Marketing Where People Are Paying Attention
By Tom&Co.

The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. The Internet now dominates our lives, smart phones are the norm and and computers are now much smaller and much faster. The world of business and marketing has changed even more so. Marketing used to be about hitting the streets to promote your product and running ads on one of the big three mediums (TV, Radio and print). Those days are gone, because increasingly people aren’t on the streets nor are they watching TV or reading newspapers. Sure people are still on the streets physically, but that’s not where their engaged, that’s not where their willing to learn and to purchases. 

The new marketing para-dime is very much focused on online marketing because that’s where consumers spend most of their time. Social media sites are the new virtual streets where marketing can take place and business who don’t accept this reality will soon be left behind. And while its possible to attempt to engage in on-line marketing on your own, you are much better off engaging someone who understands how social media marketing works and here’s why.

Firstly, social media marketing is complex. Contrary to popular belief it is not something you can simply pick up and do. Social media marketing professionals need to both understand how the technology works, and how human beings interact with that technology. It is a mix of IT skill and psychology which makes social media marketing profitable. This requires both formal training and years of experience. 

2. Secondly, Social media is vital to the future of just about any business. If you want to attract new clients or customers you need to be on top of the social media game. In recent years we have seen a massive transition from conventional media to on-line media. This trend is set to continue as the Internet generation continues to grow up and become the dominate force in the business world. Advertising using conventional media is becoming increasingly ineffective as more and more people look to their social media sites to learn information. To put it simply, social media is where people are and if you don’t have someone who knows how to sell to them there, than you could well find yourself falling behind.

3. Thirdly, hiring a social media professional is important because the market is so competitive. Other businesses have realized the potential of on-line marketing and are investing heavily in social media campaigns. The arms race has begun and its up to you whether or not you’re prepared to keep pace. In such a competitive industry, it’s vital you have someone in your court who knows the industry back to front and who can give you a competitive edge.

4. Finally having a social media professional helping you with your online presence is vital precisely because the Internet is not static. It is constantly changing and its important that you have someone working for you who understands those changes. It is impossible for the average business owner to stay up to date with all the algorithm and rule changes which take place on-line every single day. And yet those changes could have a dramatic impact on the success of your business. When those changes happen, it’s crucial that you stay ahead of the game and are able to adapt quickly to the new situation. A social media expert will allow you to do precisely that. 

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