Why Web Design Matters

One question that we still hear a lot is: why web design matters???

We decided to dig deeper into it and share with you why good website design is crucial for your website.

By now, the majority of the world’s particularly business owners are more inclined to the digital world. Your website gives your business a real identity online which is why if you want to flourish your online business, you must have a website. When it comes to having a website, it must be functional and have a good design.

Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced the trend of an online approach to everything. People now preferably use the internet for all-purpose. It has increased the competition between websites serving online facilities. So to hit the jackpot, the website should be designed to compel the audience to terminate surfing and get hooked up.

For business and online success, effective website design is the crucial factor as your website design determines sales, profits, and audience/customer growth. A good website design ensures massive turnover and a competitive edge over the rest.

Let us delve into the notion of why web design matters so you understand its significance too.

Importance of Website Design

Digital marketing strategies have introduced several effective and reliable ways for entrepreneurs to get success in the digital universe. Businesses without websites miss out on numerous opportunities and potential customers due to a poorly designed website.

Website design has become the most crucial factor making it substantial to invest in effective web designing. It doesn’t involve rocket science in creating a website: several design options are available that make it a piece of cake if you have complete guidelines on designing a website.

Besides increasing credibility and accessibility, here are some of the reasons why web design matters and why it is important to design a website functionally and effectively.

Serves as First Impression 

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”- Will Rogers

This quote implies all aspects of life. If the first impression is repelling, it destroys the temptation and intention to get further. A well-designed website creates an appealing first impression, whereas a crappy and outdated website design compels the user to leave the site at once. Now you know a substantial reason behind why web design matters.

Indeed, engaging and explicit content has a massive role to make a website highly ranked on Google Search Engine. But what if the site looks boring, unattractive, and confusing, would you continue to browse by the end of the content? You are likely to leave it and not return to it, right!

Ultimately, an effective website design becomes a prerequisite to ensure the lead traffic to your website. Since the first impression is the primary key factor in how the users perceive your business or brand, it is essential not to underestimate the worth of web design and invest in it without any hesitation.

Boosts Trust and Brand Consistency 

Another major reason why web design matters. is that it helps build trust and consistency.

Before making any purchase or getting any services, users/customers go through its complete details and inspect whether the brand is worthwhile investing the time and money for it. If they find any inconvenience in using the website or do not get enough information about your brand, they will leave for the competitor brand.

Boosting Trust and Brand Consistency 

Brand consistency and customer trust are other reasons why web design matters. Before making any purchase or getting any services, users/customers go through its complete details and inspect whether the brand is worthwhile investing the time and money for it. If they find any inconvenience in using the website or do not get enough information about your brand, they will leave for the competitor brand.

In the fast-paced world, people are unable to spend time in outlets or stores, so they prefer to browse for products online. As the competition in the digital world has become extensive, it has become mandatory to prioritize web design. Naturally, a professional site with effective website design captivates the user’s attention and wins their confidence.

A good website design must include the following features

Site Organization

Site organization is about how information is placed on each page and how it affects the customer experience. A user visiting your website expects to find complete information about your brand. It is, therefore, your responsibility to provide all the information in a digestible format.

The user becomes overwhelmed with information and leaves the site when it becomes incomprehensible because of a long text page with an unorganized hierarchy. If you section off the content using catchy headings is not only good for SEO, but also makes the user feel comfortable using the website to take the desired action.

Consistent visual hierarchy

Consistent visual hierarchy is another factor why web design matters. It refers to arranging or laying out the elements in a logical way to show the order of their importance. While designing a website, must consider the consistent visual hierarchy of site colors, typography, font size, and imagery, as these features influence the user’s perceptions and make them take the desired action.

The uniformity in the order of information without emphasizing certain important aspects will miss conversions as a user will be hard-pressed to find the information they need.

You can utilize the colors and font size to highlight the importance of particular information or section so that it becomes feasible for a user to proceed towards the desired action.

Customer reviews visibly placed

Before buying any product or installing any app, people must go through the reviews given by other users. After finding any positive or valuable reviews, they make up their mind to go ahead. Hence, it is beneficial for boosting the credibility of your brand to place the customer’s reviews visibly and perceptibly while designing a website.


Getting featured on blogs or magazines or winning awards in the industry is certainly an honor.

While designing a website, you can consider displaying 5-6 awards (from the great authorities) that match your niche to benefit your SEO. Along with SEO, it boosts your self-esteem and users’ confidence in your brand and website. Hence, getting accolades too plays a role in why website design matters.


FAQs stand for Frequently Asked Questions and are the best way to make your website reliable and convenient for users. It lets you answer the concerns or questions frequently asked by the users about your business or brand.

To make your website more accessible for the users, adding FAQs is necessary. If your user finds the best answers to their queries provided by the FAQs page on your website, it will increase the user’s credibility and the chances of the highest SEO scores for your website.

In the case of eCommerce, brand claims such as photography, money back guarantee claims, delivery times, customer reviews, product descriptions, etc.

Ultimately, this stimulates the users to purchase without a second thought.

Helps in Search Engine Optimization

A big reason why web design matters is because it helps with the website’s SEO.

The exact science behind SEO is beyond our ken, but as per the knowledge and guidelines available, the sites that fulfill the essential requirements of SEO can stand out in the competition. Once again, the designing of website plays a crucial role in that.

Internet surfers always prefer to visit the website from top to bottom. Google and all other search engines examine the website design and structure, content authority, and reliability to optimize your website. The code of the site and its compatibility with different devices including Smartphones and tablets also increase the chances of indexing and ranking the website by a search engine. Following the Search Engine Optimization strategies truly ensure conquest over your competitors. An effective website design is always according to these rules.

To understand how to create a good web design layout for your website pages, do go through Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) model. Try to build an authoritative and trustworthy web design from any expert web design agency to be on the crest of the waves in Google’s world. If you fail to meet the SEO requirements, you would have to jump through hoops to make your website visible on Google and other search engines.

While we are on the topic of getting an expert’s help to design the website, Tom & Co offers all kinds of website design packages. Moreover, we have quite a skilled team of website designers who can create quality websites with effective website design.

Usability and Users Experience 

Users will keep returning to your website if they can access all the pages without any difficulty. According to research, consumers visit a site to view, buy products, or contact the brand. Well-designed websites cover both aspects and are extremely user-friendly, which explains why web design matters.

Besides getting information about brands, people also use websites to buy products and services online. However, sometimes customers quit the website right before making a purchase just because the checkout process is too long or complicated to comprehend the instructions.

One of the benefits of website design being attractive and powerful is that it attracts potential customers. Understanding the importance of website design is imperative to increase the sale or recognition of your brand/business. Make sure to add all the vital contact information and details about the website in the main navigation and upper right-hand corner of your site so that the visitors don’t feel clueless and can find the required information easily.

Furthermore, you should create a mobile-friendly website to improve its usability since more and more people prefer to browse through their mobile devices instead of their PC screens.

Good Website Design Means Greater Control of Conversions 

The ultimate goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers. Effective Website design will make it feasible for the user to get the desired outcomes of browsing.

If you have an e-store, a customer will likely want to make a purchase. To make that happen conveniently, make it easy for the customer to find the services and the ‘Buy Now’ button. If the user wants to get information about a certain topic, the content provided should be engaging and informative to the user.

When all the website elements are placed in an unordered way, it creates a mess and users can’t figure out what your services are all about. But in a quality website, it becomes a five-finger exercise for the customer to find what they were looking for. This is a huge reason why web design matters.

Now that we have covered the importance of web design, let us discuss the elements of a good website design.

Elements of good web design

By now, you must have acknowledged the importance of website design after knowing its benefits in content marketing. A lot of elements contribute to designing a unique and quality website. Here we have picked out a few salient components that are most effective in designing a website and also play a crucial role in the importance of website design. These elements can be helpful for business owners who are wondering about redesigning their old websites.

Let’s dig into some of the primary elements of good web design.

Website Layout

Website Layout
Website Layout

A sturdy and well-built foundation ensures a secure and worthwhile future for anything. As it is rightly said that without a strong foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value or worth. To ensure triumph over the competitors in the digital world, you need to lay a strong and indomitable foundation for your website.

In designing of a website, the layout is its foundation. When discussing why web design matters, we simply cannot ignore the importance of a website’s layout.

The website layout involves the arrangement of visuals, placing the content, and navigational elements. To make the site work efficiently, you should create a hierarchy among these elements that puts the most significant elements at the top. The hierarchy should be based on how you think your audience will use it.

Let’s look at the four prominent features that must be kept in mind while designing a web layout:

If you work on these areas, the overall design of your site will improve, and your website’s purpose will be clearer.


Website typography
Website Typography source: Type terms

Typography is simply the creative design you choose for the text of the content. This design may include font pairing, leading, letter designs, and kerning.

Typically three general styles: Italic, oblique, and small caps are used for typography while designing of a website. Small caps with large size fonts are used for headings and subheadings to distinguish the headings from the rest of the paragraphs more precisely.

To enhance the readability score and traffic to your website content, always choose a compatible color scheme and consistent + suitable sized font for your content. Further, to make your content easier to read, you should consider the line spacing in the paragraphs, which should be 1.5em (1.5 times larger than the font size).

Website Navigation 

Website navigation
Website Navigation

Website navigation involves clicking and looking through websites and other resources on the internet. A web browser is used to navigate websites and click on links that lead to other pages. Website navigation is important to make your services approachable for users.

It is essential to design your website navigation rigorously so that anyone can access any page of your website without any inconvenience. A website with good design also has easy navigation, so pay attention to this aspect of your site too. Website experts at Tom & Co are quite skilled in this arena too, just saying. 😉


We human beings believe in everything we see as the visuals spark emotions and action in our behavior. While designing a website, utilize the images that can deliver the purpose of your website to the target audience. Choose suitable, compatible, and decent images and videos along with the text to explain the information about your brand and services.

Though images and videos can attract an audience, too much of it makes the website cluttered and messy. The user may become overwhelmed after browsing through repeated images with inconsistent text. So be very vigilant about deciding where and how to place images and videos to make the content engaging for the users.

Color Scheme 

Website color scemes
Website color schemes

While we are on the topic of why web design matters, it is essential to discuss the color scheme of a site.

Colors add beauty to everything and attract viewers. The color scheme is quite a monumental factor in a good website design. Basically, it is a collection of colors chosen by the designer. The color scheme is one of the essential elements in designing a website as it reflects the website’s objective and niche.

To create an appealing website, it is suggested to utilize three colors: two colors should be according to your brand, and the third one should be white for the background.


Web Content
Web Content

Website content is the backbone of any website. The content explains what the website is about and what services the brand provides. Engaging and unique content makes the website SEO optimized and increases Google ranking. When people ask why web design matters, they focus only on the design, not the content. Make sure you don’t make that mistake.

When a user decides to continue browsing a website, the content can keep them hooked to the site and compel them to take action. Action may be of any kind, it can be commenting and sharing the blog post and making a purchase by the time they are done reading the content.


Responsiveness for every size
Responsiveness for every size

You may be thinking that your question is why web design matters, but we are discussing responsiveness. Why so?

Responsiveness in the website design is the flexibility and adjustment of the website layout according to the device screen. Since mobile phone users are growing rapidly, it has become compulsory to have a responsive website design.

A responsive website is easily accessible regardless of the device type. You can browse a responsive website using your mobile, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer. It is loaded faster and generates a massive lead of customers. Quality websites are always responsive, so make certain yours is responsive too!

Call to action (CTA)

Call to Action (CTA)
Call to Action

Once all the above factors are brought into action comes the eventual fate of your website.

After generating the lead and traffic, websites’ ultimate purpose is converting leads into customers through a well-designed CTA button.

Effective website design contains an attention-grabbing CTA button that instantly draws the users towards it. The color scheme for the website plays an important role in designing a CTA button. Choose a bright and eye-catching color for the CTA button to make your customers take the action you’ve meant for them to take.

Information Accessibility

It is necessary to make your website accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, to increase its usability. Designing a website in such a way that is comprehensible for all kinds of people around the world is essential to ensuring lead and conversion. The more information and procedures you simplify, the more likely you will be to increase sales and traffic.

Ample knowledge is available on countless websites, and it has become crucial to get ranked and legitimacy on search engines including Google. The one who makes things accessible and effortless for the users wins the attention of users. The web design plays a crucial role in that which is one of the reasons why web design matters.

Wrapping Up – Why Web Design matters

Creating a website for promoting a business and brand has become imperative in the digital age. If you want fruitful outcomes, you need to invest in designing and maintaining an effective website. Once you have designed a quality website, you can attract potential customers like a magnet. Make your website accessible as much as possible to get acknowledged by the users and Google Search Engine.

Now that we have discussed in detail why web design matters, make sure you create a powerful website. It is essential to possess a website when the internet world has become most intriguing to people. Hence to flourish and prosper in the highly competitive universe, go ahead and approach someone professional to design a unique and model website. Experts at Tom&Co. are all ready to help you out.


Why is web design important?

A well-designed website leaves a good impression on your business and brand and generates a massive lead of your potential customers. If people can easily find all the information they need about your business/brand, they will be more confident in your services.

What makes a good website design?

Here are so many factors that need to be considered while designing a quality website. The key factors that have a major contribution to designing a flawless website include:

Why does styling matter in good website design?

Upon first glance at your website, visitors form an impression in milliseconds. To maintain engagement throughout the website, website design must incorporate styling. Styling reflects the type of your business or brand.

Can I design a website from my phone?

Several apps are available that have made it a cinch. You can easily design a website for yourself using your android, iPhone, tablet, or desktop.