Double Down Your Online Marketing For Cheap

If you own a business that relies on website traffic for some or all of your revenue, then you need to become familiar with the idea of remarketing. The idea behind remarketing is that when someone visits your website, they get tagged with a cookie. Whenever they visit a website within that remarketing network, they will see ads from your website. If you use Google’s remarketing program, then your ads could be seen by thousands of people, several times a day.

Remarketing could be the least expensive way to gain your website the exposure it needs to generate more revenue. When you invest in a good remarketing program, you are developing sales leads that could turn in to buying customers over and over again.

Creating Warm Leads

A standard marketing program is designed to introduce your company to consumers who may or may not have heard of your business. But the process with remarketing is different and much more cost effective. With remarketing, you are showing ads to consumers who have already visited your website and have expressed some sort of interest in your company. Even if that interest was initially low, remarketing is still creating warm leads for your business that can turn into paying customers.

Exposure To Your Advertising

If you use Google’s remarketing program, then a user who visits your website will start to see your ads throughout the Google network. This means that high traffic websites such as YouTube and any Blogger website will start exposing your warm lead to a series of display ads for your business. The end result is constant exposure to a consumer who has a higher than average interest in buying from your company, and that leads to revenue.

Building A Loyal Customer Base

One of the biggest returns you get on your remarketing investment is that your current customers will also see the ads that your warm leads are seeing. This will help to reinforce your company name in the minds of your customer base, and that will help you to retain repeat business. The ability of remarketing to enhance customer loyalty is an extremely important feature that business owners should not ignore.

Show Off Your Creative Side

You should never take for granted the fact that remarketing creates warm sales leads for your company to work with. One of the best ways to increase your conversion rate with your remarketing program is to make your display advertising as creative as possible. Potential customers will remember your company when they see your ads constantly online, and when you put in some creative effort to make those ads memorable.

It is one thing to get your business involved in cheap online marketing, but it is quite another to get involved in cheap online marketing that works. When you use the services of a professional digital agency, you can use remarketing to do a lot of the qualifying and sales work for you.

Your traffic will get tagged before it leaves your website, and then that traffic will be exposed to repeated ads from your business. Over time, your business will become a fixture in the minds of your target audience and you will see a significant increase in your website traffic and revenue.

Double Down With Your Online Marketing Efforts Using This Google Service

If you are a website owner and you have never heard of remarketing, then now is the ideal time to get acquainted with this extremely powerful piece of marketing strategy. The term remarketing actually refers to a collection of strategies designed to turn traffic that left your website without making a purchase into buying customers. Google has always had good remarketing tools, but now Google has released a tool that will make remarketing easier and more effective.

The Unlikely Chance of a Sale

According to, the vast majority of the traffic that visits your website is only there to read your content. While this is a great motivator for creating effective content, it underscores how important good online marketing is to a successful business.

It is estimated that only two percent of your traffic ever decide to make a purchase on your website. That makes the traffic that does buy products from your website that much more valuable, but it also indicates just how important it is to gear some of your marketing efforts towards bring back the traffic that showed some interest in buying your products.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing uses a variety of methods to give focused information to that traffic that showed some interest in buying products, but never completed a sale. For example, if someone created a shopping cart for widgets on your website but never checked out, then that person would start seeing more ads for the specific type of widgets they were interested in on your website as they browsed the Internet.

Remarketing is done through advertising networks such as Google, and it is most effective when teamed up with a variety of other marketing tactics. Remarketing can reach out to people who have created and abandoned shopping carts or it can reach out to people who visited your ecommerce page and never selected an item. When used properly, remarketing is extremely effective.

Google Display Network Remarketing

Google Display Network Remarketing is a new service from Google that combines the marketing powers of AdWords, Analytics, and the Google Merchant Center into a much more focused remarketing approach. With the Google Display Network Remarketing program, your traffic will get product display ads or links to product pages that will give more detailed information on the products they showed an interest in on your page.

What makes this Google remarketing tool so powerful is that it includes ads, images, and text that are specifically geared towards people who have an interest in your product but did not make a sale. This allows marketing professionals to create much more effective messages that can turn prospects into buying customers.

The right tools in the hands of a marketing professional can help your website to get more response from the two percent of web traffic that visits ecommerce pages. With the Google Display Network Remarketing program, your website will be able to actively pursue potential customers with information that is specifically designed to turn their interest in your products into profit in your pockets.

4 Ways Remarketing Helps Improve ROI

Remarketing is the process of taking traffic that has already expressed an interest in your company but has not made a purchase, and turns that traffic into buying customers. This includes traffic that bounced from your site, traffic that requested information but went no further, and traffic that expressed an interest in products but failed to finalize a transaction. There are several ways you can use remarketing to improve your overall marketing return on investment (ROI), and most of these methods are easy to implement.

Turning Abandoned Shopping Carts Into Revenue

A big part of remarketing is to use those abandoned shopping carts for potential clients to create real revenue. Abandoned shopping carts represent great opportunities because they offer important customer information such as contact information and the products those customers are interested in. Not only can you send reminders about the abandoned carts, but you could also create focused ads to send to these customers that feature products they would be interested in.

Use Facebook To Its Fullest Potential

These days, social media is getting just as many search inquiries as the major search engines. When people do Facebook searches that lead to your Facebook page, then that is an interested customer you could remarket to through custom Facebook ads. When you work with an Internet marketing professional, you will have ways to collect that Facebook information and use it to increase the revenue that comes from your social media presence.

Use Your Blog More Effectively

Your blog is a place where information about your company and products is broken up into convenient categories. If you sell shoes, then the traffic that visits articles about dress shoes on your blog can be a target audience for your dress shoes marketing. Each area of your blog presents you traffic you can capture and use to create effective remarketing mailing lists.

Remarketing Through Google Searches

Remarketing software has become exceptionally sophisticated, and it allows you to reach out to targeted audiences through Google searches that are relevant to your company. For example, a person searches your site for your most popular product and then leaves. In a Google search, that potential customer searches for your competition and starts looking at what they have to offer. You can create a remarketing campaign that captures that Google traffic and sends it links to landing pages on your website that compare your product to the competition.

The key to getting the best ROI for your remarketing efforts is to target specific, yet broad, audiences of potential customers. You can use the traffic that has shown an interest in your company by capturing your own traffic, and you can also influence potential customer opinions by monitoring and utilizing Google search traffic.

Google, Facebook, and many other major consumer platforms offer programs companies can use to increase the ROI on their remarketing programs. When you team up with a professional and experienced marketing organization to help improve your remarketing, you will be surprised at how much revenue you can add to your bottom line with people who expressed an interest in your company, but just needed that extra push to make a purchase.