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No matter what types of websites you frequent, there is a very good chance that you have used at least one website that was built with WordPress. Throughout the years, WordPress has become the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is the foundation for countless corporate blogs and websites. At Tom & Co., we use our expertise with WordPress to create a blog that your company can update and utilize easily.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a CMS that makes it easy to publish, arrange, and archive content in an organized and efficient manner. While most people use WordPress for their blogs, we have come to realize that WordPress can also work very well on certain types of websites.
Why WordPress?
Since WordPress is far and away the most popular CMS on the Internet, there are a large number of companies that develop plug-ins for WordPress to make it even more powerful. With WordPress you can choose from a variety of templates for your website, and you can plug in free features that allow you to make certain types of interactive forms and do a variety of other important functions.
Why Tom & Co.?
In the hands of our professional digital marketing experts, your WordPress website becomes a powerful part of your online presence. We can do regular updates of your online content, archive content that is older but preserve that content’s affect on search engines, and easily make major structural changes to your site that could otherwise take hours or days.

We can create and easily maintain your WordPress blog site for you and significantly increase your Internet influence. We can also show you how to add in your own content to update your site whenever you want. Let our digital marketing experts introduce your company to the many benefits of WordPress.
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