When Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?
By Tom&Co.

You only have a few seconds to attract visitors to stay on your website or leave it without exploring further.

One of the reasons is that your website is loading at a snail’s pace or your website is poorly designed; no one wants to glance at it again. In comparison, if your web design is awesome and the loading speed is super fast, the traffic will keep coming and keep the readers engaged.

With the ever-changing technology and trends, you need to adopt it as early as possible to avoid being barren. You might ask When Is It Time to Redesign Your Website? When everything is working perfectly and in place.

The answer lies in several factors we will discuss in this post. Before we move forward, let’s take a look at what is a website redesign.

What is a Website Redesign?

Website redesign is revamping your website by changing structure, colors, content, elements, visuals, and navigation.

The better the website redesign, the chances of increasing traffic to the website increases. Furthermore, it will help reduce the bounce rate, which is

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into why redesign your website.

Why Should I Redesign My Website?

As we mentioned earlier, designing a website depends on several factors and is not limited to poor layout or a high bounce rate.

Here are a few reasons to redesign your website.

Unresponsive Website Leads to Losing Traffic

The majority of website traffic is driven from mobile devices instead of laptops or desktops.

In the fast-paced era, everything is done on the go.

From shopping to sending emails and video conferences to doing research, you won’t bother opening your laptop to do petty tasks.

Smartphone helps you research, manage short video calls, and edit documents on the go. So if your website is unresponsive, you are losing a major chunk of traffic.

Have you ever accessed a website on your smartphone with buttons and navigation overlapping, images hovering over text, and popups that appear out of nowhere?

We assume you may have visited such a website for once.

If you want to give your visitors such an experience, don’t bother redesigning your website. However, to avoid losing traffic and poor user experience, make sure to redesign your website as early as possible.

Look at the statistics below if you are in the state of delusion.

Redesign Website to Improve Navigation

Redesigning your website is just not for the sake of improving the looks and feel of your website.

It has a lot to do with the seamless user experience and offering ease to visitors in finding pages, links, and other related elements. For instance, if a new user accesses your website for the first time, he/she might be looking for the “About Us” page to learn more about the company.

But what if the visitor has to navigate the website completely to find the desired page – would it not be frustrating for him/her? If important pages and other elements are hard to navigate, you must seriously consider redesigning your website.

Visitors come to your website for specific purposes and reasons. And if you fail to deliver what they are looking for, they might head to your competitor.

Moreover, one of the reasons to improve site navigation is that Google also finds it challenging to crawl your website. It heavily relies on the structure of your website and evaluates how it fulfills its purpose.

The easier it is to navigate your website, the better Google will crawl your web pages.

Poor Web Design Affects SEO

Several factors affect SEO and the ranking of your website.

One of them is a poor design which ultimately leads to a high bounce rate, website speed, readability, unresponsive, and poor user experience.

If your website is not getting traffic even after writing well-optimized blog posts, creating high-quality backlinks, and applying on-page SEO, you must redesign your website.

Make sure to redesign a website in such a way that is not only responsive but also a structure that helps Google and visitors to navigate with ease.

In addition, you also need to fix broken and missing elements such as 404 pages, non-functioning buttons, proper URL structure, and heavy images that take too much time to load.

Website Takes Time to Load

Website loading time will make or break your visitors.

Here’s what statistics tell about website loading time.

 It is believed that the attention span of the human brain is about 8 seconds.

Whether it be images, text, or videos, you can never grab visitors’ attention if the time is wasted in loading.

They might head to some other websites loading faster and prefer purchasing from them.

A slow website leads to poor user experience, and one of the reasons for slow site speed is the non-optimization of images. Make sure when redesigning your website, to start optimizing images from the beginning. Also, optimize your images when you put fresh content on your website.

And if you want to display a video on your website, upload it on a third-party website like YouTube and embed the code on it.

You must be vigilant about not leaving blank spaces or extra code when redesigning your website.

After you have redesigned your website, head on to Google PageSpeed Insights to check the speed.

Enter the URL of your website, and if the results are under 3 seconds, you have successfully achieved your goal.

Remember, website speed is one of the biggest Google ranking factors.

Don’t miss the opportunity and redesign your website to make it load faster.

Low Conversions

Up till now, you have learned much about when to redesign your website.

But what if everything on your website is perfect according to the scenarios discussed above, but there is a low conversion on your website?

For instance, Google Analytics shows visitors coming to your website, but the conversion rate is zero or negligible.

Visitors come to your website for a reason, and if they don’t take the desired action, there might be some reason behind it.

That is where redesigning becomes necessary and why good web design should be part of your marketing strategy.

When redesigning your website, put yourself in the shoes of visitors.

The best approach is to make use of Heat Maps to know the behavior of visitors on your website.

With the help of heat maps, you can;

  •  Analyze major issues on the website not leading to conversion
  •   Help you redesign a better website by learning the behavior of users on the website
  •  Allow you to design a better website by placing a call to action in the right place
  •  Heat Maps allow making decisions that drive business results.
  • Heat Maps also help you do A/B testing of your website to know which variant performs better

Rebranding Your Website

Do you find inconsistency in your design across pages, or you want to rebrand your website from scratch (logos, banners, taglines, mission, and vision)

If you have an inconsistent look and feel on different website sections, you must fix it as early as possible.

Visitors might get confused if they are redirected to another website or some malicious page.

Design inconsistencies are commonly found on websites that have scaled up over the years.

If your website is also one of them, you must implement brand styles and guidelines to give your site a unified look.

It includes fonts, icons, color palettes, button styles, and more.

One of example of website redesigning is MailChimp, which completely changed in 2018.

The email marketing website was redesigned by adding a new logo, changing the brand color, and including a stylish serif typeface.  

If you are considering rebranding your website from scratch, just like MailChimp did, redesign your website now. 

Your Website is Rich on Text

Have you ever visited a website with all text and no visuals?

Wasn’t it looking outdated and muddled, leaving no clue what it is all about and how to navigate to different sections?

Plus, the strain it had on your eyes. 

If your website is also one of its types, it’s time to consider redesigning your website.

We live in a world where videos, images, and infographics are highly impactful, especially when taking action.

Rich text websites are not easy on the eyes, and getting lost in the buzz of words would be normal for any visitor.

Moreover, without including graphics would result in misreading the text.

One of the reasons to revamp your rich text website is that visitors might find it challenging to find call-to-action buttons.

For instance, it may block visitors from clicking the button to purchase a product, fill out the form to receive freebies, or download an eBook to learn more about your product/service.

No matter what action you wish your visitors to take, it may take longer on a rich-text website compared to a graphic website.

As mentioned earlier, the average attention span is 8 seconds.

Make sure to grab the attention as soon as the visitors access your website and help them to take the desired action.

Adding Functionality to Your Website

Your website should be easy to navigate, user-friendly, and easy to understand.

As time passes, your website traffic grows, and you need to scale it up by adding extra features and functionalities.

For instance, if you want to add content in different languages or integrate a chatbot for better customer support, you need to redesign your website to make it easy for visitors to navigate.

Updating Your Website is Hard

In today’s digital age, you need to keep your website fresh and updated with content.

At least if you are solely relying on organic traffic, updating blogs and resources should be a breeze.

However, if you find it difficult to update your website frequently, you need to redesign it with a professional web design agency without further waiting.

Some of the popular Content Management Systems like WordPress have made it easier to update the website frequently.

You need to make things easier by shifting to a content management system and designing it according to your requirements.

Or simply let your developers and designers take charge and make it easier for everyone to update content from the backend

How Often to Redesign Website?

The question how often should you redesign your website might be mocking you because it takes loads of effort, time, and money to revamp it.

It is not a hard and fast rule, but generally speaking, redesigning your website should be done at least after every two to three years.

The reason is that most of the design trends change over time and need to be updated to stay competitive.

In addition, many website elements like images, content, videos, buttons, call to action, colors, and branding must be changed over time.

Staying competitive and up to the standards of Google as well as visitors/customers is why website redesigning must be done after every two to three years.

When Is It Time to Redesign Your Website? Final Thoughts

In this post, we have discussed what website redesigning is, why redesign your website, and how often to redesign your website.

Don’t be reluctant to take a step toward redesigning your website.

Yes, it indeed requires a lot of time, effort, and money, but the output is fruitful.

But website redesigning will have a huge impact in terms of revenue, traffic, and building credibility among the target audience.

You can also find plenty of tools online to evaluate your website’s design and give recommendations.

Once you have redesigned your website, it is important to check the performance of your website regularly.

Not only will it help in improving traffic and rankings, but it will also save you money from fixing the issues and resolving problems. 

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