Four Things You Need At Your Next Trade Show

There is plenty of detailed information on this blog and others about how to create the best trade show materials to show-off your booth. But it would probably be helpful to know which tools, of all the tools that get mentioned, you really need when you start to put your trade show presentation together. Along with your modern booth and all of its attractive accessories, there are four other pieces you need to bring if you want to find success at your next trade show.


You may have the best light show and the loudest sound system a trade show has ever seen, but all of those trappings are only doing half of the job. There will be a lot of people at your next trade show who are looking specifically for your company’s booth. If you took the time to market your appearance at your next trade show, then there will be a flock of potential customers who want to talk to you. Banners let everyone know where your booth is located and act as unwavering reminders as to where people can find you and your sales team.

Custom Pamphlets

Too many companies avoid getting custom pamphlets printed for each trade show, which means they are missing out on an opportunity to capitalize on their trade show investment. When attendees get back to their offices, it may be some time before they review the material they collected. They may even go to other trade shows before they get a chance to look at your pamphlet. When you create a custom pamphlet, your audience will be reminded of exactly where they saw you and exactly why they liked your company in the first place.

Business Cards

Your business card acts as a pocket-size d billboard that advertises your business to anyone who sees it. If you do not take a full box of business cards to every trade show with the intent of giving every one of them away, then you are not going to be able to maximize your trade show investment.

Focused Product Information

Not only do you need to have new and customized product information printed for each trade show, but that information needs to be focused on the details that the attendees are looking for. A convention of engineers will not want to see the same information that purchasing managers will need. Each trade show you attend needs to have information that is focused on that trade show audience if you want people to be able to use your information to buy your products and get interested in your company.

When you decide to present your company at a trade show, you have made a significant financial commitment. Not only does it cost you a lot of money to present at trade shows, but it also requires a considerable investment of your time to plan each detail and make sure that the show goes off as you want.

Prior to putting together your trade show presentation, you will make a long list of the things that you will need. Each company’s list varies for every trade show, but there are four elements that every company needs to bring to every trade show if they want to find success. Without focusing on the basics, it is hard to generate the kind of income you need to justify your trade show investment.

Should You Have Professional Business Cards?

These days, technology has created the illusion that the do-it-yourself method is the best way to do things. But when you are trying to run a business, doing some things yourself can actually be counterproductive. For example, printing your own business cards can sound like a great idea, but there are several benefits to letting our professionals print your cards for you.

A Professional Printer Knows What Works

One of the reasons you pay for a professional business service is because a professional has the experience necessary to deliver an excellent result. We have plenty of experience printing high quality business cards and we have all of the design options you need for an effective finished product.

An impressive business card makes a much stronger impact than a basic card printed on a laser printer in your office. We know what designs and options work and that is something you should take advantage of.

It Takes The Right Materials To Get The Right Look

We can print embossed business cards that have a professional look and feel to them. Unless you have invested in the right printing equipment and materials, then you would not be able to get that same effect. As a professional printer, we have all of the right materials to create the cards that you want. 

Trust Your Business To Professional Printers

Printing perfect business cards on a printer in your office can be one of the more frustrating things you would ever try to accomplish. You can go through all of the setup options for your printer and paper, but the end result will look like it was printed in an office on a company printer. That is not the kind of business impression you want to make.

We have all of the knowledge, experience, materials, and equipment to make sure that your cards always look professional. When you hand a business prospect a card that was made by one of our professionals, you will be making the right first impression each and every time.

You Save Money In The Long Run With Professional Printing

Once you have established the business card design you like, you can request replacement orders whenever you need them. When you add up the cost of the ink you will use to print your own cards, the cost of high quality business card stock (especially for the cost of the card stock you throw out when the cards come out looking poor), and the cost of your time – it becomes obvious that hiring a printing professional makes all of the sense in the world.

Not only will you save money by utilizing a professional printing service for your business cards, but you will get excellent results each time. Our reputation is on the line with every business card we print, and we want to help you make a strong first impression each and every time.

Business cards are some of the most important personal marketing tools a business professional will ever use. Instead of trying a do it yourself approach to these very important marketing pieces, you need to invest in professional printing services. We are a professional printing service that will help you to make a strong impression with your business cards with every customer and prospect.