The Four Cardinal Sins Of Logo Design
By Tom&Co.
The Four Cardinal Sins Of Logo Design

Your company logo, for many people, is your company’s primary source of identification. Your logo is a summary of your company and it is supposed to create mind share within your target audience. When people see your logo, they should think about your company and doing business with your company. That makes your logo a very important marketing tool for your business.

We have been designing logos for years and we have learned a lot about what does and does not work in logos. When it comes time to create your company’s logo, you are going to want to avoid the four cardinal sins of logo design.

A Logo Shall Not Be Complicated

The most effective logo in the world, the Nike Swoosh, is also one of the simplest logos in the world. After millions and millions of dollars in marketing, just about everyone in the world recognizes that little Swoosh as the logo for Nike. The one thing that everyone can learn from the Nike Swoosh is that good logos are not complicated. 

When anyone looks at your logo, the reaction you want is “Hey, that is neat!” If the reaction you get is “What is that supposed to be?” then you need to go back to the drawing board and create a new logo. 

Thou Shalt Not Use Inside Jokes For Logos

When the Linux operating system was first being created and offered for free, the developers chose a penguin as the logo. Why? Because Linux created Linus Torvalds mentioned once that he liked penguins. Three decades later, a marketing brand was born.

When Linux was introduced, it had a huge swell of grassroots support that instantly made it a worldwide sensation. People were looking for anything to compete with Windows and Linux fit the bill nicely. If your product has a groundswell of grassroots support from thousands of people all over the world, then you can use an inside joke as your logo. Otherwise, inside jokes only create confusing logos.

Thou Shalt Use The Company Colors In The Company Logo

If you look at the colors used in the most successful corporate logos, you will notice a deliberate trend. All of the very best corporate logos use the company colors and nothing else. The Coca-Cola logo is only red and white, and the Buffalo Sabres’ logo is blue and gold. 

In order for your marketing to be effective, there needs to be consistency in everything you do. Your website, logo and all marketing materials need to have a consistent theme and color scheme. Without consistency in your colors, you will not be able to establish brand recognition.

Thou Shalt Not Have More Than One Logo

The biggest logo cardinal sin that many new business owners commit is having more than one logo that is used for different types of situations. Once again, the key in good marketing is consistency and having more than one logo, for any reason, confuses customers and takes away from that consistency.

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