Free Tools Online To Help Create Landing Pages

Landing pages for your promotions and other website functions are extremely important. Your landing page is often the first impression your website makes on a new customer, so you want to be sure that the landing page looks great. While creating a great looking landing page can sound intimidating, there are actually free tools online you can use that will help you to create a professional and functional landing page that your existing customers and new prospects will both appreciate.

Launch Effect

Launch Effect is a WordPress theme that is specifically designed to create great landing pages. As with most WordPress themes, Launch Effect is a template that you can quickly fill in to create a great landing page. This plug-in helps you to create one-page promotional pages that can go viral, or act as landing pages for any kind of promotion you may be running. There is plenty of support for this free tool, and its versatility allows you to create a wide variety of landing pages for your business.


Chocotemplates is known for its CSS templates, and Digy is one of the more advanced templates you can use for your landing pages. One of the extremely helpful features about Digy is that it has a responsive design element that allows it to adjust to tablets and smartphones without losing any critical information. Digy also works with HTML5, which is a critical feature when you want to take advantage of the latest online functions.


Launchrock is specifically designed to help you grow your customer base with customized landing pages that offer a wide variety of features. As with Digy, Launchrock also offers responsive design as well as pre-sale ecommerce functions. Lauchrock comes with a long list of templates you can easily use to create pages with your background, logo, and marketing message. Launchrock is simple to use, and it has a lot of extra features that you do not get with many other free landing page tools.

The Income Press Free Landing Page Generator

The Income Press Free Landing Page Generator is extremely spartan in its look, but it is incredibly effective in what it does. It was not originally designed to be released to the public, but a few people started using it and suddenly it caught on. You are given the choice of several template options, and then you populate the templates however you want. This simplistic looking landing page generator is extremely easy to use, but it gives you amazing results.

IM Creator

IM Creator is not exactly easy to use, but it is an effective landing page tool if you have WordPress. It is a drag-and-drop landing page creator that can take some getting used to. But once you have it figured out, it becomes a very powerful tool that will help you to create great landing pages.

A landing page can make or break your promotion. If you create a page with a high bounce rate, then you are losing business. But if you invest some time and effort into your landing page, then you can get great results. Fortunately, you will only need to invest time and effort because there are plenty of free tools you can use to make great landing pages.