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Get fantastic website design packages for your personal or professional brand, and get massive sales pouring in.

Custom Wordpress Web Design Packages Tailored for Every Business

Do you worry about your limited budget when it comes to getting a customized web design package for your business? Yes???

Stop wandering anymore as here are some glad tidings for you. Tom and Co resolves the matter in question by providing an incredibly affordable custom web design package.

Let your business take a turn to success by getting a cutting-edge designed website by Tom and Co. We render custom web design packages for all types of businesses including Pharmaceutical, E-commerce, Electrical contracts, Family law attorneys, Bankruptcy lawyers, and Personal or Professional brands.

We believe in optimizing your website’s online potential to the maximum level by crafting the design in an innovative and advanced way. Our unrivaled graphic design blended with the right keywords results in inevitable traffic and conversion. We prioritize the expectations of your customers and facilitate them with the essential information of your brand converting visits into leads.

Experts at Tom & Co create custom E-commerce web design packages by determining your goals, strategy, and budget. We value your trust and the money that you invest in our company and give you breathtaking outcomes in return. Moreover, we promise the following services in our custom web design packages regardless of your budget.

So what’s refraining you from approaching our custom web design company in state island to schedule a consultation and getting custom web design pricing within your budget limits. Contact us now and avail the opportunity at your earliest.




We Make Sure that You Get the Following in your Website Design Packages

Tom and Co website design packages are affordable and offer outstanding features for all kinds of businesses from startups to enterprise-level. As a company that specializes in digital marketing, we strive to provide you with the best website possible. Our company utilizes the most advanced and best-scale tools to develop a top-notch and cutting-edge website for your business. Here is what you can expect from our incredibly affordable website design packages.


According to research, a slow-loading website results in almost $3 billion loss in annual revenue. 

As we are living in a multi-screen age and you never know what device is in use to view your website. Hence, it has become crucial for your website to be viewable across all types of devices. A responsive website adapts to all screen sizes and devices to ensure the retention of your potential customers.

We understand that Google’s ranking and optimization algorithm supports a responsive website, so our website design package provides a design that you can browse on PC, mobile, and tablets. It will boost ranking on search engines and ensure lead generation and lead traffic.

Speed Optimized

Speed Optimized

Users do not wait more than a second for a website to load in today’s fast-paced world. One of the most frustrating experiences for users is the low speed of a website that instantly makes them abandon the website.

As we already know that a crawling website will negatively affect your website indexation, our professional team use all the possible ways and tools to optimize the speed of your website. By improving server response time and optimizing all the images and videos, we reduce the page loading time to milliseconds.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly means making a website visible and discoverable on search engines, interpreting the content effectively, and indexing it, thereby driving traffic and sales. By incorporating SEO as a primary service in our website design packages, we assure more search engine traffic and higher ranking on the Search Engine Result Page SERPs particularly that of Google’s.

User Friendly

By utilizing effective navigation and mobile-friendly website design, we improve the usability of a website. It makes the website feasible for visitors to use and get the required information as effortlessly as possible.

We design the website package by looking from the user’s perspective and presenting the information in appropriate and respective sections so the users may find what they are looking for without any trouble.

Conversion Optimized

The primary goal of the aforementioned services is Conversion Rate Optimization. The ultimate goal of any business website is the conversion or increase in the number of potential customers.

We design the website using Tom and Co’s expert and professional skills to optimize images and videos, construct compelling content, and incorporate a bright and dominating Call to Action (CTA). By keeping everything straightforward we increase your lead and convert the visitors into potential customers.

Featured Wordpress Website Design Projects

One of the best and most distinctive services in our website design package is the Featured Wordpress Website Design Project. In our custom wordpress website design we let our clients add, alter or discard content according to the choice from the website even with a little technical knowledge.

Our custom wordpress website design package leverages custom themes and thousands of plugins, that facilitate you with countless options. Our wordpress website designer designs a visually appealing and up-to-scratch website for your business with the potential of future expansions.


Customer reviews strongly influence your brand’s credibility, scalability, and online positioning.  To persuade your users to take the desired action, reviews or words of the mouth become an essential tool. Besides adding credibility proof, reviews give insight into how could you bring improvement in your products and services.

We design a widget for customers’ reviews with a minimal number of clicks to make it convenient for the user to add their valuable remarks about your business or brand.

Wordpress Web Design Process

Our wordpress web design process is completed in the 5 following steps.



Our team conducts an online meeting with the client to have a detailed discussion over their requirements and options and consider various WordPress themes. We identify the end goals of website design by collaborating with our clients or other stakeholders.

As part of our plan, we provide a data sheet that includes WordPress plugins, information about the domain, sitemap, wireframes, hosting company, and work schedule. The approval of the client of our initial planning is crucial for taking the website development process in the right direction. We proceed further after a mutual decision to avoid any future delay or inconvenience.



In this stage, we shape your website by adding visual elements and design features. After deep research over the company’s brand and competitors’ website design, our team work out the following features to provide the client with several variants so that client can choose the best one to meet the business goals.

  • Color scheme
  • Typography
  • Branding 
  • Visual elements
  • Videos and animations

Once we accomplish the task of Website layout creation, we make sure of your approval before heading towards the next step.



After deciding what your website will look like, it’s time to add additional features to it. This phase is quite extensive as this phase involves the implementation of planning and designing.

In this phase, usually, we add content and special features such as CMS and SEO to the website and consider website accessibility, responsiveness, Website security, and site optimization. It is a time taking phase depending on the number of features to be added.


Quality Assurance

After the completion of the WordPress web design, we keep it on a hosting account so that it may not get visible to search engines. You can check and re-check your website to ensure that any amendment is required. Moreover, our team will scrutinize every single link to ensure that there are no broken links or bugs to be addressed.



Once we have carried out different tests to ensure the site is ready to go live, we launch it. Your satisfaction is our foremost priority. When you are appeased to the fullest, we take our final step to move your website to your hosting account making it visible on search engines.

It is mandatory to thoroughly polish all the steps/phases of website development using advanced tools and techniques. Tom and Co believe in providing perfection and substantial website design packages to meet the client’s budget and website goals.

Get Your Website Live With Our Custom Design Packages

Tom and Co professionals know that website is the backbone of any business. A website design determines whether your business will flourish or die. When it comes to choosing a suitable package, the budget becomes the first consideration.

Tom and Co offer custom website design packages that facilitate you with tailored page elements that align with your goals so that you can establish and express your brand. Moreover, our custom website design packages offer numerous productive outcomes as it is customer-centric and scalable, giving you a competitive edge.

We promise a brand-strengthening design, SEO-friendly elements, and an effective website architecture in our services. So get your website live with our custom-designed packages and let your success dream become true.




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