Four Ways You Can Use Mobile to Help Boost Your Small Business
By Tom&Co.
Four ways

Mobile marketing is taking small businesses to new heights through its plethora of convenient, low cost solutions. Why should you be there? Well, consider this:

94% of US Smartphone users have searched for local information and 90% of those have taken action as a result. 50% of those people look for that information weekly while a quarter of them do so daily. And what do they do with that information?

-70% connect with businesses

-66% visit the business

-23% tell other people about the business

and most importantly…. 36% make a purchase! So how can you as a small business owner leverage mobile to your advantage? Take a look below!

Use your phone to grow your email lists

Instead of collecting business cards from people, there are a plethora of new tools you can use to build an email list. You can text a ‘join application’ notification that integrates with your email program, a QR code app that can be scanned in order for people to join or even business card scans that can capture information in exchange for the opportunity to win special discounts, prizes, etc.

Mobile commerce

One of the biggest competitors to card scanners and cash registers everywhere is the emerging mobile commerce market. With the help of SQUARE or other applications, you can simply use your phone to take payments, pay bills or transfer cash. That means you can do business faster, more simply in more places less expensively.

Leverage text messaging to drive traffic

Texting is one of the most used methods of mobile marketing largely because of its incredibly high response rate. Use texting to offer out promotions, discounts and special offers to text signees and no one else. No only that, but texting is quick and easy – meaning you can come up with quick promotions on the fly. For example if you’re a restaurant, you can text out that night’s special, offer $10 off for a family of four or some other special offer to drive immediate traffic.

Make your site mobile friendly

If your website isn’t mobile friendly yet, you’re falling behind. Mobile devices are quickly overtaking desktop devices as people’s preferred way of both browsing the web AND doing business. The good news for you is that while you’re falling behind technology, you’re not falling behind the marketplace, which is still slow to catch on. Get in now while there’s still a significant advantage to be had!

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