your product in your PPC campaign.

Become An Expert At Writing Titles

You will hear marketing experts expound on the benefits of good titles on a regular basis. But in a PPC campaign, your title could mean the difference between success or failure. A PPC ad has very little text in it, so your title becomes an extremely important element to your entire PPC campaign.

Try To Include Special Characters In Your Content

When we say that you should include special characters in your content, we do not mean astericks or brackets. We mean characters such as the copyright symbol and the trademark indicator. These types of symbols tend to draw people to your PPC ad and will increase your click-through rate. The caveat to using these symbols is that you should only use them if they actually apply to your company. If you are not the registered owner of a particular trademark, then do not put the trademark symbol in your ad.

Forget About Pricing

The price discussion is one that happens later in the sales conversation, which means that it should not be part of your PPC advertising. When you are creating a PPC ad, you want to grab the attention of the reader because your product solves a need that reader has. If the ad is successful at getting the reader’s attention, then the reader will click on the ad and you can then offer discussions about pricing.

Always Keep The Customer In Mind

You and your marketing team may be in love with one of the features on your product, but it is another feature that is getting consumers’ attention. Always use the information from your ongoing analysis of your PPC campaigns and develop content that appeals to the consumer and not your own preferences.

A PPC campaign can be extremely effective if it is done properly. By monitoring the results of your campaigns and paying attention to what consumers are telling you, it is possible to develop PPC campaigns that increase revenue and deliver a significant return on your investment.

5 Reasons Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign Failed Miserably pt2

There are no absolutes in this world, but there are trends that we can use to avoid utilizing bad marketing tactics. When it comes to pay per click marketing, there are a lot of mistakes you can make that will cost you money. But there are four critical errors that are sometimes made in pay per click campaigns that not only diminish the results the campaign gets, but they could also damage future campaigns as well.

Not Matching Landing Pages With Ad Content

A well-written pay per click ad is going to get people clicking on the link to find a certain type of content. When people click on a link and wind up at a landing page that has nothing to do with the ad content, then consumers feel duped into seeing something they don’t want to see. That is why you must be sure to create a relevant landing page for every pay per click campaign, and make sure that every link you use in your pay per click campaigns point to the right landing pages.

It is acceptable to keep old landing pages available on your website, but only if those pages are part of a pay per click campaign that is still going. Once you end a pay per click campaign, you should take down your landing page and develop a new one for your next pay per click campaign.

No Call To Action

A call to action statement at the end of your pay per click ad helps give your ad a sense of completion for the consumer, and it also inspires your audience to take action when they are done reading the ad.

A call to action can also be important if you want your audience to do something other than clicking on a link. For example, if you want customers to call a phone number or click a link for more information, then a quick call to action will make that clear and get you better results.

No Dynamic Development

When you first release a pay per click ad, it is not going to get you the results that you want. This is almost guaranteed in every campaign you will run. If you want better results, then you need to engage in ongoing development of your pay per click ad. If you are not using dynamic development to change your ad based on your results and the trends of your audience, then you will never give yourself the opportunity to maximize your results.

Not Analyzing The Competition

What is the competition doing with their pay per click ads? Is the competition doing something consistently that would indicate that it is working? In the business world, you cannot live in a bubble. You must analyze what the competition is doing, and use the competition’s own success against them.

You Didn’t Make Changes During The Campaign

If you are running a pay-per-click campaign and you are getting consistent data that tells you that a particular set of keywords is not working, then you need to change those keywords. Too many people allow a flawed campaign to run and then wonder why the results are not what they wanted. Monitor your pay-per-click campaign and make changes to improve its results as the campaign moves along.

You Didn’t Hire A Professional Organization

A good pay per click campaign is developed over time and conditioned to reach a certain type of audience. When you find pay per click tactics that work, you should utilize those tactics and continue to develop them for future success. When your pay per click campaign starts to show poor results, then they are reasons for that. Your job is to find the reasons, correct them, and get your pay per click campaign back on a successful path.

5 Reasons Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign Failed Miserably pt1

After investing a significant amount of time and money into a pay-per-click campaign designed to introduce your newest product, you were disappointed at the lackluster results you saw. As with any type of Internet marketing, pay-per-click marketing is not for the faint of heart. It is as much an art as it is a science, and there are some very good reasons why your latest pay-per-click campaign failed miserably.

Your Timing Is Awful

Did you know that the best day of the week to search for new help wanted ads is Tuesday? Did you know that the best time on Tuesday to look for those ads is 11:00 a.m.? Recruiters know this type of information because they need to be able to maximize their efforts when it comes to finding the right candidates.

Is your market ready for a new product from your company? Are you overlapping product releases and flooding the market? Have your customers already spent their budgets and now have no money to buy your new product? With pay-per-click marketing, timing is everything. If your timing is off, then your results will not be what you want them to be.

Your Keywords Are Old

The Internet has created its own vocabulary that marketing experts struggle to stay up to date with each and every day. When was the last time you updated your pay-per-click keywords? Is there Internet slang involved in your marketplace that you are not using? If your keywords are old, then your results will be poor.

Your Campaign Did Not Run Long Enough

If your research shows that you need a pay-per-click campaign to run for six weeks to be effective but you only have the funds to run it for three weeks, then you should wait until you have the rest of the funds before you start your campaign. You can’t buy momentum for a marketing campaign, but you can lose all of your momentum if you do not run your campaign long enough.

Your Network Is Not Reaching Your Target Audience

Internet marketing professionals are constantly updating and changing their pay-per-click networks to make sure that they accurately reflect the trends of each network. If you are not using the right kind of pay-per-click network for your marketing campaign, then you will not reach your target audience.

Successful pay-per-click campaigns are created for customers by experienced and professional marketing organizations. If your campaigns are consistently not working, then it is time to question whether or not your marketing organization is getting the job done for you.

Good pay-per-click programs can significantly expand your company’s marketing influence, and boost your sales. But when things start to go wrong with your campaigns, you need to make changes if you want to get the best possible return on your marketing investment.

How To Increase Web Traffic For Your Sales Promotion Using Pay-Per-Click

As Google and other search engines continue to put content ahead of keywords, the door has opened for Internet marketing companies that can create pay-per-click programs that reach very specific types of audiences. While Google has always been an effective pay-per-click platform, the truly creative Internet marketing companies are also discovering the power of Facebook in driving traffic to a customer’s website.

Facebook Is Becoming The New Google

The big reason why Facebook is becoming the new place to host pay-per-click programs is because more and more people are using Facebook to find information. Instead of going to Google, users are starting to use Facebook to look up companies and get breaking news.

This transition to Facebook means that search terms are starting to become extremely important to Facebook users, and that opens the door for pay-per-click marketing. Internet marketing companies are starting to craft ways to use Facebook searches to drive more traffic to websites, and the success rates for growing web traffic are becoming extremely impressive.

Boost Your Latest Promotion

For businesses that truly want to reach a large target audience, investing in Google and Facebook pay-per-click programs will definitely get results. The idea of boosting a single Facebook post has been replaced with the concept of investing in full Facebook marketing programs. The return on that investment can be significant, and it can really help your latest promotion to succeed.

The reason that Facebook is so effective in boosting web traffic for promotions is the manner in which Facebook categorizes its users. Advertisers can break down a Facebook audience in a variety of ways and create a pay-per-click program that will reach a targeted audience that will be interested in your promotion. You can create specific ads for your promotion, or you can create entire marketing campaigns that will drive steady traffic to your website.

Google Can Still Run Your Web Promotion

While Facebook is picking up momentum in the Internet search area, it still has a long way to go to unseat Google as the Internet’s search engine of choice. The best pay-per-click program is one that is based on Google’s extensive network, and enhanced with Facebook’s many marketing options. By combining the power of these two Internet marketing giants, you can put your pay-per-click ads in front of millions of potential clients.

A significant advantage that Google offers is the ability to put your pay-per-click ad on search result pages ahead of even the top results. When your advertising is pushed to the very top of Google search result pages, you will definitely see an increase in web traffic.

These days, the Internet marketing firms that can combine Facebook and Google into a powerful pay-per-click campaign are going to get you the best possible results. Google’s enormous network of resources and Facebook’s ability to reach a very focused audience can be brought together to get you web traffic results that you have never seen before.