5 Things New Businesses Can Adapt From The Life Of Stephen Hawking
By Tom&Co.
Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking is an enduring educational and cultural icon because of his brilliance and his ability to overcome tremendous challenges to maximize his impact on the world. When he passed away, some people thought that his death would mean the end of an era. But the truth is that the attention brought to his life by the biographical movie released shortly before his death and then his death means that Stephen Hawking will be teaching lessons to everyone, including entrepreneurs, for a long time to come.

There Are No Obstacles

Stephen Hawking was a perfectly healthy young man who was on his way to establishing his identity as a once-in-a-generation scientist. When he was struck with a disease that shut down his body and took away his ability to speak, he never slowed down in his pursuit of greatness.

Hawking lived by the mantra that there are not obstacles. There are only problems that need to be solved. Entrepreneurs need to develop that type of resolve to succeed in business.

Go Towards The Unpredictable

Stephen Hawking never ran from a challenge. His work revolved around unpredictable relationships between substances, celestial bodies, and even people. To make his mark in the world, Hawking never ran from unpredictable issues. Instead, he gave the ultimate entrepreneurial lesson by always running towards the unpredictable and embracing the challenge.


Stephen Hawking was a huge believer in the potential offered by efficient communication. He believed that the technological advances made in the communication field can be used to mankind’s unlimited advantage. Entrepreneurs need to embrace that passion for communication and apply to every aspect of their professional lives. Communicating with vendors can solve pricing problems, and communicating with employees can create ideas for the growth of the business.

Never Forget The Humor

Most people think of Stephen Hawking as a very serious scientist who would warn the world of pending perils. But Hawking treasured humor to the point where he said that life without humor would be tragic. Entrepreneurs need to avoid taking themselves too seriously, but at the same time learning how to use humor to their advantage. A humorous approach often opens doors that aggression cannot. Never forget the humor and you will find joy in building your business.

Never Give Up

The most obvious lesson entrepreneurs can learn from a man like Stephen Hawking is that life and business can be unfair sometimes, but that does not give you the right to give up. After everything Stephen Hawking went through in his life, he always tried to get the most that he could out of every situation. Hawking was a man who could not talk and still managed to add a few lead vocals to a Pink Floyd song. Good things happen when you make the decision to never give up.

The world will miss the insights and observations of Stephen Hawking, but he has left behind a library of quotes and information we can use to enrich our lives. Any entrepreneur who is looking for a guide to find success in business only needs to look as far as Stephen Hawking. He was a brilliant man who left behind lessons for new businesses to follow.

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