NY Website Design Review – Deli
By Tom&Co.

See the live website here http://montalbanosporkstore.com


This website uses the Italian colors as its theme which is great since it is an Italian Food Specialties store. There are some nice pictures of the different products they sell as well as exterior and interior shots of the store which will make the customers more apt to come in and visit. The website overall could benefit from a clean more professional looking design while still  keeping the Italian theme intact.


1) Content: This website has a ton of pages and copy which is great. You always want to have as much content (pictures, pages, text etc.) on your website so that if someone is interested in your business they can learn as much as they like.

2) Contact Info: The phone number only appears on the contact page, ideally your contact info should be on every page so that if someone is interested in calling they don’t have to go far to look for a phone number or email address.

3) Social Media: They are using instagram but we can’t see how active because there is no direct link to the instagram account. This would be much more effective if there was a live feed from instagram embedded in the footer. Even if you don’t always add content to your website, which you should, an instagram feed is a way to cheat a little bit and look like you are always updating your site. Customers and google like fresh new content.

SEO Search Engine Optimization:

If you search for “montalbano’s pork store” the website comes up but there are no keywords setup so if you type in “italian deli in staten island” they don’t come up. You have to think about what your customer is searching for, if they are searching for the name of the business, chances are you are already going to get that customer. If they are searching for “italian deli in staten island” that is a new customer you can get if you come up on the first page of the search results. IF you can come up more than one time that’s even better!

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