6 Questions You Must Ask Your AdWords Digital Agency

There are a lot of digital agencies out there that do plenty of business using Google AdWords, and that makes choosing an agency hard for a customer. The best approach a customer can take is to develop standard questions to ask the agencies they are considering work for and then compare the answers they get. When you ask the right questions, it becomes easier to find the agency that will give you the best results on Google AdWords.

Do You Show Me How My Money Is Spent?

Some agencies deliver detailed reports on how a customer’s budget is spent on AdWords, while others ask customers to pay a standard rate and then the customer never sees how their money is spent. To be honest, both approaches can work just fine, provided you are getting results. But if you are the kind of company that likes to see where its money goes, then you will want to work with an agency that is more transparent.

Is Your Agency A Registered Google Partner?

There are always advantages to being an insider, and that is very true when it comes to Google AdWords. A digital agency does not need to be a registered Google partner to be able to deliver an effective AdWords service, but being a partner does give an agency an inside track on the latest tools and trends that can get you better results.

What Types Of Reports Do You Offer?

A comprehensive digital agency generates a lot of reports when it does campaigns on Google AdWords. As a customer, you should expect that your Google AdWords agency will not only give you copies of the most essential reports, but they will also take the time to show you how to read those reports. This is where you see how effective your Google AdWords advertising is, and it is important that you know this information.

How Does Google AdWords Fit With My Company’s Business Needs?

This is a strategy question that you must ask if you want to find the right partner. Some companies have Google AdWords templates they use that offer canned results, which can often be stale. You want to find a dynamic Google AdWords partner who will develop a plan that specifically fits your business, and will use Google AdWords to its maximum potential.

What Are Your In-Process Budget Strategies?

When it comes time to adjust the Google AdWords campaign budget, how does the digital agency you are talking to approach that process? This is a legitimate question that will show you whether or not the agency you are talking to has multiple levels of transparency, or if they like to keep secrets from clients.

Are There Any Other Fees?

Every digital agency has a its own fee schedule that affects how much your bill will be. This is not a question intended to expose the digital agency you are talking to. All you are doing here is finding out what kinds of fees you can expect to pay.

Google AdWords is still one of the most effective marketing tools available for websites all over the world. Before you invest in the services of a digital agency to run your Google AdWords campaigns, you should ask some standard questions that will give you the answers you need to make the right decision.

What Is A Digital Agency?

We throw the term “Internet marketing” around a lot when we discuss what we do, but our purpose is actually much more focused than that. One of the things we like to remind our customers is that we are a digital agency, and that is a bit different than an advertising firm. While we also engage in comprehensive print marketing campaigns, our digital agency work is very different than what you would find from a standard advertising organization.

We Deal In The Growing World Of The Internet

It is extremely difficult for one marketing company to have a high level of expertise in traditional print media and digital media. As a digital agency, we focus our efforts on all aspects of digital media. From website development to social media management, we have experts who have spent years studying the best ways to really reach a target audience online and get results. It is our comprehensive understanding of digital media that helps to separate what we do from what a traditional ad agency does.

We Deal In Numbers

Standard advertising agencies deal in trends that occur before, during, and after they have launched an advertising campaign. While those agencies can track the revenue and sales numbers that occur during the same period that their advertising takes place, they have no way of really knowing how their work affects your target audience.

As a digital agency, we deal in analytical software that gives us very precise data about your target audience and how our efforts are affecting your audience. If we are not getting the results you want, then we check the data to see what is going wrong. More often than not, the data we collect gives us a comprehensive picture of what your customers are asking for, and we can alter your advertising immediately to be more appealing to your audience.

We Deal In Your Audience

If there is one thing a digital agency does much better than a standard advertising firm, it is develop the most comprehensive profile of your target audience that you have ever seen. We can tell you where every person in your target audience is located, how long they are reading your advertising, what types of computing devices are most popular with your audience, and a myriad of other details that we can use to create much more effective marketing messages.

The benefit of using a digital agency is that the feedback we get from your target audience, both direct and indirect, is immediate. It can take months for a standard advertising agency to develop an understanding of what gets your target audience to respond, while we can create those profiles in days. The information we gather and the things we learn about who is reading your advertising can help to develop marketing programs that will drive more revenue and help you to sustain your audience.

A digital agency focuses on getting the most from your Internet presence. We use all of the tools at our disposal to understand your audience, track your marketing efforts, and develop more effective ways to sell your products. The results are immediate, and the ability for a digital agency to adapt to a changing consumer trends means that your company will always be delivering a message your audience wants to hear in ways that your audience will hear it.