Which Domain Extension Should I Use For My Website?

For a very long time, the number of website domain extensions that were available was very limited. If you had a personal or business website, then you used .com. If you had a government website, then you used .gov. If you owned the website of a charitable organization, then you used .org. If you ran an educational website, then you used .edu.

Many American Internet users do not realize that Japanese websites have been using the added extension of .jp for a very long time as well. Many foreign countries, such as England (.uk) and New Zealand (.nz) have geographic extensions that associate the website with its country of origin. As the number of websites grew, new extensions were needed so .net was created. For some Internet users, those are the only extensions they know. But there is a growing awareness of the more than 600 extensions that have been added in recent years.

Almost Half Of Internet Users Know About New Extensions

According to a recent ICANN survey published on MarketingLand.com, almost 50 percent of Internet users around the world are familiar with at least some of the over 600 new extensions that have been developed in recent years. New extensions such as .info, .corp, and .club are getting recognition by users all over the world. Since more users are recognizing these added extensions, does that mean businesses should be using them?

Cost-Effective Alternative

While .com domains tend to be relatively expensive to register, then new extensions are showing signs of being cost-effective alternatives. Many hosting companies are offering blocks of new extensions to help a business strengthen its online presence for bargain basement prices. That means that your company can buy a .info domain and a host of other new extensions for prices that are lower than .com domains. That raises the question of whether businesses should rely on new extensions to help host their Internet presence.

Not Quite There Yet

Of the people who said they recognized new domain extensions, nearly 90 percent said they would not trust a website that is not a .com, .net, .org, .gov, or .edu. That means that, while nine out of ten consumers would have no problem looking over your website at a new extension, the chances that they will buy from your website are significantly lower than if you owned a .com address.

Building Up Trust

The act of buying a company website address using a variety of extensions is not new. Many marketing experts will recommend that their customers at least register the .com and .net versions of their websites to prevent copycats from stealing away traffic. But as more extensions become popular and start to build up trust with the public, it may be more beneficial to purchase a full package of extensions to go along with your .com website to protect your Internet presence.

Internet squatters are people who buy domains that companies will need and then try to sell those domains to the companies at exorbitant prices. The practice is frowned upon throughout the Internet and even illegal in some countries. But that does not stop some progressive thinking criminals from trying to steal your business identity before it even gets started. It is in the best interests of every business owner to invest in as many domain extensions as possible to protect their business and prevent others from cashing on the good ideas of others.


What Is Hosting And Why Do I Need It?

There are several working parts that go into bringing any website to life and they include site development, the web address, and hosting. The website itself can also be broken down into dozens and dozens of component parts, but none of those component parts mean anything if the site is not properly hosted. Before any business can benefit from their corporate web presence, they need to understand the importance of good web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting?

Your web host is the service that actually stores and publishes your website files to the Internet. In order for a hosting service to be able to publish files to the Internet, that service must have a direct connection to the proper Internet hubs that direct traffic throughout the entire World Wide Web. There is no central hosting place for all Internet services, but web hosting servers must follow a specific protocol if they want the Internet to see their content.

Can I Start My Own Web Hosting Service?

The costs involved in having a website hosted on a secured hosting server through a third-party are insignificant compared to the costs involved in creating your own web hosting service. While it is simple enough to buy a computer and connect it as a web host to the Internet, there are ongoing costs in security and administration that would require you to hire a staff just to monitor your web host.

A reliable web hosting service offers your website all of the storage space it needs, ongoing Internet security monitoring, and all of the administrative tasks necessary to keep a website active on the Internet 24-hours a day. You could start your own hosting service, but it is a tremendous investment that is better left to outsourcing professionals.

Do I Need A Hosting Service?

As we mentioned, you cannot publish a website to the Internet without a web host. That means that every website requires a hosting service in order to be seen by Internet users. But too many website owners look for cheap hosting, or even free hosting, that can often lead to many different problems.

In web hosting, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. A free hosting service is going to put advertisements (possibly advertisements from your competition) on your website and you will not have the flexibility you need from your site. A cheap hosting service is going to offer a lower level of service that could leave your website and your corporate information exposed to criminals.

Invest In Good Hosting

All of the money you will invest in marketing your website could be wasted if you do not first invest in a reliable host. A good marketing company will work hard to bring in traffic for your site, but that traffic is not going to come back to your site if your hosting service is constantly down, or if your site is constantly attacked by viruses and hackers.

In the business world, the corporate website is an important investment that needs to be given top priority. When it comes to buying hosting services, your company should do plenty of research and only use a web host with the very best reputation and features. When it comes to a reliable corporate website, everything starts with a good hosting service and that is why you need to take your search for a web host very seriously.

Should You Have Professional Business Cards?

These days, technology has created the illusion that the do-it-yourself method is the best way to do things. But when you are trying to run a business, doing some things yourself can actually be counterproductive. For example, printing your own business cards can sound like a great idea, but there are several benefits to letting our professionals print your cards for you.

A Professional Printer Knows What Works

One of the reasons you pay for a professional business service is because a professional has the experience necessary to deliver an excellent result. We have plenty of experience printing high quality business cards and we have all of the design options you need for an effective finished product.

An impressive business card makes a much stronger impact than a basic card printed on a laser printer in your office. We know what designs and options work and that is something you should take advantage of.

It Takes The Right Materials To Get The Right Look

We can print embossed business cards that have a professional look and feel to them. Unless you have invested in the right printing equipment and materials, then you would not be able to get that same effect. As a professional printer, we have all of the right materials to create the cards that you want.

Trust Your Business To Professional Printers

Printing perfect business cards on a printer in your office can be one of the more frustrating things you would ever try to accomplish. You can go through all of the setup options for your printer and paper, but the end result will look like it was printed in an office on a company printer. That is not the kind of business impression you want to make.

We have all of the knowledge, experience, materials, and equipment to make sure that your cards always look professional. When you hand a business prospect a card that was made by one of our professionals, you will be making the right first impression each and every time.

You Save Money In The Long Run With Professional Printing

Once you have established the business card design you like, you can request replacement orders whenever you need them. When you add up the cost of the ink you will use to print your own cards, the cost of high quality business card stock (especially for the cost of the card stock you throw out when the cards come out looking poor), and the cost of your time - it becomes obvious that hiring a printing professional makes all of the sense in the world.

Not only will you save money by utilizing a professional printing service for your business cards, but you will get excellent results each time. Our reputation is on the line with every business card we print, and we want to help you make a strong first impression each and every time.

Business cards are some of the most important personal marketing tools a business professional will ever use. Instead of trying a do it yourself approach to these very important marketing pieces, you need to invest in professional printing services. We are a professional printing service that will help you to make a strong impression with your business cards with every customer and prospect.


Three Bold Predictions For Digital Marketing in 2014

In digi-land, 2013 will likely go down as the year that organizations began to whole-heartedly endorse different tactics for digital marketing in a big, big way. In fact, it’s probably the year that digital media made itself must have and dare we say – has become socially acceptable?

So what’s in store for 2014? Time will tell, but for now, we’ll do a little prognosticating. Here’s three things we feel will help write the 2014 marketing narrative:

Content. Still King.

Social Media Today really wasn’t joking when they reported that 78% of CMO’s believe that custom content will be the future of marketing. They’re right. That content may change over time – for example, our blog today might end up being an entirely all-video platform tomorrow, but still- there isn’t a more explosive growth sector in the marketing industry. With the influx of new content discovery apps like Flipboard, Pulse and Fancy, if you’re not dedicating your marketing budget towards developing new content, then it might be time to reconsider!

Video a boom-boom

Video can convey messages that are more powerful than almost any other medium. Best of all, they’re getting easier and cheaper to produce by the day. With apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, videos are being shared and created quickly and efficiently on a variety of platforms. When combined with its mobile potential, we predict that video marketing will continue to grow in 2014 to one of the most used – if not THE most used social media tool.

Social media, meet diversity. Diversity, meet social media.

While Facebook and Twitter have created incredible spaces for big box social media, it’s been the emergence of platforms like Pinterest, Vine and Instagram that might be the most indicative of future trends. Social networking is now being slowly carved up into unique niches, meaning that businesses will continue to flirt with different platforms to build their brands and connect with their customers. With all the new, niche toys out there – expect businesses to find more new ways to reach and promote to their audience than ever before.