Five things you can do to maximize sales on your e-commerce site
By Tom&Co.
Five things you can do to maximize sales on your e-commerce site

Do you want to know the secret ingredient to making more online sales? It’s simple – KNOWLEDGE. The more information a customer has on your product, the easier it is to buy. In order to quench that thirst, it’s important to be able to provide them with lots of tools in order to make that decision making process move smoothly and quickly.

This week’s post will help you do just that. Here are the five knowledge-based tools every e-commerce site should have in order to make more sales online.

Reviews & Ratings

If you were to poll your average e-commerce shopper, this is almost always the #1 thing on their request list. Reviews and star ranking help make buying decisions easier, especially if your product is great. One of the reasons Amazon is as successful as it is, is due to their reviews, both positive and negative.

And that’s an important piece, too – not to reject negative reviews. Anyone who ever sees too many positive reviews will most likely become suspicious of a product. Remember that old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true it probably is?” That applies here. Negative reviews, even though they’ll make you a little nervous – help provide a more balanced, organic, honest view of your product and in many cases and actually ENHANCE your product’s chances of being sold. No one has a perfect product, so don’t worry about being all things to all people.

Size, Dimensions and everything in between

One of the downsides to shopping online is that you don’t always get to hold things in your hand and get an idea of their size in person. One time we ordered a coffee maker that was a lot smaller than we thought it would be. It’s not a bad thing per se – because it makes awesome coffee – but it’s always helpful to get an idea of how big something is or what it can look like when someone’s interacting with it or wearing it.

If you want a really great example of how to do something like this – go to Apple and look at their laptop section. They do a good job of vividly explaining the size and scale of their products, while giving you a visual representation of the size difference from model to model.


Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words, but they can also significantly enhance a customer’s perception of what your product is or feels like. If you can provide a 360-view of a product, do it. If you can provide multiple photos in a slide show – do it. Give the customer as many different looks at your product as possible. We’ve heard customers complain about a lot of things – and not having enough pictures is almost always one that comes up. However, we’ve never heard them complain about there being too many pictures. Provide LOTS of visuals!

Living with the product

Here’s where the language piece comes into play. Remember how we mentioned the customers can’t feel or touch your product? Another way that can become an obstacle to a sale is that they can’t play with it and figure out where it’ll fit into their life and how they’ll actually live and exist with the product in their house on a day to day basis.

That’s why it’s important for you to express – and vividly at that – how the product is used, examples of what it can help a customer accomplish, where it can be stored, emptied, refilled, who can use it, etc. What’s the life of your product like and what is it like to have it as a roommate? Doing so helps to get the customer thinking of things and places in their life where that product will exist.

Practical language

If your product has a great new piece of technology or a complex feature that’ll be appealing to your customer – then that’s great. Just make sure you’re explaining what it does in a way that your customers can understand.

So for example – if you’re Apple and you’ve got an amazing new processor, don’t spend time explaining how the power of the processor goes from point A to point B on the mother board. Explain what it does for the customer. Tell them how it enables them to accomplish any task they want to or quickly and seamlessly switch from task to task. The technical stuff – it’s important, but it’s not necessarily relevant. Keep your language and descriptions benefit-rich and straight-forward. Not complex and difficult to understand!

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