The Five Rules Of Good Copywriting
By Tom&Co.
The Five Rules Of Good Copywriting

There are several important elements to your website and one of the more important elements is your content. Good content will bring in web traffic on a consistent basis, while bad content could get your website a Google penalty that is the equivalent of Internet prison. We offer premium copywriting services that create the best possible content for your website and we do this by maintaining the five rules of good copywriting.

Never Stuff Content With Keywords

There was a time, many years ago, when content that was stuffed with keywords would bring a lot of Internet traffic. But users complained to Google that the content stuffed with keywords was useless, so Google outlawed keyword stuffing. Keyword density is the percentage of keywords that you can have in a piece of content and stay within Google’s limits. Keyword density is also the main reason why you should always hire a professional copywriter to create your content for you.

Content Must Be Pertinent To The Website

Personal finance content tends to drive a lot of website, but it is only useful for personal finance websites. If a website based on baking pies used personal finance content to drive traffic, then that kind of act will hurt the website much more than it will help. This is one of those offenses that could get your website banished to Google prison.

Never Use Purchased Links

Good content has internal and external links that offer more resources to readers. But if you want to use links in your content, then those links must be natural and not purchased. How does Google know if you bought your links? The algorithm is so complicated that even Google has a difficult time explaining it. Let’s just say that utilizing purchased links in your content will get you another trip to Google prison and it could take your site months to get out of prison.

Write Good Content

Back when keyword stuffing was acceptable, it was generally accepted that anyone could write Internet content. The result was website owners buying cheap content from writers who did not speak English as a first language. Users complained to Google and Google deemed that all Internet content must have good grammar, spelling and sentence structure. We have a team of professional, English-speaking writers who will generate content for you. Good content not only makes Google happy, but it gives significant value to your readers as well.

Plagiarism Is A Big No-No

Some website owners think that the easiest solution to creating good website content is to cut and paste good content from popular websites. Remember that Google prison we discussed earlier? Plagiarising content could get your website a permanent cell in Google prison. You may need to delete your site and get a new domain if you are caught copying content. There are millions of pieces of content on the Internet and the best pieces are all original.

We hire professional copywriters so you don’t have to. We can analyze your site and discuss the ideas that you have and turn that into content which will drive traffic. We will create content that will reach your target audience, engage readers, encourage readers to return and keep your website out of Google prison.

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