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    Unique. Compelling. Original. All in all, eye-catching.
    That’s what you want right? Otherwise, you’ll get lost in the shuffle. We’ll make it so your logo represents you… just in picture form.  

    We are an award winning Staten Island logo design and advertising company and we will work with your ideas and deliver a logo design that will blow your competition out of the water.

    In today's competitive business landscape, a well-designed logo serves as the face of your brand. It is a visual representation of your values, personality, and unique offerings.

    At Tom&Co, we believe that a thoughtfully crafted logo can instantly communicate your brand's essence, build trust with customers, and set you apart from the competition. We are committed to delivering logo designs that align perfectly with your business objectives and aspirations.
    You need a logo
    You want to refresh or reinvent your logo or brand
    Your brand doesn't match your goals or vision
    Logo Design Services
    A Powerful Logo Cuts Through The Noise

    Custom Logo Designs

    At Tom&Co, we understand that your logo should be as unique as your business. Our custom logo designs are meticulously crafted to represent your brand's identity, values, and aspirations. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that every element of your logo embodies the spirit of your business, making it an authentic reflection of your brand.
    Logo Redesign
    If your existing logo needs a breath of fresh air, our expert design team is here to revamp it while preserving your brand's legacy. A logo redesign from Tom&Co injects new life into your brand, enabling it to adapt to evolving markets and resonate with a new generation of customers.
    All The Logo Formats
    Your logo is your brand ambassador across diverse platforms. We provide you with versatile logo formats that ensure seamless application on business cards, websites, social media, stationery, signage, and any other branding collateral you may need.
    Always High-Res Vector Art
    We pride ourselves on delivering logo designs in high-quality vector art, ensuring that your logo looks flawless and maintains its clarity and sharpness at any size. From tiny icons to large billboards, your logo will make an impact without losing its visual integrity.
    Logo Design Process
    How The Tom&Co. Logo Design Process Works
    Competitior Analysis
    Fonts & Colors
    Feedback & Revisions

    Understanding Your Brand’s Heartbeat

    Our first step is a deep dive into your brand's universe. We engage in intensive discussions, listen to your aspirations, challenges, and dreams. We aim to understand not just what you do, but why you do it, ensuring our designs align with your core values and messages.

    Ensuring You Stand Out in the Crowd

    We meticulously study your industry, analyzing competitor logos and branding strategies. This gives us the data to craft a design for you that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also distinctively yours, and at the same time tells your story.

    This Is Where The Fun Begins

    This is the step where we establish a general design direction, all tailored specifically to match your brand.
    Our team comes together, merging varied experiences and perspectives. This combination lets us come up with a ton of ideas, ensuring your brand's essence is translated into engaging visuals.

    Exploring The Options

    We’ll take our raw ideas from the previous step and start polishing them up to generate actual logo-y looking images. We believe in giving choices. With different design brains at work, our team crafts multiple logo concepts, each echoing a different facet of your brand.

    Speaking Your Brand’s Language

    What does your font say about you? What kind of emotions do we want to evoke from your customer?
    Your brand has a personality, and we make it shine through typography and color choices. Whether it’s the elegance of a serif, the modernity of sans-serif, or the passion evoked by a particular shade of blue, Tom&Co ensures it resonates with your brand.

    Crafting Perfection Together

    Your brand, your insights.  Your feedback is the roadmap that guides our design journey. Part of the beauty of design is its fluidity. With each round of revisions, the logo becomes more refined, and closer to capturing the essence of your brand. We collaborate closely, making revisions and refinements, until every detail aligns with your vision.

    The Finishing Touches & Your Brand’s New Identity

    Perfection is in the details. We ensure that the final logo is versatile, adaptable, and ready to create a lasting impression, whether on a business card or a city billboard. Once approved, we deliver your logo in multiple formats, preparing you for every branding opportunity.
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