Custom Graphic Design

Makes Your Business Stand Out

We are a Staten Island graphic design company specializing in the whole gamut of graphic design.
Bells and whistles. Home pages that make people click through. Our web design is just that irresistible. Tom & Co. will have your web page become the major conduit the consumer will have for interaction with your brand. Simply having a website adds legitimacy and credibility to your business. Having a well designed website, on the other hand, adds appeal and generates a positive attitude that will make customers that much more inclined to use your business. We won’t stop designing until your website is a perfect match for your business.
HTML Email Design
Marketing Materials
Custom Logos
When it comes to graphic design we give it our all. We understand the importance of visual when it comes to marketing. After all, wouldn’t you rather look at a picture or a quick video than read a bunch of text?

We understand that your marketing needs to have a consistent messaging, and that means consistent graphics as well. Here at Tom & Co. we collaborate with you to discuss your brand from your audience, mission, and corporate culture. Armed with this understanding we can move forward and put our creativity towards designing graphics that speak to your brand and your target audience effectively as well as holistically. Maintaining a unique and clean look that works across different mediums is no easy task, which is why you should look to a professional. After all you know what they say, do it right the first time around! They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well our graphics can lead you to a million clicks.

HTML email design, catalog and journal design, product design, print design, custom decals, letterhead … the list goes on.

View some of our successes on our case studies page.
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