5 Things To Think About When Planning Your Business Website
By Tom&Co.
5 Things To Think About When Planning Your Business Website

Your business website will be one of the single most powerful marketing tools you will use to promote your business and generate sales. A good website can be a resource for customers to use that will keep them updated on your company and your products. Before you actually launch your website, you should spend some time planning how it will look, what content you will include, and how you will use your site to grow your business.

How Should It Look?

If you sell children’s toys, then your website should be functional for adults, but convey the toy theme. A website that offers services for business professionals should look very formal, while a website that looks to offer valuable content should be dynamic and exciting.

Before you launch your site, you need to know what will appeal to your target audience. You should do plenty of market research to understand what your audience expects from your website and what features your audience will utilize.

Customer Interaction

Not enough companies put time and effort into determining the best ways to allow their customers to interact with their website. You may find that a message board is something your customers will appreciate and use, or your customers may prefer to simply email their thoughts and questions to you. Experiment with different ways to interact with your clients and find the best way to get their input and make them feel like they are part of your decision making process.

Could You Offer Premium Content?

Many companies that have robust technical support features charge a premium for their clients to use those features online. Monetizing your corporate website is not easy, but it can be beneficial to turn your website into a profit center and add revenue to the company bottom line. Analyze the kind of information and services your company offers and determine ways that you can offer premium subscriptions to your clients.

Video Content

Every business website can benefit from video content, but too much video content can slow your site down and make it ineffective. The important thing to remember is that video content is a functional tool to help your clients and not a novelty to try and draw in more traffic. Product tutorials, instructional videos on support issues, and even special messages to customers from the company president are examples of good ways to utilize video content on your business website.

What Not To Include

If you put too much content on your site, then you diminish your site’s value to your clients. Each piece of information, video, picture, and page you put on your website should have value for your audience. Before you start generating written content and taking pictures to put up on your site, you should spend time mapping out exactly how you want your site to look and what content your audience will want to see. If your site does not need a particular type of content, then do not include it on your site.

Professional website development is a good investment for any business because professionals know how to turn the needs of your target audience into a valuable website. It is important to spend plenty of time planning out your business website and getting it right before you put it online for the whole world to see.

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